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Issue 77 (2014)

Dmytrenko M. I.  Corporate Culture: Behavioral and Praxeological Aspects / M. I. Dmytrenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 37. ISSN 2076-6173.
Corporate culture as a specific cultural formation has been beyond philosophical reflection. It has been studied from the points of view of sociology and culturology. Philosophical and anthropological approach to corporate culture helps to reveal its human nature, promotes the understanding of socio- and psychogenetic trends of the current stage of the civilization development. Theoretical and empirical data of the phenomenon of corporate culture depicted in the scientific papers on culturology, sociology, psychology and pedagogics as well as management theory serve as an important source of the research. But the cultural configuration nature of corporate culture is still not investigated. Thus, the aim of the article is to define the contents of the corporate cultural configuration. The task is to justify the assertion that cultural configuration of corporate culture ensures flexibility, prosperity and stability of an organization. Corporate culture of the modern society is a practi
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Lisovs'kyy P. N.  The Sociocultural Concept of the Spiritual Safety System in the Modern Educational Space / P. N. Lisovs'kyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 813. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article sanctifies axiological principles of the intellectual conflict in the system of the spiritual safety. Herewith such axiological-conceptual reference points as: critical thinking, responsibility, dignity, patriotism are used. It is underlined that exactly the education is the creative constituent of the public life. It is accented, that the priority constituent of the spiritual safety is an ethic action of axiosphere as the value-semantic format of the rhetorical mechanism of persuasion and responsibility. It is noted that the priority of the spiritual component of security is an ethical act. Education as a structural component of the concept of spiritual security serves as a specific social practice. Thus, an important aspect of the spiritual security in today's educational environment is the support for people's power policy as a centrism concept. In this sense, education is regarded as the vanguard of the spiritual security that plays a special role and function in t
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Melnychuk M. S.  The Philosophical-Culturological Analysis of the Musical Art Essence in the Christian Sacral Cult / M. S. Melnychuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 1418. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents the analysis of the musical art role essence in the Christian cult practice. The mechanisms of influence of this type of art are found out as well as its functional loading that arises up as a result to the suggestive influence in the process of the sacral action in Christianity. It is substantiated that, the suggestive influence of the sacred musical art is indicated not by dogma and religious rites but cognitive features of the man in the process of the aesthetic setting in the world. The sacral musical art appears as an all-sufficient object, which has the specific nature, features and sociocultural setting, considerable force of psychological influence on the believers' consciousness, which is the basis for the new concept "religious catharsis" introduction to the scientific terminology. The use of the historical method principle in our research is caused by the necessity to define the stages of the Christian musical art establishment and the reasons of tr
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Sheremet L. A.  Physical and Sports Culture in the Context of Forming Axiological Orientations of an Individual and a Society / L. A. Sheremet // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 1927. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article emphasizes that physical education focuses not only on what is, but that can and should be involving data of the natural-and social science, humanitarian rich heritage of the past and present. In this respect, the study is of interest concerning the physical and sports culture from the standpoint of the concepts of "value" and "value orientation". The focus on values is a characteristic feature of the human life, physical and spiritual health. It is concluded that the problem of the subject's axiological orientations is not developed enough, therefore there are disputable interpretations. There are indistinct methodological orientations on the axiological importance of different social phenomena, which relate to sports. As the consequence there is the shift of accents on different social important issues (in particular the problem of sports and sports culture).
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Rakhmaylov E. V.  Nazi and Communist Totalitarism in the Social Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Reflection / E. V. Rakhmaylov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 2833. ISSN 2076-6173.
Thus, from the ideological point of view, fascism and communism can generally be described as ideologies that have their own revolutionary and modernizing programme, which not only differs fascism and communism from authoritarian forms of conservatism and capitalism, but also stipulates that against which are the defined ideologies and that becomes the object of aggression and repression; the "Populist" project aimed at mobilizing the energy of all those people who are considered to be members of the national or international (virtual) community that differs fascism and communism from right military regimes, which need only to establish the new order from the top without the genuine social revolution; the organic understanding of the nation, which in the interwar period rejected the dynastic tradition and liberal rationalism in favor of the charismatic power, manifested in the leader's cult and the all permeating usage of theatrical and ritual elements in politics. The feature that
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Riegger M.  Teaching in Germany. The Survey of General Didactics, Beginning with 1945 /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 3448. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article proposes the detailed survey of models of general didactics from 1945 till 2010. Along with the chronological adjustment the article presents the thematic systematization of general didactic models development, that are the basis for teaching of some subjects in German schools. The characteristic of main ideas of the educational theory by Erich Weniger and Wolfgang Klafski with the crucial importance of the categorical education conception is given. Such distracted from the real educational process theoretical study was criticized by representatives of the educational theory Paul Heimann, Gunter Otto and Wolfgang Schulz. The communicative or critical-communicative didactics by Karl-Herman Schofer, Klaus Schaller and Reiner Winkel became popular. In the 90th the constructive didactics by Edmund Kasel, Horst Siebert, Kersten Reich became widespread.
