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Issue 74 (2014)

Gusyatinska N. A.  Actuality of implementing active learning methods in the process of building a culture of safety professionals / N. A. Gusyatinska, T. M. Chorna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 3—8. — ISSN 2076-6173.
Currently, among the priorities for creating a secure environment in the forefront must come education and training of highly qualified specialists with the conscious attitude to the dangers that can take appropriate decisions to organize not only the individual security, but also groups of people. The process of creating a culture of safety university students of economic and legal guidance has certain characteristics associated with the specific educational and vocational training specialists plan appropriate profile , including insignificant disciplines that are crucial in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of security. This paper presents the results of the analysis of the main approaches to teaching in higher education, in particular object-oriented, subject-active, problem-situational and competency, the theoretical aspects and prerequisites for the use of active learning techniques in teaching complex safety-related subjects, and the role of research activiti
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Koval V. Î.  The terms "competence" and "competence" in the context of the training of future teachers philological / V. Î. Koval // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 9—14. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This paper outlines the nature of the terms "competence" and "competency", the role of these concepts in the context of training future teachers of philology. The implementation and application of the terms "competency" and "competence" as the target set institution of higher education facilitate the transition from purely academic evaluation criteria to system analysis and highly social training graduates of higher educational institutions. The study found that competence – a set of professional knowledge, subject skills, specialty skills, motivation professional work experience, ways of thinking, values, attitudes, focus not only on realization of the goal, but in its own formulation and solution of the tasks put forward in professional activities, its ability to plan and develop, and competence – a set of inter-related personality traits (knowledge, skills, ways of life), which are formed according to certain objects and processes, providing the ability to perform tasks and achiev
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Breslavets N. Î.  Formation of intercultural competence in process of foreign languages study by students of higher educational establishments / N. Î. Breslavets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 15—19. — ISSN 2076-6173.
Formation of communicative competence is an important part of formation of social competence problem. To decide this problem is equally important both for every individual person and society in general. Foreign languages study, communicative competence, inter-cultural competence are the factors which provide successful relationship of people from different cultures and make the system of personal values and professional culture. Formation of poly-cultural personality is one of the tasks of a foreign language study in a higher educational establishment alongside with educational and pedagogical tasks. Foreign language knowledge allows to develop student’s professional training and communicative competence which helps solve production tasks more effectively. Foreign language knowledge improves the quality of communication among people of different nations which leads to more effective cooperation and establishment of personal contacts. Foreign language belongs to communicative subjects
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Kovalyova S. M.  Different Approaches to the Classification of Cases / S. M. Kovalyova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 20—24. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article highlights the different approaches to the classification of cases in the study of student academic disciplines. The author presents possible variants of structure of the case. The general structure of cases is determined, which include both a special kind of educational material and special attempts to use this material in the teaching process.
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Petuhova I. Î.  Implementation of psychological and pedagogical testing in educational space of Ukraine / I. Î. Petuhova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 25—29. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article summarized systematized and classified form of test tasks, clarified the nature of definitions for "test" and "test" and clarified the criteria and functions of the pedagogical testing, analyses the forms of test tasks, which were used in secondary schools of Ukraine of the study period. Disclosed trends in the application of tests in the professional training of pedagogical staff. The comparative analysis of the contents, characteristics, classifications, algorithms of preparation and conducting of tests investigated and modern educational periods.
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Sylko E. M.  The organization of the "Cinema Club" as the aesthetic and the educational extracurricular work with the students of the pedagogical universities / E. M. Sylko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 30—34. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The modern man lives in the era of the information society where mass communication is a new medium of its existence, the reality of modern culture. New technologies (especially audio-visual: films, television, video and multimedia - internet) are involved into all spheres of life. Media have become the main means of production culture nowadays (aesthetics society, education, industry, politics, etc.) and not only like a communication mechanism. Students’ education as a particular social group that actively develops, becomes more and more important today. It is very important to identify the degree of the various socio-cultural factors’ influence on the process of identity formation. In the complex of the aesthetic factors influencing the special role has the literature and the art, including-cinema. That’s why the actual problem of modern pedagogy becomes the analyzing of the social and aesthetic effectiveness of cinema as a factor of youth’s education. The article is about the exce
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Slinchenko L. V.  Socialization of the student individuality in the context of university self-government structures development / L. V. Slinchenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 35—39. — ISSN 2076-6173.
National Doctrine of Education development in the Ukraine in the XXI century, Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine for the period up to 2021 and so on, have constituted the regulatory framework of the education system reform in Ukraine towards its continuity, democratization and integration into international area while preserving national values and national culture. In the course of our country's joining to the Bologna process one of the main subjects of educational process managing are becoming university students and their self-governing structures. Instead, a number of issues come out, that require a more complex analysis and study, including questions of the place and importance of student self-governance at the university. On the example of the student government of the Olexander Dovzhenko Glukhiv National Pedagogical University, being guided by historical, comparative and other methods, we prove
