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Issue 53 (2010)

Polishchuk O. P.  The Postneoclassic Science: the Sense of Social-Human Aspect / O. P. Polishchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 3—7. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article the social-human aspect in the postneoclassic science is analysed and it is asserted that specifics of the modern scientific development is based to the growth of scientist’s interesting to the leaning of humanistic and social spheres.
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Dovhan A. A.  R. Decart and J. Vygotskyi (continuation of the cartesian tradition or its objection) / A. A. Dovhan // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 8—12. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article investigates the extent of influence of philosophical system of R. Decart on the shaping of the views of J. Vygotskyi concerning the development of human consciousness in historical process as manifestation of unity of individual cognition and general development of the culture of society. An additional analysis of both systems in terms of present and corresponding author's philosophical position is carried out.
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Stasyuk L. O.  The Genevan Protestantism as a Factor in the Socialization of Personality / L. O. Stasyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 13—17. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article the value of Genevan Protestantism in the process of socialization of the individual is shown. The direct impact of contemporary Genevan Protestantism on social consciousness of its adepts is revealed, which is aggravated by increasing the extent of its organizations and activation the religious and outside religious practice. The potency of reformation in the direction of person's development from individual to social is traced.
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Yakovleva O. V.  Features of linguistic environment in Ukraine and in the Ukrainian institute of higher education of higher during modernization of the system of education / O. V. Yakovleva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 18—24. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article discusses the features of the contemporary language situation in Ukraine and Ukrainian universities from the perspective of the possible and desirable changes in it during the modernization of the national system of higher education. The problem is observed in the context of Ukrainian-Russian bilingualism and interaction of Ukrainian and Russian languages. The evolution of socio-communicative system of Ukraine since 1991 is overviewed.
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Nagilenko I. À.  Harmony of Individual in the Views of Philosophers of the 20th century / I. À. Nagilenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 25—32. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article there is an attempt to analyze views of philosophers of the 20th century, and to understand what is the basis of harmony of individual; to show common and different approaches to the problem of harmony for the European and soviet philosophers; to trace the process of forming views on the essence of harmony in European philosophy of the 20th century.
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Íorohova L. V.  Fear as Being Existential of Modern Man / L. V. Íorohova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 33—36. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article fear is considered as being existential, its place and value are found out in life of a modern man. It is certain that fear as being existential comes forward as inalienable part of man's nature, he determines the borders of his socio-cultural existence and free self-realization, measure of cognition of depths of psyche and consciousness, realization of cultural and historical way and main, transcendent measuring of own possibilities.
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Kostikova I. I.  Forming the Culture of Usage of Information and Communication Technologies by Students / I. I. Kostikova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 37—41. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article focuses on the ways of forming the culture of usage of information and communication technologies by students. The author elaborates and accounts for the necessity of pedagogical conditions of forming the culture of handling information and communication technologies, highlights the prospects of scientific solving the problem.
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Samosenkova T. V.  The Communicative-Cognitive Approach of Studying of the Russian Language by Foreign Students / T. V. Samosenkova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 42—46. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article reveals the essence of communicative-cognitive approach to learning Russian as a foreign language. It is given the history of the problem, defined the modern strategies of the teaching the students, taking into account the cognitive preferences, presented the examples of this approach in the practice of teaching foreign students.
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Tarnopolsky O. B.  Using Internet-Technologies in Teaching English for Professional Communication to Students who Major in Non-Linguistic Specialties / O. B. Tarnopolsky // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 47—51. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article focuses on theoretical and practical issues of using Internet-technologies (and first of all, on using students’ Internet search for authentic professionally significant information on professional Internet sites in English) in teaching English for professional communication to students who major in non-linguistic specialties. The principal ways and advantages of using the Internet are discussed and the principal approaches to practical implementation of Internet-assisted language learning are analyzed.
Text of the article: 10tobsns.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4571/

