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Issue 4 (1999)

Ivashchenko O. M.  The Land of Zhitomir in Times of Cossacks (the end of the 16th the middle of the 17th century) / O. M. Ivashchenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 39.
The events on the Land of Zhitomir, connected with the struggle of Cossacks and peasants against the Polish invasion at the end of of the 16th the middle of the 17th century are described.
Text of the article: 99iomkch.zip

Huzhanov S. I.  The Usage Of Algorithm In Studying Russian Phraseology / S. I. Huzhanov, T. S. Huzhanova // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 1013.
The methods of studying phraseological units in the direction starting from phraseological expressions to phraseological fusions is considered in this article. The algorithm of determining the belonging of phraseological units to one of four types is proposed.
Text of the article: 99gsiirf.zip

Tsilynko M. H.  Electronic Picofaradmeter in an Instructional Experiment / M. H. Tsilynko, T. S. Huzhanova, M. V. Fedyovych, V. L. Rudnitsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 1417.
Application of the electronic picofaradmeter in an instructional experiment is considered. The authors offer an an original device for electrocapacity measurement and give examples of its application at school.
Text of the article: 99cmgpne.zip

Moskvina T. P.  Pedagogical Correction of the Experience in Humane Relations Between Children with Sings of the post-Chornobyl Syndrome / T. P. Moskvina // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 1821.
The author considers the problems of gaining the experience of moral behaviour by schoolchildren and determines the directions of pedagogical correction of the experience in humane mutual relations between children under the conditions of the post-Chornobyl syndrome.
Text of the article: 99mtpops.zip

Kruk M. Z.  Theoretical Aspects of Physical training in pre-Revolutionary Pedagogics / M. Z. Kruk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 2226.
In this article the author tries to analyze the views of such outstanding teachers of pre-revolutionary period as K.Ushinsky, P.Lesgaft and S.Shatsky on the problem of physical culture at schools.
Text of the article: 99kmzvdp.zip

Virkovsky A. P.  On Realizing the Dialogic Principle in Humanization of Education / A. P. Virkovsky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 2729.
The article contains the comparative analysis of modern philosophical and pedagogical hasianistic conceptions taking into account their synthetic mutual penetration. A new category of homanistic pedagogics, asthroposocial humaniam, is being constracted.
Text of the article: 99vappgo.zip

Myssechko Ye. M.  Dialectics of Correlation Between the Empirical and the Theoretical in Creative Cognition of Methodical Truth / Ye. M. Myssechko, T. S. Huzhanova, M. V. Fedyovych, V. L. Rudnitsky, L. Ye. Astakhova, M. M. Prokopenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 3034.
The paper deals with methodical grounds of teaching physics in the context of correlation between the empirical and the theoretical data.
Text of the article: 99mempmi.zip

Ivanchenko A. V.  Peculiarities of Forming Personality's World Outlook under Modern Conditions / A. V. Ivanchenko, T. S. Huzhanova, M. V. Fedyovych, V. L. Rudnitsky, L. Ye. Astakhova, M. M. Prokopenko, A. A. Sbruyeva // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 3540.
Socialization is considered by the authors as the main factor of forming of a personality put into effect under the influence of ecological, demographical, economic, political, spiritual and other factors. The contents of forming personality's world outlook under modern conditions are analysed.
Text of the article: 99iavosu.zip

Pastovensky A. V.  Studying Windows Explorer at School / A. V. Pastovensky // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 4143.
Methodical recommendations are offered for studying Windows Explorer at school as a basis of usage its analogies from Russian version of Norton Commander 5.0.
Text of the article: 99povwsh.zip

Brandes V. M.  The Problem of Childrens Giftedness in the Context of Heurological Views (the Concept of Functional Asymmetry of Humans Brain) / V. M. Brandes, T. S. Huzhanova, M. V. Fedyovych, V. L. Rudnitsky, L. Ye. Astakhova, M. M. Prokopenko, A. A. Sbruyeva, O. V. Voznuyk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 4449.
The authors substantiate the heuristic posibilities of the concept of functional asymmetry of human brain and prove that this concept can serve as a system-forming factor for building a new paradigm of education.
Text of the article: 99bvmknp.zip

Vlasenko V. V.  Emotional-expressive Vocabulary in Vasyl Symonenkos Poetic Language / V. V. Vlasenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 5053.
This is an attempt to analyze the emotional-expressive vocabulary of V. Symonenkos poetry, to present its main semantic groups and language means used to express emotionality.
Text of the article: 99vvvmvs.zip