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Iarvolovich Î. ².  Formation of multicultural identity formation within its / Î. ². Iarvolovich // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 40—44. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to studying the peculiarities of the society in modern terms. Attention is paid to the existence of the individual as part of society and rozvyvayuchohosya constantly acquiring new multicultural skills. Studied communication functioning of the individual, with its multi-cultural character of the development and existence of society in general and in school settings. Attention is paid to the transformation in the understanding of the concept of multiculturalism among young people as an example of its practicing, their desire to deal with the existence and development of society. Since it` is proved as the relevance and ambiguity of the term" multiculturalism"in terms of the educational process. We found that the research problem multicultural society is not only a problem of a certain individual, but also their stay institutions and schools.
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Kalashnik N. V.  Suschnost' and structure of concept "Mezhkul'turnaya communicative competence of students-physicians" / N. V. Kalashnik // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 45—50. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article there has been grounded the concept "cross cultural communicative competence of international medical students" on the basis of the analysis of modern psychological literature. There has been considered the range of direction of forming cross cultural communicative competence under the condition of teaching a foreign language. There have been formulated the principles and approaches laid at the basis of forming cross cultural communicative competence.
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Petruchenya G. G.  Gender Students Asymmetry in Ukraine as a Factor of the Gender Culture Formation (the 60-80-ies of the XX Century) / G. G. Petruchenya // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 51—57. — ISSN 2076-6173.
Features of the Ukrainian students' gender asymmetry formation in the 60-80th years of the XX century as the measurement of the hidden curriculum is discussed. The preconditions and forming peculiarities of the horizontal and vertical students' distribution by gender, its effect on the occupational segregation formation, which acted as an important resource of the gender culture of the Soviet society, are considered. Gender students' asymmetry, formed under the considerable influence of the Soviet paternalistic policy in gender relations, limited the educational opportunities and prospects of the professional women's self-realization. It is proved that students' gender asymmetry is an influential factor of the dominant gender culture formation, which justifies, broadcasts and reproduces the occupational segregation, potentiates by this the gender gap in career trajectories, incomes, access to resources and decision-making.
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Subotnytskyi I. M.  Aesthetic Education of Junior Pupils through the Aesthetic Feelings Formation by Means of Art / I. M. Subotnytskyi // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 58—61. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The author makes an attempt to highlight aesthetic education problems of contemporary pupils through art. It is emphasized that aesthetic education is presented as a forming system not only of holistic perception and understanding of "beauty" in art and reality, but also of aesthetic, ethical and humanistic culture of human behaviour. It is found that the main purpose of aesthetic education of a child is the formation of an aesthetic culture which in its turn consists of such important components as aesthetic sense and aesthetic tastes. The author analyses didactic possibilities of using different types of art in aesthetic education. It is substantiated that one of the most effective means of junior pupils' aesthetic feelings formation is music. It is proved that the main task in pupils' aesthetic tastes formation is first of all activation of the pupils' emotional sphere and their curiosity.
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Khmelivska S. I.  Development of Foreign Language Education in the Gymnasiums of the Kyiv School District in the Period of 1864 and 1871 School Reforms / S. I. Khmelivska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 62—67. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of the regional peculiarities of the process of learning classical and modern foreign languages in the gymnasium of the Kyiv school district during the period of preparing and implementing school reforms of the 1860s – 1870s. The article cites figures about the system of male gymnasiums that functioned in Ukraine. The content and peculiarities of the pedagogical disputes about ancient languages were revealed. The reasons, which influenced on the course secondary school reform realizing were discovered. The proposals of pedagogical publicity and press for the improvement of the educational process of the gymnasium were given. Analyses the characteristics of male secondary schools establishment and factors that have influenced on their development. The research is based on published and archive documents. Curricula and textbooks for the foreign langusges (Latin,Greese,German, French) based on analysis of the methods of conducting classes in a fore
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Vidomenko D. D.  Modern Informational Systems of Publishing Management as a Factor of Professional Competence Development of Future Specialists in Publishing and Editing / D. D. Vidomenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 68—73. — ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article scientific literature dedicated to modern informational systems of publishing management and to their usage as a factor of professional competence development of future specialists in publishing and editing are analyzed; it is noted that usage of informational systems of publishing management in educational process will give an opportunity to involve students to real practice-oriented activity, and value of their usage lays in the sphere of forming in future specialists in publishing and editing skills of self orientation and action in conditions of informational society; the scheme of desktop publishing usage in the process of training of future publishers is presented (the study of structure and functions of these systems and the achievement of tasks and learning activities together with all the nuances simulate editorial and publishing process); it is said that the usage of management information systems is a factor of publishers' professional competence formation