Bobak M. I.  The Problem of Spiritually-Moral Values Maintenance in the Process of Rising Generation Education / M. I. Bobak, V. Y. Kulchytskyj, I. A. Prokop // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 52—55. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article covers the process of the present moral crisis of the society which necessitates referring to traditional Ukrainian moral values which base on the trust in God, national identity and adherence to the noblest human virtues. It is the synthesis of religious and national aspects that provides the nation’s moral health and progress. In this respect, the life and experience of the prominent personalities of the past can hardly be overestimated.
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Bondar S. P.  Modernization of the Teaching Methods in Special School / S. P. Bondar // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 56—61. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problems of modernization of the teaching methods of high-schoolers according with the tasks of special school. It gives a detail analysis of main functions of the teaching methods, classification and characteristics of problem-solving methods. The classification and description of problem-developmental techniques is presented.
Text of the article: 10bsppsh.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4573/

Vaskivska H. O.  Conceptual Approaches to the Formation of the System of Knowledge about Man / H. O. Vaskivska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 62—67. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article reveals effective approaches to rise the quality of modern education. The necessity of synthesis of natural and humanitarian sciences is grounded; also the conceptual access to the formation of the system of knowledge about man is analyzed. On the basis of pedagogical literature the aim of natural and humanitarian knowledge development is defined.
Text of the article: 10vgoszl.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4574/

Zablotska O. A Teaching Experiment's Results on Would-Be Ecologists' Subjects Competences Development in Chemistry /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 68—72. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article the author describes organization and the main stages of a teaching experiment on would-be ecologists' subject competences development in chemistry. The subject competences in chemistry evaluation criteria are defined. Methods of value, cognition and activity components of subjects competences specially adapted for the research tasks are disclosed. The teaching experiment's formation stage results are suggested.
Text of the article: 10zoshse.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4576/

Kalinin V. A.  Sociocultural Pedagogical Tasks as Innovative Techniques in the Professional Development of a Future Teacher of English / V. A. Kalinin // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 73—76. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The presented article deals with the possibilities of using sociocultural tasks as innovative techniques of future English teachers’ professional development. On the basis of technological approach, the article presents a technological scheme of creating and solving sociocultural pedagogical tasks.
Text of the article: 10kvovim.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4577/

Kucheruk Î. À.  Methods of Communicative Competence Formation in the Process of Didactic Discourse / Î. À. Kucheruk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 77—81. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article covers a problem of the communicative competence formation of the pupils as a principal direction of Ukrainian language studies in the comprehensive school. There are determined the questions of the role and lingual didactic possibilities of using communicative methods in the process of linguistic personality formation.
Text of the article: 10koapdd.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4578/

Leshchuk H. V.  The Topical Tendencies of Family Development as an Institution of Social Education / H. V. Leshchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 82—86. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article characterizes features and trends of the family as a social and educational institution in the socio-economic, political, demographic changes in Ukrainian society. Negative changes in the structure of modern families, which were the result of social changes: an increase in the number of single-parent families, mass nucleazation of family, remarriage distribution, plenty of families having one child, increasing number of divorces. The basic problems of the Ukrainian family are: reduction of material prosperity, a violation of interpersonal communication process, the destruction of the educational potential of families, increase of child deviance.
Text of the article: 10lgvsvi.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4579/

Matyash O. I.  Some Aspects of Mathematical Notions Formation / O. I. Matyash, V. Y. Kulchytskyj, I. A. Prokop, A. V. Prus // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 87—93. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with some questions of educational activities of students during studies of methods of teaching mathematics. Means for getting skills and habits to form mathematical notions of pupils by students are offered in the article. Among them: conducting of the corresponding didactic games, writing of the sign-symbol notes, solving the methodical tasks, which refer to the methodology of the definite notions formation of school courses of algebra and geometry.
Text of the article: 10moifmp.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4580/

Pavlishak Î. R.  Professional Competence Development as the Aim of Social Pedagogue’s Training in Austria / Î. R. Pavlishak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 94—97. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article the model of professional competence of the social teacher in Austria is considered, the factors that affect these models are analysed. The author investigates the experience of Austrian scientists over the interpretation of the concept of "professionalism". Based on the conducted analysis, the conclusion is made that a high level of professionalism is the aim of social teacher preparation in Austria.
Text of the article: 10porspa.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4581/

Stepanov E. P.  Formation of Tolerance as an Integral Part of a Modern Specialist / E. P. Stepanov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 98—101. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The problems of students’ tolerance formation as an important property of future specialist are examined in the system of professional education. The essence and influence on development of the theory of cultural tolerance approach, the concept of "dialogue of cultures", theory of multicultural education, educational hermeneutics is disclosed. The content and basic principles of tolerance pedagogics are analysed.
Text of the article: 10syepsf.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4582/

