Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Journal. ISSN 2076-6173

Issue 16 (2004)

Olyander L. .  Interpretation and Analysis of the Text: Unity and Contradictions / L. . Olyander // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 36.
The article presents a critical analysis of the interaction of the receptive and the analytic types of interpretation in modern literature. Interpretation and analysis are seen as a conflicting integrity. The paper specifies the role and the place of a relatively arbitrary interpretation of a work and defines the attitude of an author.
Text of the article: 04olktep.zip

Lanovyk Z. B.  Artistic Nature of the Biblical Texts: the Problem of Reception and Interpretation / Z. B. Lanovyk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 710.
The paper studies the major problems of reception and interpretation of the Biblical poetics. It analyses the phenomenon of the Sacred text and mentions the problem of polysemy of the Biblical texts, relying on works by N. Frye.
Text of the article: 04lzbpri.zip

Demyniuk M. B.  The Realization of a Word within a Literary Text / M. B. Demyniuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 1113.
The article attempts to define the functions of words which form the basis of any literary narrative. It reveals the influence of a discourse and an implication upon shaping the meaning of words. The paper points out that it is in the context that a word verbalizes and realizes itself.
Text of the article: 04dmbslt.zip

Yemets O. Y.  The Studies on the Interpretation of Intertextual Tropes in Fiction / O. Y. Yemets // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 1416.
The paper centers on the role of intertextual tropes in the arrangement and understanding of works of fiction: short stories by D. Thomess in particular. It reveals the primary sources of IT as well as the peculiarities of explicit and implicit markers of intertextuality.
Text of the article: 04eovtht.zip

Prykhodko V. B.  Translation as a Way of Interpretation / V. B. Prykhodko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 1719.
The article examines the interpretation of the literary text (based on poetic translations of the poem "If" by R. Kipling into Russian and Ukrainian). It defines the dependence of interpretation upon the context, contents and composition of a literary piece.
Text of the article: 04pvbpin.zip

Horbach N. V.  The Paraphrase f Apocryphal Motives in "The Word about Lazars Resurrection" / N. V. Horbach // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 2022.
The objects of research in this article are eschatological motives of the journey to the other world and of the Old Testament justs. They were borrowed from the apocryphal "The Gospel of Nikodim" by the unknown author of "The Word about Lazars Resurrection". Due to the tradition of the retinue poetry they were arranged in the original manner.
Text of the article: 04gnvslv.zip

Budivsky P. A.  Specific Character of the Song "Oh, Popid Gai Zelenenkiy" / P. A. Budivsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 2324.
The article reveals the originality of the song about Oleksa Dovbush.
Text of the article: 04bpopgz.zip

Khomyak T. V.  Novella "Arabesgues" by N. Khvilevoy in the Context of the Universal Model of the World Concept / T. V. Khomyak // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 2529.
The article studies the conception of the universal world model and considers the short story "Arabesgues" by N. Khvilevoy on its basis. Key words: archetype, world model, myth, associative lines, romance of vitaism, plot, symbol.
Text of the article: 04htvums.zip

Astrakhan N. I.  The Peculiarities of the Poem Structure "Childe Harolds Pilgrimage" by J. G. Byron / N. I. Astrakhan // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 3033.
The paper views the peculiarities of the literary structure of the lyric and epic poem by J. G. Byron in the context of character development in the literature of the 1st half of the 19th century.
Text of the article: 04anichg.zip

Tuzkov S. A.  The Metaphor of "Carnival" in Utopia "The Red Star" by A. Bogdanov / S. A. Tuzkov // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 3436.
The paper reveals the connection of the work with the serious-comic kind of literature which is characteristic of the carnival attitude to the world. It centers on the ideas of mascarade and mystification as well as playing tricks upon somebody.
Text of the article: 04tsochz.zip

Blizniuk A. S.  A Fairy Tale "The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino" by O. Tolstoy as a Work of Parody and Satire / A. S. Blizniuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 3741.
The article centers on the parodic and satiric and well-forgotten aspect of a well-known fairy tale by O. Tolstoy. It gives the history of Tolstoys translation of the tale by K. Kollody, analyzes its contents and compares the images, style and poems by Tolstoy and Blok. The paper points to the cultural and artistic realities of Russia of the beginning of the XXth century parodied by Tolstoy.
Text of the article: 04baspst.zip