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Zelenskaya N. A.  Aesthetic and artistic culture – the most important components in the formation of a creative personality / N. A. Zelenskaya // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 74—78. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is dedicated to the problem of formation of the aesthetic and artistic culture of a personality. Using the historical excursus the author explains how the specific perceptional reactions and figurative perception appear. In order to do that properly it is necessary to use the means, methods and forms of aesthetic and artistic education aimed at development of the creative fantasy, artistic and aesthetic worldview. The success of the process of developing aesthetic and artistic culture of a creative personality depends on many factors, some of the most important among them are the display of initiative, the rich fantasy, the level of the artistic education, the breadth of interests in the sphere of art, the depth of its understanding and the developed ability to estimate artistic values sufficiently. All those characteristics are represented in concentrated way by the notion of sensitivity to art – the aesthetically important feature of the personality which is formed and
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Mihailova O. L.  Dynamics of developing empathic abilities for students of exact sciences in the conditions of pedagogical university / O. L. Mihailova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 79—83. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article considered questions of develop empathy abilities of future teachers of exact sciences in the modern world and modern school. This article considered questions of teachers’ influence for emotional atmosphere of the pupils for development of an integrated personality. The Author determine the need for understanding emotional condition of another person in the teachers’ work. In this way teachers’ empathy has the high necessary value for education process. Not least, because the emotional sphere and positive condition of pupils bond with others sphere. For research uses methodic for diagnosing the level of empathic abilities by Boyko V.V., research group was students of exact sciences (2 and 3 year) of pedagogical university (58 respondents). Author of this article analyzes the results of research. Author talk: in this group of students was observed negative dynamics of developing empathic abilities. That demonstrates problems in the development of pedagogical empathy of
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Chernovaty L. M.  Content of concept "professional competence of translator" as a part of methodology of teaching / L. M. Chernovaty // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 84—86. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article explores the concept of “professional translation competence”. This concept refers to the list of knowledge, skills and abilities the professional translator should possess. The analysis of approaches to the definition of "translation competence" and adjacent concepts shows the limitation and inconsistency of various views on the goals and objectives of translators’ professional training. The paper presents the new integrated understanding of translation training purposes. The professional translation competence is interpreted as hierarchically organized concept that includes five constituent competencies: bilingual, extralinguistic, translation, personal and strategic.
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Galutskykh I. A.  Imagery Ñonceptualization of Sexual Relations in the Context of Literary Corporeality (on D. H. Lawrence’s Novels) / I. A. Galutskykh // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 87—96. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The research focuses on the semantic and cognitive analyses of the specific ways of conceptualization and cognitive mechanisms accompanying the formation of the image of sexual relations and the eroticized body in the literary semantics in the texts of the modernist period in literature. The material of the research is the text by D. H. Lawrence’s novel "Lady Chatterley’s Lover". The methodological basis is the theory of the conceptual metaphor and implies the reconstruction of conceptual metaphors in the text. The obtained results revealed the specific features of the imagery interpretation of sexual relations in the English modernist literary prose and demonstrated that it took place by means of a series of literary images, among which the ones accentuating the semiotic nature of the eroticized corporeality are quantitatively predominant.
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Gosudarska O. V.  Universal Peculiarities of World's Languages and Cultures as the Platform of the Interethnic Communication / O. V. Gosudarska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 97—101. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the basis of interethnic communication which is particularly important in the era of the large international cooperation in all activity fields of the modern society. The material of the research has shown the great importance of cultural and linguistic universals that form the expression field between the representatives of different ethnic groups during the communication. The results obtained prove that the successful interethnic communication is carried out due to the generality of categories and basic elements of all cultures of the world, the common principles of deep structures formation in different languages and the special properties of human psyche and mind providing the ability to the simultaneous man's penetration in different cultural spaces.
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Grydasova O. I.  Film-Discourse as an Object of Film-Translation Teaching / O. I. Grydasova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 102—107. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the audiovisual translation which is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of translation studies and translation teaching that in itself is experiencing an unprecedented surge in interest nowadays. The paper presents the research into the nature of the film discourse essence, its concept as a sign of the semiotic organization, the study of its main aspects and functional characteristics followed by the analysis of sign inhomogeneity typical for the film discourse. Some possible means of film discourse applications into the teaching process at the foreign-language departments are described and the necessity of teaching materials for this purpose is grounded as well. The paper also presents the systematization and identification of the main features and some problems of film-translation, discusses the most common difficulties which a translator faces working on the film translation, as language variation constitutes a challenge for translators in gene