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Areshonkov V. Yu.  The Development of the School Ethical Moral Course Contents (Scripture Knowledge) in the XIX the Beginning of the XX Centuries / V. Yu. Areshonkov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 4954. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article discloses the process of the school-ethical moral course (Scripture Knowledge) in the XIX the beginning of the XX century. Approaches to the formation of contents, course structure, methods of its teaching are considered. It is concluded that at the beginning of the XX century the legislative normative base for teaching the main ethical-moral course was created, which determined its aim, structure, justified the officials' laws and duties, supplied the software. Progressive teachers (catechists) took up the position of the sufficient course integration, fought with formalism and dogmatism in its teaching.
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Blahun N. M.  The Social-Functional Aspect of the Adjustment and Correction of the General Educational Establishment Activity / N. M. Blahun // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 5560. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article reflects theoretical bases and technologies of the general educational establishment social-functional aspect management. In adjusting function the antientropical nature of management shows up. The rationality of relations between the components of the social-pedagogical system is the condition of the optimum management. Adjustment, as the objective function of management is called to support the state of efficiency of the system by means of adaptation or counteraction to the factors of its disorganization. A leader of the general educational establishment influences on the educational system with the purpose of providing of its dynamic equilibrium, permanent improvement and development. The forms of adjusting can be different and are determined by the specificity of the guided system. This can be: the transposition of pedagogical shots; the change of a class leader, forms of co-operation between a class leader and teachers; the correction of plan of the general education
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Gvozdiy S. P.  Life Safety as a Social-Pedagogical Modern Problem / S. P. Gvozdiy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 6165. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article has proved that life safety is a social and educational problem of our time. The main dangers that cause high level of morbidity and mortality in Ukraine and the world are viewed. The state of education on the life safety in Ukrainian schools is given. The severity and urgency of the social and pedagogical approach to security problems of life in the present is determined by several factors. Among them are the violation of the ecological balance of the environment due to the excessive anthropogenic impact on the biosphere; changes in a human as a biological substance; the increasing number of industrial accidents and disasters in the human interaction with complex technical systems; social and political tensions in the society and strained relations between the Group of Eight and the rest of the world; the lack of comprehensive studies on the life safety in educational institutions. Life safety raises social and educational problems. Each stage of the study concerning the
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Hodovanets N. I.  Features of the Mixed Method of the Foreign Language Teaching / N. I. Hodovanets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 6670. ISSN 2076-6173.
In article the mixed method of learning a foreign language is considered. Various treatments of the mixed training are presented. Advantages and shortcomings of this method are outlined. It is found out that the mixed method of training combines the grammar-translation position and direct methods. Around the turn-of-the-century, language students often translated cumbersome volumes from Classical Greek or Latin into English via this approach. It consisted mainly of the exhaustive use of dictionaries, explanations of grammatical rules, some sample sentences and exercise drills to practice new structures. The direct method presented the discussion in the target language as the major priority. The reference to English equivalents became discouraged. The teacher / student interaction became fuller. Guessing the context or content, completing fill-ins and doing "cloze" exercises were the order of the day. Accuracy in the pronunciation and oral expression became vital. Examples to be follo
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Goncharova O. A. , Konovalenko T. V.  Future English Language Teachers Methodical Education / T. V. Goncharova O. A. , Konovalenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 7175. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the methodical component analysis in the future foreign language teachers' professional education. The authors state that both components (language and methodical) are very important in the process of higher education, but there is the serious disproportion between them as language component is much more than methodic one and it requires the urgent solution. The articles containing the information on the methodical component in higher education, selected from the journals and the monograph, serve as the research material. Even more important the research material is represented with the curriculum analysis, the results of which are depicted on the diagram. It shows the following figures: the curriculum of the educational-qualification level "bachelor" consists of language (29 ), linguistic (6 ), psychological-pedagogical (8 ), methodical (2 ) and other components (55 ). The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been u
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Zavalevs'kyy Yu. I.  The Teacher's Formation as a Competitive Specialist / Yu. I. Zavalevs'kyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 7684. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the concept of the teacher's competitiveness in the conditions of the practical innovative activity. The analysis of theoretical-methodological aspects of forming the competitive teacher's system is reflected. The conceptual technological model of forming a teacher as a competitive specialist, its components and adaptability are justified. It is clarified that nowadays a teacher needs such qualities, which meet integrative criteria: pedagogical art; communicative art; mastering new pedagogical technologies of the innovative pedagogical activity; creative search of new approaches to the pupils' teaching and upbringing.