Holubovska I. V.  The Esthetic Functions of Comprehensive Images in the Novel "Quid Est Veritas?" by Natalena Koroliova / I. V. Holubovska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 4243.
The article attempts to define the place, the role and the esthetic function of comprehensive images, presented in the novel "Quid est veritas?" by Natalena Koroliova.
Text of the article: 04givnkq.zip

Shevchenko T. M.  "Artistic Time and Space in P. Zagrebelnyi's Novel "Julia, or An Invitation to Murder" / T. M. Shevchenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 4447.
The article deals with the peculiarities of chronotop in one of the latest novel by P. Zagrebelny since they are of great importance for the penetration to the psychoanalytic discourse of the text and are characterized by a high level of the author's subjectivization.
Text of the article: 04shtmzs.zip

Vaskiv M. S.  Type Matter as Composition Device of Authors Expression (The Novel "Lights f The Lakes" by Y. Olesitch) / M. S. Vaskiv // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 4850.
The article considers special format of an unknown novel written in early 30s of the 20th century, which displays characteristic features of Ukrainian novels of the period. It centers on the graphic type of journal text of the novels and authors italicizing of the text fragments which is a distinctive feature of both Y. Olesitchs novel and the Ukrainian literature of the period on the whole.
Text of the article: 04vmskpu.zip

Lisenko-Kovaleva N. V.  A Music-like work by Yu. Kosach / N. V. Lisenko-Kovaleva // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 5153.
The creative work by U. Kosach, a Ukrainian writer of the 20th century is stylistically rich and diverse. The article distinguishes the elements of the existentionalizm in the structure of "Noctyurn b-moll" story.
Text of the article: 04lknvko.zip

Homchuk I. V.  Interpretation of the Image of Water in the Anthology "The Return to Galapagos" by Ivan Andrusiak / I. V. Homchuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 5456.
The paper studies the interpretation of the image of water in the anthology "The Return to Galapagos" by Ivan Andrusiak. It studies the evolution of the image as well as explains the cause of its changes.
Text of the article: 04hivapg.zip

Isayenko S. V.  Aethetic-Philosophical Context of the Conflict between the Authorities and an Individual in J. Fowles novel "The Magus" / S. V. Isayenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 5760.
The article investigates the transformation of the archetipical motif "teacher pupil" in J. Fowles novel "The Magus" which originates from the principles of postmodern philosophy that refute the general obligatory quotas and values focusing on the individual matters.
Text of the article: 04isvdfv.zip

Pashnik E. V.  The Works by O. Kopilenko Viewed Through the Universal and Cultural Analysis / E. V. Pashnik // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 6164.
The article analyzes the prose by O. Kopilenko by means of a newest methodology of literature studies the universal and cultural analysis of text. The works of the author are marked by major onthological as well as cultural and historic dominants. This enables to trace the specific character of the authors perspective, the peculiarity of its rendering in the text. It also provides for an elaborate analysis of the major tendencies of the cultural process of 20-30's.
Text of the article: 04povuka.zip

Mayevsky A. P.  The New Artistic Presentation of the Traditional Literary Character of Don Juan in the "Silver Milk" by Valeriy Shevchuk / A. P. Mayevsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 6567.
The article sets out to provide the modern understanding of the well-known literary and artistic phenomena by Valeriy Shevchuk who exercised a subtle esthetical analysis of the traditional literary character of Don Juan, employing originality and figurative stylistic liberty of his novel written in the form of the Baroque tragicomedy. The problems of the novel are viewed through the folk and the world mythology.
Text of the article: 04mapsmo.zip

Pustovit T. N.  . " " " " / T. N. Pustovit // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 6870.
The article centers on the issues of innovations of a contemporary Russian writer D. Balashov in description of the Middle Ages in Russia. It also reveals the artistic peculiarities of the series of historical novels "The Rulers of Moscow" featuring the development and consolidation of Moscow Principality in the XIII XIY th centuries. Particular emphasis has been placed on the analysis of the novel "Simeon the Proud" which is seen as the climax of the series.
Text of the article: 04ptmrgm.zip