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Durkalevych V. V.  The Model of the World in "My crime" by Ivan Franko / V. V. Durkalevych // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 108—112. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents an attempt to investigate the model of the world in "My crime" by Ivan Franko. The scientific method of structural-semiotics analysis have been used in order to identify both deep and surface structure of the text. The model of the world is represented as multiple structure consisting of different functional levels. A special attention has been paid to the personological, axiological, and topographical levels of this structure. The model of the world has been interpreted as two different semiotic dimensions: a) world before crime and b) world after crime (autonarration as approaching the traumatic act). The system of key binary opposition have been systematized and analyzed. The article focuses on the analysis of functioning features of several dichotomies that belong to the inner world of Ivan Franko’s work of art, among them: top – bottom, cold – warm, house – forest, freedom – captivity, winter – spring, then and there – now and here. As a result it is proved
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Efymenko V. A.  Modern Modifications of the Fairy-Tale about Snow White / V. A. Efymenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 113—116. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes transformations in the plot, composition etc. of the Snow White fairy tales from the moment of their appearance to date. Apart from the well-known fairy tale by the brothers Grimm, Italian folk and literary tales are considered as pre-texts, in particular, G. Basile’s "The Young Slave", common prototypical motifs are singled out. The special attention is given to the place and time characteristics of the contemporary Snow White fairy tales, shifting point of view, modifications of traditional roles of the characters, unexpected plot outcomes. Parody is regarded as an inherent feature of contemporary fairy tales.
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Kovalyuk Yu. V.  Phraseological Units with Vegetable Components in the World Views / Yu. V. Kovalyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 117—120. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article defines main differences between national world views – Ukrainian and English – in terms of the analysis of phraseological units with the vegetable component in the lexicographic sources. The author employs two levels of analysis of phraseological units under study: correlation of phraseological semantics with cultural codes and determining the role of phraseological units in the corresponding world view. According to the research results, both English and Ukrainian world views differ significantly in three aspects: there is the substantial variation of vegetable components in the structure of phraseological units in both languages; components under study encode distinctive concepts and senses; vegetable code has the individual culturally specific meaning in English and Ukrainian.
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Lazebna N. V.  Productive Affixal Means of English Computer Terminological Units with a Figurative Component in Their Meaning / N. V. Lazebna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 121—124. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with productive affixal means of English computer terminological units with a figurative component in their meaning. The usage of prefixes and suffixes in the modern English is effective. The abovementioned productive derivational means of the word-formation convey anthropic features of an individual in the English computer textual space. Semantic restriction of newly coined terminological units is reflected by means of productive derivational prefixes and suffixes, which are considered in the article.
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Lisova Yu. O.  Gender Peculiarities of Focalization in Describing a Lonely Character / Yu. O. Lisova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 125—131. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The research is dedicated to the pragmatic aspect of the state of a character’s solitude. The gender-related specificity of the speech characterization of a lonely personage’s communicative space has been revealed. The implementation of pragmatic and conversational analyses enabled the differentiation of these means in the French postmodernist prose. The speech means used by female and male characters include pragmatic tactics in different focalizations. The manifestation of typical female senses, details in describing lonely people and their environment characterize the woman-focalizator. The absence of details, the consumer attitude to a female are typical of a man-focalizator.
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Maliarchuk O. V.  Emotional Concept HAPPINESS: Etymological and Structural Characteristics / O. V. Maliarchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 132—138. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the problem of the conceptualization and verbalization of emotions in the cognitive linguistics. The article deals with modern approaches and concepts to the study of emotional concepts; the notion ?emotional concept? is defined; the notion of the emotional concept HAPPINESS and its structural characteristics are specified. The article presents the etymological analysis of the concept HAPPINESS and its linguistic research which includes the analysis of its nomination, description and expressiveness.
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Mizin T. O.  Linguistic and Stylistic Peculiarities of the English Folk Riddle / T. O. Mizin // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 139—143. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article dwells on the linguistic and stylistic peculiarities of the English riddle. The definitions of the riddle are given, the attention is focused on the ways of its building, the classification of riddles according to the way of correlation of real and metaphorical images is put forward, models of the shifts of meanings are singled out, objects of metaphorization in texts of riddles are researched, tropes by means of which riddles are formed are discriminated. It is stressed that texts of riddles are anthropocentric. The syntactic structures of the English riddle are analyzed. It is proved that the most frequently used types of sentences are complex and simple ones.
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Moseichuk O. M.  Functional and Pragmatic Peculiarities of Irony and Sarcasm in the Context of the Business Negotiation Discourse / O. M. Moseichuk, T. M. Chorna, K. S. Razgonova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 149—155. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article seeks to provide the pragmatic analysis of the ironic or sarcastic speech acts in the business negotiation discourse. The methodology of the research comprises the implicational analysis along with componential, onomasiological and contextual types of the analysis. The investigation studies irony and sarcasm functions in the context of business negotiations, a case study of the American television show ''Shark Tank. Season 3''. Humor, being a form of persuasion, can be actualized as a joke to function as a means of socialization, social distance reduction as well as leverage for personal advantage. The process of globalization increases the need for business negotiations with the humour playing a significant role by functioning as a tool of achieving the goal or solving problems, team building and negotiation management. The jokes are suggested to be classified according to the criteria of aggressiveness, pragmatic orientation and formal communicative structure. Irony
Text of the article: 14momkbp.zip