Bliznyuk À. Î.  Teaching English Writing to Psychologists / À. Î. Bliznyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 102—105. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the analysis and definition of the goals of teaching writing in English for specific purposes to students majoring in psychology. The analysis and definitions of teaching are based on the communicative language teaching methodology, results of questionnaire and students’ needs. Relevant level of proficiency in writing in English for specific purposes is defined.
Text of the article: 10baommp.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4583/

Horobets D. V.  Defining of the Mission and the Main Aims of Managing the Development of a Modern Teachers College / D. V. Horobets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 106—109. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article outlines the mission and main tasks of development of the modern Teachers College. The basic principles of operation and development of higher educational establishments, which depend on the strategic directions that define the current state of education in the country and the world are singled out. The main requirements for the formulation of mission and goals of development Teacher's College are being viewed.
Text of the article: 10gdvspk.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4605/

Zamaskina P. I.  A Ñonceptual-Didactic Model of Prestudy Preparation of Pupils / P. I. Zamaskina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 110—114. — ISSN 2076-6173.
A conceptual-didactic model of prestudy preparation of pupils, ways and conditions of type self-education of pupils in secondary school are described in the article. The main stages of professional self-determination and phases of preparation of pupils for the choice of the type of studying are enlightened.
Text of the article: 10zpipsu.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4606/

Zarytska O. L.  Scientific Basis of Syllabus Contents Selections during the Creation of Distance Course "Databases and Information Systems" Module Structure / O. L. Zarytska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 115—120. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article reviews the concept of distance education interpretation by Ukrainian and foreign scientists. The main stages of the development (analysis, planning and design) of the distance course "Databases and Information Systems" with regard to scientific basis for selection of content of educational material are highlighted.
Text of the article: 10zoldis.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4607/

Zymovets O. A.  Formation of Professional-Communicative Skills of Prospective Teachers of the Humanities with the Help of Information and Communication Technologies / O. A. Zymovets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 121—129. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of formation of prospective humanitarian teachers’professional- communicative skills with the help of Information and Communication Technologies. The author specifies the types of professional-communicative skills of teachers of the Humanities in the Information Society, and suggests the system of tasks for their formation with the help of ICTs.
Text of the article: 10zoavim.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4608/

Luchkevych V. V.  Cultural and Educational Protestant Movement in Ukraine in the 16th century: the Ðroblems of Historiografic Interpretations / V. V. Luchkevych // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 130—133. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article the period of Reformation has been analyzed, the preconditions of Reformation ideas’ and protestant communities’ widening in Ukrainian lands of the 16th century have been revealed. The main factors of protestant seats’ influence on the development of the Ukrainian schools have been defined; the common and different features in the organization of protestant and Ukrainian orthodox schools have been shown according to the historiografic analysis of Ukrainian scientists’ works.
Text of the article: 10lvvpii.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4609/

Slipchenko L. B.  The Peculiarities of Listening and Speaking in the Teaching Process of Business Talks Over the Phone to Students of Economic Specialties / L. B. Slipchenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 134—139. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the basic theoretical aspects of listening and speaking in the teaching process of Business talks over the phone to students of economic specialties; the peculiarities of listening and speaking are examined in terms of Psychology, Linguistics, Social Linguistics, and Psycholinguistics; factors which influence speech competence formation of listening and speaking are defined.
Text of the article: 10slbpme.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4610/

Cheporova H. E.  Application of Situational Method of Teaching in Forming of Professional Competence of Students-Economists / H. E. Cheporova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 140—144. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The problem of the effective forming of professional competence of future economists is considered, the components of professional competence are defined and possibility of their forming is certain for case study method teaching, the model of application of case study exercises is evidently presented in the process of teaching the special economic oriented disciplines.
Text of the article: 10chgeye.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4611/

Shyyan T. V.  The Use of Podcasts in Teaching Business English to Students of Humanities / T. V. Shyyan // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 145—148. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article focuses on functions and peculiarities of podcasts integration into the process of Business English acquisition by students of Humanities. The purpose and tasks of the course are characterized, the educational potential of podcasting is revealed, methodical recommendations as for integration of podcasting into the learning process are given together with the links to internet resources to use for English teachers.
Text of the article: 10shtvgs.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4612/