Lavrusenko M. I.  Image of Tripil World in the Story "A Very Important Person" by Dokiya Humenna / M. I. Lavrusenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 7175.
The article is about the peculiarities of the depicting of Tripil culture image in the story" A Very Important Person" by Dokiya Humenna.
Text of the article: 04lmigvc.zip

Mysyats N. K.  The Text and the Types of Information Contained in It / N. K. Mysyats // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 7678.
The paper analyzes the notion of "text" as well as the classification of the information contained in it.
Text of the article: 04mnktin.zip

Pryymak A. M.  The Changes of the Semantic Structure of Words in Lev Tolstoys Diary Texts / A. M. Pryymak // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 7982.
As an element of a text a word is changeable. Its changes are influenced by various intra- and extralinguistic factors which enrich its semantic structure, transforms emotional and stylistic colouring and enhance stylistic possibilities.
Text of the article: 04pamstt.zip

Kotniuk L. H.  The "Egocentricity" of the Works of Fiction (Based on English Literature) / L. H. Kotniuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 8384.
The article presents an analysis of the "egocentricity" of works of fiction, which is revealed in the orientation of a literary work to the "ego"/"I" of its author and is expressed via narrator and other literary characters.
Text of the article: 04klgeht.zip

Khavkhun A. P.  The Grammatical "I"- and "You"-Subjects in English Poetic Texts of the XVIII-XX Centuries: Perspective of the Poetic Signifier / A. P. Khavkhun // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 8590.
The paper deals with the grammatical "I"- and "you"-subjects realization in the perspective of the signifier in English poetic texts of the XVIII-XX centuries. The grammatical "I"- and "you"-subjects presentation in the perspective of the signifier in a poetic text is determined by the norms of poetic speech which favour the enhancement of the poetic utterance expressive potential. The expressive value of the grammatical "I"- and "you"-subjects is found to be linked to their peripheral status.
Text of the article: 04happts.zip

Kuznyetsova I. V.  Gender Aspect of Personages Descriptions: Cognitive Approach / I. V. Kuznyetsova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 9194.
The paper analyzes the conceptually determined peculiarities of personages descriptions in the works of female and male writers.
Text of the article: 04kivokp.zip

Khmelinskaja R. M.  Linguastylistic Analysis of I. S. Turgenevs Poem in Prose "How Good and Fresh those Roses Were..." / R. M. Khmelinskaja // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 9597.
The paper deals with characteristics of a miniature of Turgenevs cycle "Poems in Prose" as well as with the analysis of the content and language of the text.
Text of the article: 04hrmptk.zip

Klymova K. Ya.  The Use of Interactive Technologies of Education in the Process of Stylistic Analysis of Literary and Publicistic Texts / K. Ya. Klymova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 98100.
The paper proves the effectiveness of choosing the interactive mode of teaching in order to build the stylistic competence and develop the creativity of the students of non-linguistic disciplines.
Text of the article: 04kkyapt.zip

Malinovsky E. F.  Linguostylistic Aspect of Using Contact and Distant Simple Repetition in Modern English / E. F. Malinovsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 101104.
The paper dwells on some linguostylistic peculiarities of using contact and distant simple repetition in modern English.
Text of the article: 04mefsam.zip

Velyka A. M.  Elliptical Structures of Idioms, Proverbs and Allusions in the Belles-Lettres Text / A. M. Velyka // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 105107.
The paper studies the origination, functioning and prognosing of the further development of elliptical structures in the sphere of idioms, proverbs and allusions in the belles-lettres texts titles.
Text of the article: 04vamaht.zip

Ustenko N. V.  Functional Peculiarities of Phraseological Units of Adjective Type in the Works of Fiction by Vladimir Vinnichenko / N. V. Ustenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 108112.
The paper presents an analysis of functional peculiarities of adjective-type phraseological units in the works of fiction by Vladimir Vinnichenko who makes a skillful use of phraseological units to denote physical qualities as well as personal features of literary characters. A number of phraseological units express characteristics of objects and abstract phenomena.
Text of the article: 04unvtvv.zip

Borysenko N. D.  Lexical Means Denoting General Estimation in Modern British Drama (Gender Aspect) / N. D. Borysenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 113115.
The article investigates the playwrights' choice of lexical means of general estimation in the personages' speech caused by personages' gender.
Text of the article: 04bndsbd.zip