Polishchuk L. P.  ²nnovational Tendencies in the Future Translators' Professional Training in Conditions of Eurospace Formation of High Education / L. P. Polishchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 156—159. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the innovation in training the future translators, predetermined by such external factors as integrational processes, which is directed on the creation of European space. The article dwells on the training of potential translators in high school and is connected with the mastering the theory and practice of translation teaching that helps to form the students? fundamental knowledge in the translation and develop their skills in oral and written translations which allows the translator to solve the professional tasks with the advantage.
Text of the article: 14plppvo.zip

Ptushka A. S.  Disparity of Women to the Utilitarian Norms as a Source of Laughter Effect of the English-Language Anecdote / A. S. Ptushka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 160—163. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article is devoted to the research of cognitive mechanisms of the creating the laughter effect of the English-language anecdote, which are based on the disparity of women to the utilitarian norms. The analysis results of the linguistic objectification of stereotype presentations of the English-language lingual culture representativeness demonstrate the quantitative and high-quality asymmetry in the women's laughter representation in the texts of the English-language anecdotes. The found quantitative and high-quality asymmetry reflects the most socially meaningful gender-specific demands to the women as to the members of English-language society.
Text of the article: 14paseaa.zip

Romanyuk S. K.  Evaluation and its Types in the American Commercial Advertising Discourse / S. K. Romanyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 164—167. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the functioning peculiarities of different types of evaluative means in the American commercial advertising discourse. Research materials are advertising texts of the American magazine "The New Yorker". Systematic, functional, contextual, semantic and stylistic methods have been applied. It has been determined that the American commercial magazine advertising applies all semantic types of the positive evaluation. Means of aesthetic, ethical, rational and sensory evaluations are productive in the discourse under study. They are the main components of the advertising text content and the decisive factor in achieving its communicative and pragmatic goals.
Text of the article: 14rskzhd.zip

Semenenko G. M.  Modern Approaches to the Analysis of Language Change Causes and Mechanisms / G. M. Semenenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 168—173. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article evaluates the achievements of modern linguistic theories in the analysis of causes and mechanisms of the language change. The understanding of internal and external factors of the language change by generative grammar and sociolinguistics proves to be fundamentally different: generativists believe that internal factors constrain the phenomena categorically and are associated with the grammaticality, whereas external factors constrain the phenomena gradiently and are associated with the acceptability, while the sociolinguists define internal factors of the language change as those dealing with the variation inside the linguistic community and refer to language contacts as the external causes. Since some problems remain unresolved within each field, it is necessary to introduce an integrated approach to the analysis of the language variation and change.
Text of the article: 14sgmmmz.zip

Semeniuk I. S.  Åðó Manipulative Influence in the English-Speaking Media Meritocratic Discourse / I. S. Semeniuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 174—177. — ISSN 2076-6173.
Mass Media occupies a special place in the modern life in general and in the space of the discourse interaction in particular. The following trend prompts some modern researchers to call the modern society as "a media society". The media has an impact on the daily life rhythm, individual and community events calendar. Mass Media serves as important means of communication between the government and people, different social groups and individuals. In today's Mass Media much attention is paid to social and political events that underlie the social and political discourse which is reflected in studies of many linguists (A. Baranova , V. Dem'yankova , D. Gudkov , O. Sheigal etc.). The current paper analyzes features of the media influence in the English-speaking meritocratic discourse. The last is regarded as a set of social and differential society discourses: educational, political, economical, governmental, counterdiscourse, public and rhetoric, which can establish / destabilize a su
Text of the article: 14sisamd.zip

Stratulat N. V.  Displays of Socio-Political Realities in the Innovative Ukrainian Language Vocabulary (Based on 20 Volume Explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language) / N. V. Stratulat // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 178—182. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article describes the investigation of main functional groups of vocabulary within innovative occurrences in the Ukrainian language (based on Explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language in 20 volumes). Noun, adjective as well as verbal neologisms were analyzed within those groups on the basis of the active process of the modern Ukrainian language development which is called the derivative neologization. Main productive ways for creating new words were determined. External (social) and internal (own language) factors of new words in the modern Ukrainian language are grounded.
Text of the article: 14snvlum.zip

Tkachivska M. R.  Emotionality of Writing as a Reflex Image of Reality (Women’s Negative Portrayal in German Translations) / M. R. Tkachivska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 183—186. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article highlights the problem of obscene words usage in the literary works and provides the characteristics for such notions as "emotional liberation", "language of anger", "abusive language". The research is conducted on the basis of the post-modern literary works. It suggests the classification of the negative characteristics of a human being as well as the classification of the zoonymic invective denominating the woman’s negative characteristics and the general classification of the invectives denominating women. It also gives the ways of the invective reproduction which are proved by the examples. The results are substantiated in the conclusions.
Text of the article: 14tmrrvr.zip

Khyzhniak O. V.  Types of tests used in English language / O. V. Khyzhniak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 187—190. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with problem of types of tests used in English language, which is the important aspect of the process of English language learning and teaching.. It considers different types of tests used in English language. The role of tests is very useful and important, especially in language learning, for they indicates how much the learners have learnt during a course, as well as display the strength and weakness of the teaching process and help the teacher improve it. The tests can facilitate the students’ acquisition process and function as a tool to increase their motivation; however, too much of testing could be disastrous changing entirely the students’ attitude towards learning the language, especially if the results are usually dissatisfying. There are four traditional categories or types of tests: proficiency tests measuring how much of a language a person knows or has learnt; achievement tests measuring a language someone has learned during a specific course, study o
Text of the article: 14khovel.zip

Chumak N. A.  Temporal Contextual Marking as the Means of Rendering the Linguistic Cultural Information of the Loanwords in English / N. A. Chumak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 191—194. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the temporal contextual marking on the basis of the French loanwords in English. It is regarded as the way of rendering the foreign linguistic cultural information in the recipient language. The notion of the "temporal contextual marking" is revealed in the article, it is defined as the characteristic of the loanwords serving to represent their historical and cultural information of any period or stylize the discourse fragment. The article dwells on the main characteristics of the temporal contextual marking as the way of rendering the cultural linguistic information on the basis of the French historical words, archaisms and neologisms.
Text of the article: 14chnaam.zip