Kobzar S. K.  Main Trends of Word-formation in the Modern American Variant of English / S. K. Kobzar // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 5459.
The article deals with the ways of replenishing the vocabulary of the American variant of English and distribution of neologisms in accordance with the American lexicological tradition.
Text of the article: 99kskvam.zip

Dobrolyozha H. M.  The Motive of Health in the Themes of Polessian Folk Similes / H. M. Dobrolyozha // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 6063.
The article contains an interesting information about human health and diseases from the comparativistics point of view. The authoress registered similes which meant state of health or unhealth, and also explained their inner semantics and reasons of their origin.
Text of the article: 99dgmpnp.zip

Magrytska I. V.  Ethnolinguiatic Perusal of the Denominations of the Wedding-tree (on the material of the Ukrainian East-Sloboda local dialects) / I. V. Magrytska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 6469.
The article is devoted to the complex analysis of the denominations of the wedding-tree in the Ukrainian East-Sloboda local dialects. The author makes an attempt to establish certain principles and patterns of cultural motivation which form the basis of nomination of that ritually important attribute.
Text of the article: 99mivnvd.zip

Pavlenko L. I.  Peculiarities of the Formation of Colloquial Syntax Structures (on the material of Modern Spoken English) / L. I. Pavlenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 7073.
The article deals with certain aspects of the communicative approach to language studies and the factors that influence the formation of Spoken English structures.
Text of the article: 99plisks.zip

Holubovska I. V.  The Novel The Dream of the Shadow by Natalena Koroleva as a Unique Phenomenon in Ukrainian Historical Prose of 1930-s / I. V. Holubovska // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 7476.
The article deals with the historical novel The Dream of the Shadow by N. Koroleva on the background of the Ukrainian literary process; the author analyzes methods of creation characters.
Text of the article: 99givuip.zip

Kurinna N. P.  From the History of Sound Symbolism Experimental Study / N. P. Kurinna // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 7779.
The article is about a new direction in Linguistics studies of phonetic meaningfulness of speech sounds, the existence of which was proved by investigations carried out in the latest decades.
Text of the article: 99knpevz.zip

Panchenko I. B.  Place and Role of Paralinguistic Means in the Process of Communication / I. B. Panchenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 8083.
Paralinguistic means of communication appear on different stages of communication, completing verbal message, substituting omitted verbal component or combining with verbal means, often providing complete comprehension of the message. There are situations, in which the speaker prefers exactly non-verbal components, as they are more compact, convenient orpresent the only way of delivering information.
Text of the article: 99pibzps.zip

Minyuk M. Ye.  Dependence of Ventricle Weight and Cardiac Indices of Unio Conus Borysthenicus on Intensity of Infection by Aspidogaster Conchicola / M. Ye. Minyuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 8486.
Dependence of ventricle weight and cardiac indices of Unio conus borysthenicus on intensity of infection by Aspidogaster conchicola was studied. Considerable changes of these indices in infected individuals of different ages were revealed.
Text of the article: 99mmeiac.zip

Vyskushenko D. A.  Lead Nitrate Influence on Water Balance of Freshwater Molluscs / D. A. Vyskushenko, T. S. Huzhanova, M. V. Fedyovych, V. L. Rudnitsky, L. Ye. Astakhova, M. M. Prokopenko, A. A. Sbruyeva, O. V. Voznuyk, S. V. Benedyk, O. I. Popovychuk // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 8788.
The facts and data concerning the water balance change of Freshwater molluscs in the course of time under the influence of different concentrations of lead nitrate have been presented in the article.
Text of the article: 99vdabso.zip

Melnychenko R. K.  The Fauna and Distribution Unionidae( Mollusca: Bivalvia) of the North Black Sea Country / R. K. Melnychenko // Visnyk Zhytomyrskogo Pedagogichnogo Universytetu. 1999.  4. P. 8992.
Data on distribution and ecology of Unionidae mollusks from the main reservoirs of the Prypyat, the middle Dnieper, the Siversky Donets, the upper Dniestr, the San, the West Boog are given. The results of the analysis of comparing Unionidae fauna with using of Chekanovsky- Sierensons index are presented.
Text of the article: 99mrkppp.zip
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