Kuznetsova A. V.  Semantic Shift in Phraseological Unit as the Means of Text Formation (Cognitive Aspect) / A. V. Kuznetsova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 116119.
The paper suggests, on the grounds of the foregrounding of the anthropological approach towards literary text study, an analysis of the potential usage of phraseological units with semantic shift, as the means of text formation.
Text of the article: 04kgvozt.zip

Serdiychuk L. P.  Autobiography as a Means of Authors Self-Presentation / L. P. Serdiychuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 120122.
The paper characterises the types of modern autobiographical texts and studies autobiographies from the standpoint of authors linguistic personality.
Text of the article: 04slpsmo.zip

Pavlenko N. O.  The Preservation of Poetic Potential of Epithets inTranslation Transformations / N. O. Pavlenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 123125.
The article deals with the peculiarities of translation of epithets, the preservation and loss of their poetic potential in translation transformation.
Text of the article: 04pnoept.zip

Prisyazhnyuk L. F.  The Cognitive Approach to Textual Analysis (Based on the Similes in the Novels by G. Greene) / L. F. Prisyazhnyuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 126129.
The article centers on the perspectives of the development of new approaches to textual analysis and interpretation within the framework of the cognitive theory of literature. The author attempts to study similes in the novels by G. Greene by means of the conceptual analysis.
Text of the article: 04plfpat.zip

Borysov O. O.  Unverbal Markers of the Emotional Concept "Fear" Expression (Based on Modern English Belles-lettres Short Stories) / O. O. Borysov // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 130133.
The article deals with the linguistic means of text representation of the slot 'Unverbal Behaviour' of the emotional concept "FEAR" script. The information of the slot reflects various forms of characters unverbal behaviour while experiencing fear.
Text of the article: 04booeks.zip

Vasylyeva O. H.  Substantival Bahuvrihi Compounds as a Means of Text Generation (the Analysis ofAnthroposemic Units in Belles-lettres and Publicistic Texts) / O. H. Vasylyeva // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 134136.
The article is devoted to the investigation of the text generating potential of substantival bahuvrihi compounds nominating persons. The author tries to clarify the aims of the use of the items under the analysis and clear up their functions
Text of the article: 04vogzst.zip

Zahulyayeva O. I.  Main Patterns of Plot Development in English Counting Rhymes / O. I. Zahulyayeva // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 137139.
The article analyzes the patterns of plot development in English counting rhymes. The author outlines folklore, classifies main genres of childrens folklore, offers the results of analysis of the main patterns of plot development in counting rhymes.
Text of the article: 04zoilal.zip

Snikhovska I. E.  Cognitive-pragmatic Approach to the Analysis of Humorous Texts / I. E. Snikhovska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 140141.
The article considers the approaches to humour research s viewed by the ontemporary lexical semantics and, in particular, it focuses upon the necessary and sufficient conditions for the linguistic properties of humourous texts in terms of the semantic script-based theory of humour.
Text of the article: 04sieagt.zip

Shalaghinov B. B.  The "Modern" Epoch as a Turning Point from the Universal Styles to Creative Methods in the Western Literature / B. B. Shalaghinov // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 142144.
The paper considers the aesthetic and artistic quests in Germany at the break of the 17th -18th centuries with the goal of reconstruction of universal styles of the past (Antiquity, High Middle ages, Baroque) and overcoming the process of "particularization" of creative work.
Text of the article: 04shbbzl.zip

Davydova-Bila H. V.  Artistic Atmosphere of Lviv in the Inter-War Period and the Problem of Origination Avant-Garde Trends / H. V. Davydova-Bila // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 145149.
The article suggests a retrospective overview of the literary situation of 1920-30-ies and features the esthetical contribution of the "civilizational prezentivizm".
Text of the article: 04dbgvhn.zip

Kudinova O. I.  Provencal Image of the World in the Prose by Marcel Pagnol / O. I. Kudinova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 150153.
The article presents an analysis of the specific character of the Provencal image of the world in the prose by Marcel Pagnol a famous French writer. It centers on the methods of artistic transformation of the national mentality of Provence in the authors works.
Text of the article: 04koipmp.zip