Balatska O. L.  Parameters of "Scientist" Subject Domain in Critical Remarks in Research Articles in English / O. L. Balatska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 195—198. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes parameters of "Scientist" subject domain in critical remarks in research articles in English – the leading genre of the scientific discourse. The methods used in the research include the text-interpretation analysis, the cognitive-discursive interpretation method and the quantitative analysis. The problem has been studied in a corpus of 350 English-language research articles from ten disciplines. The article presents the critical remarks classification developed on the basis of the information availability necessary for the identification of scientist(s) whose research elements are criticized as well as on the ground of criticism focus. It has been found out that the "Scientist" subject domain verbalization is optional and can be actualized in several ways.
Text of the article: 14bolans.zip

Volnytska D. O.  Diachronic Aspect of Topicalization in English / D. O. Volnytska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 199—204. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the diachronic development of topicalization, its influence on the sentence information structure, highlights new generative approaches to defining the main components of IS, i.e. topic, focus. The article analyzes the interrelation between the word order and IS in English written records, investigates the main means of expressing the sentence information structure and their functions, differences and similarities in sentences. The article reveals typical models of the word order in English, gives examples from the generative perspective. The article explains different scientific views concerning the means of expressing IS. The prospects of the further scientific research are defined.
Text of the article: 14vdotam.zip

Denysyuk L. V.  The British Youth Slang as a Means of Self-Expression and Reflection of Teenagers' Worldview / L. V. Denysyuk, T. M. Chorna, K. S. Razgonova, N. R. Danilovà // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 205—208. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of youth slang in English as a means of self-expression and reflection of teenagers' worldview. Some aspects of British youth slang for a particular material has been regarded. Translation peculiarities have been analyzed. The modern problems of translation difficulties faced by translators and transmission problems of special vocabulary of one language into the other are considered. Theoretically the term "youth slang" has been investigated. The concept of "youth slang" has been determined. The scientists' research about the concept of "slang" has been considered. The article contains the information about the culture of speech as a means of an individual outlook.
Text of the article: 14dlvvst.zip

Dubrova A. S.  The Research of Peculiarities of the English Translation of Phraseological Units / A. S. Dubrova, T. M. Chorna, K. S. Razgonova, N. R. Danilovà, V. M. Trofimchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 209—212. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with peculiarities of the English translation of phraseological units. We study the basic problem in the field of phraseology. Various approaches to the principles of phraseological units' classification are examined. Their translation is a creative process that requires the ability to find the necessary comparisons and expressions to save the true semantic meaning of the translated text. Translation complications are connected with the certain complexity f their identification, ethnical specificity and emotional abundance. The article analyzes phraseological translation of phraseological units, idioms and regularities of their functioning on the modern stage of language development.
Text of the article: 14daspaf.zip

Zhuk V. A.  The Semantic-Syntactic Status of the Related Object in the English Sentence / V. A. Zhuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 213—217. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article focuses on the identification of the semantic-syntactic status of the related object. The author examines the structures in which the common intransitive verb is used with a direct object etymologically related to it, i.e. formed from the same root. In the course of the research the author concludes that in identifying the status of the related object we are talking not about the dichotomy argument:adjunct, but about the third variant of the interpretation of the related object as a predicate. The related object can be referentially classified. The class of the related object is heterogeneous and foresees its functioning as the adjunct and argument depending upon the characteristics of the structure.
Text of the article: 14zhvada.zip

Kuznetsova M. O.  English Literary Text as an Informative Linguistic Basis of the Human Textual Interaction / M. O. Kuznetsova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 218—221. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of modern linguistic views on the text as a communicative phenomenon. It presents the structural and notional parameterization of the English literary text primary communication as a complex linguistic phenomenon within the cognitive and communicative paradigm of linguistics. The English literary text is considered as a form of communication between the author and the reader. The primary communication of the text is viewed as a dynamic process of the information exchange, mediated by modern mass culture text corpora. The research material is George R. R. Martin’s "A Song of Ice and Fire" and texts of its secondary discourse. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to prove the dynamic nature of the English literary text as a process and outcome of the cognitive and discoursive activity of textual communicators. As a result it is proved that the constructions of a given reader based on a part
Text of the article: 14kmaita.zip

Ochkovska A. P.  The Structure of Subject Raising in Modern English / A. P. Ochkovska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 222—226. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes the structure of the sentences with subject raising in the comparison with subject control in the Modern English language from the standpoint of the generative grammar. The research deals with the type of movement operation when the argument is raised out of a lower clause to become the subject of a higher clause is known as raising. It turns out to be yet another instance of the more general A-movement operation by which T attracts the closest nominal which it c-commands to move to spec-TP. However not all clauses which contain a structure of the form verb+to+infinitive are subject raising in which some expression is raised out of the infinitive complement to become the subject of the main clause. Some verbs which take to+infinitive complements are considered to be control predicates which assign a ?-role to their Specifier positions. The covert subject of the infinitival clause complements of control predicates is occupied by a silent pronoun PRO. While studyin
Text of the article: 14oapsam.zip