Zhukovskaya D. V.  Schoolchildren’s Distance Learning Underpinnings / D. V. Zhukovskaya // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 149—152. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article focuses on the schoolchildren’s distance learning elements: system, new didactical quality of software, multifunction, adoptions, ICT means, technological mobility of content. It is found out that distance learning at schools promotes ICT usage. It is mentioned the principles of learning humanities at schools in distance.
Text of the article: 10zhdvzo.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4613/

Zhykovskyi S. S.  The Analysis, Research and Solution of Problems during the Students Olympiad in Informatics / S. S. Zhykovskyi // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 153—157. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article suggests methods of preparing students for solving problems of Olympiad in Informatics. The technology of the problem analysis and its terms of mathematical models of algorithm in programming and testing software solutions are given. A strategy for student behavior during the competition is suggested.
Text of the article: 10zhssoi.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4614/

Zinovatna O. M.  Language Education in the USA within the Context of Language Situation and Language Policy / O. M. Zinovatna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 158—163. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyses language education in the USA from sociocultural and sociolinguistic perspective. The U.S. is characterized as a monolingual society with heritage languages as rich linguistic resources. It also reveals language policy in terms of English as a second language and the factors which influence foreign language education, foreign language fad in particular.
Text of the article: 10zomsmp.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4615/

Mushka O. V.  The Reformation of Education Content in the School Establishments of Ukraine by Narkomos in 1920-1930 / O. V. Mushka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 164—168. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In this article the problem of reforming the educational content of school facilities in Ukraine during 1920-1930 is disclosed. Statutory documents Narkomos of Soviet Ukraine on curriculum reform are analysed, their influence on the formation of new curriculum content for school institutions is defined. A complex system of teaching and curricula of labour school of the investigated period are grounded.
Text of the article: 10movzup.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4616/

Karlinska Ya. V.  Òhe Pedagogical Conditions of the Informative Formation of Students’ Competence at the Commercial Colleges in Teaching the Natural and Mathematical Studies / Ya. V. Karlinska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 169—175. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with the pedagogical conditions of the informative formation of students’ competence at the commercial colleges in teaching the natural and mathematical studies. Much attention is paid to means of certain pedagogical conditions for the development of students’ creative abilities, computer users such as: computer programs, multimedia and hypermedia technologies, databases, telecommunications, digital libraries, credit and modular technologies, electronic manuals, etc.
Text of the article: 10kyavmd.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4617/

Miroshnyk O. L.  Modelling as a Means of Teaching Ideas Relization / O. L. Miroshnyk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 176—178. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article examines the process of modelling as a method of cognition of reality and especially the introduction of models in the implementation of educational objectives. The essence of modelling categories, the content and specificity as a method of scientific knowledge is defined. The algorithm of modelling educational situation is worked out.
Text of the article: 10molrpi.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4618/

Nazarenko I. M.  Personality Creative Potential Problem at the Present Stage of Development of Education and Science / I. M. Nazarenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 179—182. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to analysis of contemporary scientific ideas about creativity of a personality, definition of its essence, content, allocation of main structural components and establishment of interrelationships between them and also the peculiarities of implementation of creativity in social environment. In article is shown the communication of creative potential with creativity, creative skills and creative activity of a personality.
Text of the article: 10nimron.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4619/

Semenets L. M.  Pedagogic Competence of a Lecturer as a Condition for the Formation of Professional Readiness of a Future Teacher / L. M. Semenets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 183—186. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article discloses the content and structure of vocational and educational competence of the teacher, selected and characterized are those factors that serve as the formation of professional readiness of future teachers in a credit-modular system of education.
Text of the article: 10slmgmv.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4620/

Serbin B. V.  Structure of Informatical Competence in the System of Continuing Professional Education: in the case of Trainees of Public Employment Service of Ukraine / B. V. Serbin // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 187—192. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article on the basis of analysis of the concepts information, information and IT processes, competencies and skills is considered and presented the structure "of the computer competency". The composition and location of this competence in the vocational training courses of public employment service is determined. The method of determination of formation of the computer competence among trainees is suggested.
Text of the article: 10sbvszu.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4621/