Rosstalna O. A.  The Phenomenon of Escapism in the Literary Works by J. R. R. Tolkien / O. A. Rosstalna // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 154156.
The paper considers the phenomenon of escapism from the standpoint of philosophic and methodological conception suggested by E. Fromm. It suggests Tolkiens interpretation of the phenomenon and reveals its transformation in the literary heritage of the writer. In the studies of the works by Tolkien a particular emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of escapism and its consideration as a way to create a full-blooded literary world.
Text of the article: 04roatst.zip

Popova I. A.  Nonsense as a Principle of Arrangement of the Poetic Works by E. Lear / I. A. Popova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 157160.
The article considers the phenomenon of nonsense in the English literature of the 19th century. It provides a research into the principle of nonsense in the genre of limericks illustrated by E. Lear's works.
Text of the article: 04piotel.zip

Raybedyuk H. B.  The Text and the Intertext of the Poetry of the Neoclassicism / H. B. Raybedyuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 161163.
The paper studies the problems involving the intertextual nature of the neoclassical poetry. The sources of intertext, its form, functions, semantic polyphony of images, genetic links and typological analogies with the artistic paradigm of the European classicism are in the forefront of the study.
Text of the article: 04rgbnti.zip

Sayenko V. P.  The Concept of "Culture" in Lina Kostenkos Poetry and the Productive Models Of Active Artistic Centres in Modern Ukrainian Literature / V. P. Sayenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 164168.
The article is devoted to the investigation of a most important active centre of modern literature the concept of "culture" which is in the foreground of Lina Kostenkos poetry.
Text of the article: 04svpsul.zip

Bondarenko G. F.  Some Peculiarities of the Poetry of the "Movistsky" Literary Works by Valentin Katayev / G. F. Bondarenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 169171.
The article deals with the peculiarities of the poetry of the latest prose by Valentin Katayev. The author researches the ways of belles letters realization of the writers aesthetic points of view, in search for the new genre and stylistic possibilities.
Text of the article: 04bgftvk.zip

Pulter S. A.  The Origins of Ukrainian-Czech Cultural Relations / S. A. Pulter // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 172174.
The paper addresses the issues of Ukrainian-Czech cultural relations.
Text of the article: 04psokvz.zip

Monastyretsky L. S.  Oksana Lyaturynska in the Circle of the Cultural Figures of the Ukrainian Diaspora / L. S. Monastyretsky, V. I. Vasylyuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 175178.
The article analyzes the creative work, by a little-known Ukrainian writer Oksana Lyaturynska who ranks as one of the most prominent poets of the "Prague school".
Text of the article: 04mlskuz.zip

Chernyuk S. L.  The Rhetoric of Political Authority in the Ukrainian Poetry of 30's of the 20th Century / S. L. Chernyuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 179181.
The article deals with the analysis of poetic texts from the rhetorical point of view that is aimed to propagandize
Text of the article: 04chslpr.zip

Uliura H. A.  Toni Morrisons Literary Activity in the ontext of Afro-American Womens Literature / H. A. Uliura // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 182186.
The paper explains the need to study Toni Morrisons literary activity with a consideration of the subjective reflection of an Afro-American writer. The analysis of the authors earliest novel serves as an illustration of the given theoretical principles.
Text of the article: 04ugazhl.zip

Podkorytova E. P.  Afro-American Literature: the Way to Recognition / E. P. Podkorytova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 187189.
It is shown, that Afro-American literature is an integral part, one of the most picturesque and attractive displays of the American literature; the problems of searches for identity, self-expression and generality, which are revealed by the authors of ethnic and racial groups, find the response among the readership of the world community.
Text of the article: 04popshv.zip

Nagachevska O. .  Common Features in the Works by J. C. Oates and D. N. Lawrence / O. . Nagachevska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 190193.
The paper compares works by an American writer J. C. Oates and an English writer D. H. Lawrence on the basis of critical essays by Oates and literary works by both writers. Their works have certain features in common and are similar in the aesthetic views of the writers.
Text of the article: 04nootol.zip