Sviridova Yu. A.  Landskip vs. Landscape: Distinguishing Criteria (in the Australian Poetry of the XX century) / Yu. A. Sviridova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 227—232. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article focuses on different approaches of the landscape study in literary texts and summarizes the main aspects of the problem. It reflects and investigates the differences in the interpretation of such terms and notions as ''landskip'', ''landscape'', ''image of nature'' within the framework of cognitive poetics. It is found out that in poetic texts landscape is represented as a linguistic-cognitive formation and has a three-dimensional structure. The author reveals the main markers and distinguishing features of landskip and landscape in the XX century Australian verse via the semantic analysis of verbal poetic images.
Text of the article: 14syuapkr.zip

Taturevych N. S.  The Behaviour of Overt and Covert Subjects in Imperative Sentences of Early Modern English / N. S. Taturevych // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 233—237. — ISSN 2076-6173.
English imperative clauses are characterized by a cluster of syntactic properties which have long presented a puzzle for linguistic theories like the generative framework (Chomsky 1957 to 1998). These include the variable presence of a lexical subject. Our research deals with the peculiarities of overt and covert subjects use in Early Modern English imperative sentences. Structural and semantic features of imperative sentences of Early Modern English are analyzed; modern approaches to the classification of overt subjects are displayed; four basic types of null subject are distinguished; the report focuses on the syntactic features of the imperative null subject. Subject in the imperative sentences syntactic organization in Early Modern English by D. Bolinger, E. Davies and E. Potsdam is analyzed.
Text of the article: 14tnsrir.zip

Todorova N. Yu.  Phraseological Units of Verbalization of the Concept "Remoteness" in English and Ukrainian Linguocultures (the Contrastive-Comparative Aspect) / N. Yu. Todorova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 238—242. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents some particular results, obtained within the research of the phraseological units, verbalizing the concept of "object remoteness " in English and Ukrainian linguocultures. The semantic field method is used in the study of the given concept. The constructive organization of the phraseosemantic field "object remoteness " and phraseosemantic microfields within it are described and compared in English and Ukrainian languages. Factors that influence on the conceptualization of the objective reality by the given ethnic groups are determined. Certain ethnocultural and ethnolinguistic peculiarities and general characteristics of verbalization of the universal spatial relations peculiar to both languages are found out.
Text of the article: 14tnyuul.zip

Yasinovska O. V.  The Social Dimension of the Moral and Ethical Concepts in the Religious Discourse (Based on the Texts of the New Testament) / O. V. Yasinovska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 243—250. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with the social dimension of the concept ''jealousy'' in the precedent texts of Christianity. The subjects, objects and prerequisites of jealousy are revealed, characteristics of a human gripped by this emotion as well as its versatile impact on the objects of jealousy are determined. The correspondence of the envy symptoms as stated in the New Testament to the Old Testament and ancient authors’ views is brought ³nto light.
Text of the article: 14yaovrd.zip

Byessonov N. Yu.  Semantic Peculiarities of a Linking Verb as a Component of the Causative Construction / N. Yu. Byessonov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 251—255. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article addresses the identification and description of semantic features of English causative linking verbs. The verbs under study function as part of causative constructions and as their principal element. In the cause of the research the corpus of English verbs with the causative semantics has been formed. The most frequent causative linking verbs have been singled out. Their semantic peculiarities have been described. L. Talmy’s semantic modelling approach has been applied to the interpretation of the causative linking verbs meaning. Semantic and syntactic features of the verbs in question turned out to have a direct impact on their use.
Text of the article: 14bnyukk.zip

Maslyuk M. G.  Implicatures Elicitation from the Stylistic Device of Oxymoron through the Logical Implication / M. G. Maslyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 256—259. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The goal of the paper is to analyze the process of implicatures elicitation from the oxymoron through the logical implication. The study is based on Vasyl Symonenko’s poem ''Calm and Thunder'', where the pragmatic aspects of recognition meaning are investigated. The article critically comments some definitions of the implicature, provides the definition of oxymoron. The thorough attention is paid to the basic functions of oxymoron and its pragmatic effect. The reasons for the logical implication usage with the aim of eliciting the implicatures from the stylistic device have been proved and generalized; investigative perspectives have been determined.
Text of the article: 14mmgoli.zip

Nosolevska V. L.  Peculiarities of Aircraft Building Discourse in English (Case Study of Educational Literature) / V. L. Nosolevska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 260—264. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article clarifies peculiarities of the aircraft building discourse in English, considers several approaches to the interpretation of the notion of discourse and discourse types distinguishing, deals with the notions of ''discourse'', ''genre'' and ''register'', discusses the possible entity of the discourse analysis. It also reveals several approaches for the discourse types study considering their genre and register. The study analyzes a passage of the text that belongs to the English educational literature and serves as an example of aircraft building written discourse, reveals its linguistic and extralinguistic peculiarities and the mechanism of lexical and grammatical features and the genre type correlation. This article corroborates the importance of the notion of discourse for genre theory.
Text of the article: 14nvlada.zip