Chernyshenko O. Ye.  Problems of Readyness of Future Officers of the Interior Troops for Fluency in a Foreign Language / O. Ye. Chernyshenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 193—198. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article problems of readyness of future officers of the Interior Troops for fluency in a foreign language are considered in the aspect of service professional competency component formation. The corresponding standards of fluency in a foreign language are determined with consideration of goals of Bologna declaration and European military formations standards.
Text of the article: 10choeim.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4622/

Sharlovich Z. P.  The Theoretical Basis of Professional-Pedagogical Competences Formation of Family Medicine Nurses as the Main Condition of the Nursing Activity / Z. P. Sharlovich // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 199—202. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyses essence of professional and pedagogical competences as a necessary constituent of professional preparation of general practicenurses – family medicine, scientific approaches to the study of their maintenance, structure and formation in the process of continuous medical education.
Text of the article: 10shzpmd.zip Link to Eprints (*.pdf): http://eprints.zu.edu.ua/4623/

Yevchenko A. V.  The Peculiarities of Textual Unity Organization in I. Kalvino Post-Modern Novel "If Once on a Winter Night a Traveller…" / A. V. Yevchenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 203—208. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the method of play as the main principle of textual organization in I. Kalvino post-modern novel "If once on a winter night a traveller…" and the ways of its creation – the author’s mask and characters, who combine in themselves the traits of implicit and explicit reader together with the analysis of a collage function, multiplane text organization, which contributed to the appearance of reader’s metatext when the "ideal" reader links multivector, chaotic text into conceptual unity.
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Yurchuk O. O.  The Works by O. Teliga: The Reincarnation of the Womanhood in Ukraine Due to the Necessity of the Fight for Ukrainian Nation / O. O. Yurchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 209—212. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The subject of the article is the analysis of O. Teliga’s creation from the position of the author’s understanding of the Ukrainian femininity. The author applies to the reincarnation of the Ukrainian femininity in the conditions of the fight of Ukrainians for their own nation. O. Teliga renounces the images of "women-amazon" and "women-family’s bereginya", appealing to the necessity of partnership between a man and woman.
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Kondratyuk S. Yu.  Meaning Development of the Lexical Unit "Butter" in Ukrainian, English, German, French and Hungarian Proverbs, Phraseologisms and the Ways of Their Interpretation / S. Yu. Kondratyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 213—217. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The origin peculiarities of the word set expressions, phraseological lacunes and proverbs with the use of the lexical unit "butter" are considered. On the basis of the given phraseology semantic and structural changes are determined. The article gives the variant and invariant peculiarities of the given phraseological units of each people local culture.
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Nidzelskaya Yu. M.  The Peculiarities of Formation of Statehood of the Jewish People in the English Language / Yu. M. Nidzelskaya // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 218—221. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the anthroponimic characteristics of Israel, an important role of the Jewish state in Modern English. The paper examines a number of stylistic means for revealing permanent tragic character of the Jewish history, characterictics of activities the Jews were the recipient of. Metaphoric and metonymic transference which are the embodiment of suffering of the people have been established.
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Herasymchuk S. V.  Allegory as a Literary Technique Way in the Artistic Consciousness’ Structure of the Middle Ages / S. V. Herasymchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 222—226. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article concentrates on the allegory as the main modeling technique of the artistic reality in the Medieval Art. The piece of writing investigates the preconditions of the heightened language allegorization, structural and functional peculiarities of allegoric images, interrelation of symbolic and allegoric ways of representation in the texts of the denoted epoch.
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Drofyak N. ².  Substantival Structure as the Unit of Small Syntax / N. ². Drofyak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 227—230. — ISSN 2076-6173.
Substantival structure is the grammatical set of words with a noun as a key component made by way of the determination of the certain lexico-grammatical category of words or syntactical structures. Substantival structure aims at the contextual informing bearing in such a way the main communicative loading. This ability to concentrate in itself the main information is the phenomenon of language economy, as it makes possible to present substantial contents in a compressed way.
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Topachevskyj S. K.  Syntactic Ways of Imperative Force Abatement in English Advertising Messages / S. K. Topachevskyj // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2010. — ¹ 53. — P. 231—234. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article investigates the role of syntactic constructions as a means of imperative force abatement in English advertising messages. The imperative force abatement is treated as a tactics of interpersonal etiquettization in advertising discourse. Syntactic phenomena are investigated from the point of their formal and semantic structure, pragmatic force and punctuation.
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