Tomchuk O. F.  The Problems of Interpretation of the Prose by Yuriy Klen / O. F. Tomchuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 194196.
The article studies the dominant formats of the epic style of the writer as well as typodifferential indications of his novels in connection with artistic and philosophic precepts. It studies the problem spectrum and the plot variety of prose, defines impressionistic and romantic tendencies, and singles out specific modus of the artistic being. It makes a feature of the metaphysical aspect of Klens outlook, his invariable interest in Scovorodas ideas and the baroque artistic means of reproducing the reality.
Text of the article: 04tofkpi.zip

Makarenko L. V.  The Psychological Metaphors in the Poetry by Yuri Klen / L. V. Makarenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 197198.
The author analyzes the metaphors that figuratively express the mental state of a lyrical character in the poetic structure of the text.
Text of the article: 04mlvyuk.zip

Bashmanivsky V. I.  The New and Old Features in the Sonnets by M. Zerov / V. I. Bashmanivsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 199201.
The paper considers the new and the old features in the prosody of sonnets by M. Zerov.
Text of the article: 04bvismz.zip

Karableva O. V.  The Symbolistic Conceptualization of Solitude in a "Minor Novel" by N. Pagutyak "The Desert of Joy" / O. V. Karableva // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 202204.
The paper studies the artistic expression of a few types of womens solitude and its symbolical conceptualization.
Text of the article: 04kovprp.zip

Volovod N. N.  Literary Portrait of the Prose Character of the Generation of the Vosmidesyatniki / N. N. Volovod // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 205206.
The article presents an analysis of the principle features characteristic of the images of the Ukrainian literature of the transitional period.
Text of the article: 04vnmppv.zip

Yurchuk O. O.  Neobaroques Tendencies in Prose by Andrukhovich / O. O. Yurchuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 207209.
The article gives an analysis of the Neobaroques tendencies in the modern Ukrainian literature on the basis of Andrukhovichs novels "Recreations" and "Perverzia".
Text of the article: 04yuooyu.zip

Gerasimov Yu. A.  Specific Features of the Poetry by Isikava Takuboku (Based on the Series "The Songs Which Are in Love with Me") / Yu. A. Gerasimov // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 210212.
The article considers isolated aspects of reformation of traditional Japanese lyrical miniature of tanka in the works by Isikava Takuboku.
Text of the article: 04gyuoit.zip

Rahusina L. Yu.  Analysis of Specific Features of L. Ferlinghetty's Early Works (Based on the Collection of Poetry "Starting from San Francisco") / L. Yu. Rahusina // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 213215.
The article centers on L. Ferlinghetty's early works. Particular emphasis is placed on the innovations in poetics introduced by the author.
Text of the article: 04rlyulf.zip

Kolyada O. V.  Mythopoetics of Orpheus in J. Coctean's Play / O. V. Kolyada // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 216217.
The article addresses the issues of interrelation of the XXth century literary development in the drama and intensification of mythological origin as a regular result of reconceivability of the socio-historical background for possible way-outs of the present crisis. The idea of reconceivability and recreation of history is considered to be the keystone in the current notion of mythopoetics. J. Coctean's tragedy "Orphee" serves as a vivid example of history interpretation, scrutinizing the mythologeme of Orpheus as a prototype of Messiah in the present-day context.
Text of the article: 04kovzhk.zip

Hrechukha L. O.  The Problem of Intertextuality in W. S. Burroughs Works / L. O. Hrechukha // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 218221.
The article addresses the issues of the intertextuality in W. S. Burroughs work. It centers on the "cut-up technique" collaborated by the writer and a British artist B. Gysin.
Text of the article: 04gloitb.zip

Spirin O. M.  Peculiarities of distribution of disciplines in physics and mathematics curricula / O. M. Spirin // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 222225.
On the basis of the analysis of curricula for specialists in mathematics, physics and informatics, the author points out peculiarities and certain regularities in distribution of the disciplines, which influence the effectiveness of introduction of the credit-modular system in the process of study.
Text of the article: 04somfms.zip

Zaritska O. L.  The Contents of the Computer Studies Course in the Context of Distance Learning at the Department of Physics and Mathematics / O. L. Zaritska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 2004.  16. P. 226230.
The paper addresses the major stages (analysis, planning, projecting) of computer studies course preparation for students department of physics and mathematics.
Text of the article: 04zoldfn.zip
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