Pavlenko N. O.  Models of Lexicographical Representation of Phraseological Units with Gender Component / N. O. Pavlenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 256—270. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with the research of peculiarities of description of phraseological units with the gender component in the English lexicographical sources. The structure of a dictionary entry is defined. That allows covering more tasks, connected with English phraseological dictionary making, in more detail. The main approaches to classifications of dictionary entries as the most illustrative components from the point of view of the gender information, contained in phraseological units, are analyzed. The most wide-spread types of models of the lexicographical representation of phraseological units with the gender component are singled out.
Text of the article: 14pnoogk.zip

Podorozhna K. Yu.  The Problem of Realia Classification and Identification of Historical Realia in it / K. Yu. Podorozhna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 271—275. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the classification of realia. Its reveals the essence of the concepts "realia" and "historical realia" or "historicism". Different types of classifications are analyzed; their differences and similarities are determined by the method of comparing. The article investigates main reasons for the formation of each type of realia classification and considers the most important features of each group of realia. The particular attention is paid to the historical realia in the structure of the realia classification. The findings reveal that the basic principle of realia classification is a way of realia grouping on the subject matter.
Text of the article: 14pkyuvi.zip

Polishchuk O. S.  On the problem of the analysis of three-dimensional model of the worldview / O. S. Polishchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 276—280. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The problem of interaction conceptual and lingual pictures of the world attracts attention of many researchers who often tell about the absence of clear border and presence of intermediate structure between them. There is an idea about peculiar layer which is specified with processual characteristics. It is nomination which "connects" real world and world of the language. The idea of interaction of lingual and conceptual pictures of the world is topical problem and requires more attention. Such model is suggested by language itself. It allows making full complex description of every individual “picture” of the world. The aim of this article is description of the idea of the three-dimensional model of the worldview on purpose of finding out common and different in verbalization of intellectual characteristics by means of different languages and possible methods of such analysis in related languages. The studying of verbalization of the concept "clever"-"stupid" is provided by collecti
Text of the article: 14posmks.zip

Suichimez A. A.  The Costume as the Part of the Socialcutural Portrait in the Play by A. N. Ostrovsky "It’s all among Family!" / A. A. Suichimez // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 281—284. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article is devoted to the problem of the interpretation of the subject world, in particular, to the suit and its details in the dramaturgic space of the play "It’s all among family" by A. N. Ostrovsky. The social-cultural function of the subject segment is examined. The description, comparative, historical and socialcultural scientific methods are used. Things as social-cultural signs allow tracing changes in merchant clothes and they help to divide the heroes of the play into two types: the type of the patriarchal merchant who tries to save the traditions of the XVIII century, and the type of the merchant young people who ignore traditions and are oriented on the culture of the West. The article contains the information on the suit as a making element of portrait. It is examined as a means of the creation of characters description. The description of the main heroes in the play is given in the portrait-line and fragmental portrait. The portrait-line examines one distinctive tra
Text of the article: 14saaosl.zip

Yakovleva K. O.  Gender Factor in Usage of Pronouns thou and you in the Early Modern English Period / K. O. Yakovleva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 285—289. — ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with the usage of second person singular pronouns thou and you in English language under the influence of such an extralinguistic factor as gender within 1616-1681 time period. The research is based on the corpus of trials of the same period regarding their verbal dialogic nature conducive to selection and analysis of speech intentions of the speaker and the addressee. The research is based on the techniques of macro and microanalysis, and is held in the diachronic perspective underpinned with sociolinguistic factors. Thus, the exemplary material receives an external interpretation, which in turn introduces the research to the realm of pragmatics.
Text of the article: 14yakorp.zip

Yarema O. B.  Allusive Loading of the Literary Discourse of the British Modernism / O. B. Yarema // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 290—293. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with problems of intertextuality in the latest period of the British literature. The study of the use of allusive elements in the literary discourse of the British modernism on the examples of poetry and prose is held. The essence of the dialogic interaction of texts of different eras and the specific individual author's worldview that shapes the features the allusive inclusions usage is highlighted. The thematic kinds of allusions, such as historical, literary, Shakespearian, biblical, everyday and others, present in the works of the British writers of the 20th century, are determined. The analysis of the kinds of allusions that serve as additional elements of the work and allusions that serve as the basis for building a new structure of the text of some authors is held.
Text of the article: 14yaovbm.zip

Iarvolovich G. U.  The essence of the category of number / G. U. Iarvolovich // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. — 2014. — ¹ 74. — P. 294—297. — ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to studying the peculiarities of the number of categories in some Germanic languages. The material of this research was the category of quantity and the category of number. It was studied the tie of these two categories: quantity and number. It was paid attention to the transformation of the system of people’s mentality to the verbal system in the emerging category of number, named as the part of grammar – the Numerals. The conclusion was made that the mental perception of the universality to the category of number of speakers of Indo-European languages are not universal during its verbalization to the each of these languages. It was interpreted that the study of the history of Indo-European languages is related with the history of the formation of verbal forms of category of numbers.
Text of the article: 14iagukc.zip
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