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Kozachko O. M. , Kozachko A. O.  The Research of the Students' Professional Motivation in the Technical Higher Educational Establishments in the Process of Graphical Disciplines Studying / A. O. Kozachko O. M. , Kozachko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 8589. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article gives the research results of the students' professional motivation in the technical higher educational establishments in the process of graphical disciplines studying. Questionnaires, used for determining the level of the professional motivation and the concernment in the discipline "Engineering Graphics" studying by students of radio-technical specialties, are elaborated. While conducting the experimental researches the disadvantages of teaching the graphical disciplines, worsening the concernment of such subjects studying, are detected. The results of the research have shown the sufficient students' professional motivation major in radio-technical specialties while the results of the students' concernment in the "Engineering Graphics" studying have indicated that it is necessary to pay more attention to teaching with the usage of modern teaching means and the enlargement of class hours.
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Kolesnyk N. Ye.  Future Teachers' Preparation to the Artistic and Aesthetic Children's Skills Formation / N. Ye. Kolesnyk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 9095. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article exposes peculiarities of the future teachers' preparation to the artistic and aesthetic children's skills formation. The psychological and pedagogical literature on the issue of the future teachers' preparation at nursery educational establishments is analyzed. The essence of basic research notions "professional preparation", "preparation to the formation of artistic and aesthetic children's skills", "readiness to the artistic and aesthetic children's skills formation" is disclosed. It is determined that the quality of future teachers' preparation to the artistic and aesthetic children's skills formation is provided by the educational contents and chosen technology. Informational-theoretical, lab-practical, processional-pragmatist, analytical-corrective and independent-creative stages of the technology of the future teachers' preparation to the artistic and aesthetic children's skills formation are analyzed. Non-traditional techniques of the theory of inventive t
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Korchevs'kyy D. O.  Conceptual Bases of the Future Specialists' Professional Preparation Integration in the Field of Computer Science / D. O. Korchevs'kyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 96101. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the professional computer science formation, which doesn'tt completely fit both the special features of the market in Ukraine and the computer technical dynamic development. In the range of the examples the curricula of the computer science professional training are full of the subjects either not logically connected with each other or uncoordinated in the time of teaching. The research material comprises the justification of the integration as the highest level of the knowledge interaction forming the content of the vocational education as it includes all aspects of the synthesis results, but also preserves the individual characteristics of the integrated elements. The scientific method used the integration as the theoretic basis for the professional training matter formation under the conditions of the professional training matter in terms of the increased attention to the intellectual capital in today's society, when cognitive human activity becomes extr
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Prystai H. V.  Peculiarities of the Collaborative Foreign Languages Learning / H. V. Prystai // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 102105. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper examines the features of the innovative educational technology application known as the collaborative learning during the foreign language teachers' training. Many recent studies have focused on the problem of pupils speech skills and habits formation within the framework of the learner-centered approach in the comprehensive school. But only few attempts have been made to investigate the formation of practical skills, higher level of thinking skills and habits with the help of the latest technologies in the course of foreign language learning. This study seeks to understand the essence of the 'collaborative learning' technology, its consistency with the objectives of the language educational process. The central issue is in the observing and explaining the basic variants of the analyzed method implementation. The purpose of this paper is to describe the main types of the participants' interdependence a student, a teacher and an academic subject. The data indicate the
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Rybalko . P.  The Use of Distance Learning in the Process of Mathematical Preparation of Students-Economists / . P. Rybalko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 106111. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research is devoted to an actual problem of distance learning in higher school. Namely, the features of the organization of the distance learning process in the future economists' professional preparation are considered. As a result of the theoretical analysis of the scientific and educational literature the essence of the concept of distance learning is determined. The basic principles of the distance learning and its peculiar characteristics in comparison with the traditional form of education are also defined. The significance of the distance education in contemporary conditions is substantiated. The structure of the learning process in the distance form is proposed, its main components are specified. The author presents the experience of informational and computer technologies introduction to the study of mathematics in Simon Kuznets Kharkov National University of Economics. In particular, the advantages of using in the educational process electronic courses in the learning
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Siranchuk N. N.  Psychological and Psycholinguistic Bases of Junior Pupils' Speaking and Creative Abilities Development / N. N. Siranchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 112116. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article discloses the notion "speaking creative skills", justifies indicators and levels of speaking creative abilities, analyzes results of foreign scientists' researches concerning the sensitive period of the speaking creative skills development. Psychological prerequisites of hte junior pupils' speaking creative skills development are clarified. Speaking creative skills refer to the special intellectual skills that are personal individual psychological peculiarities, which are the condition of the successful speaking creative activity execution. The period of the sensitive development of such skills has the sexual difference. In the elementary classes girls' linguistic skills are higher than boys' ones. Indicators, determining the level of speaking creative skills development in the elementary classes, include: phonetical-wordforming, lexical-semantic, syntactic, and also tropes, stylistic figure rhetorical questions and elements of the intonational expression. Obviously
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Shyshkina M. P.  Electronic Resources of the Cloud-Based Educational and Research Environment for the Teacher's Activity / M. P. Shyshkina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 117123. ISSN 2076-6173.
To provide the high-quality education is one of the leading modern teacher's training objectives. The essential prerequisite for its improvement is the greater access to qualitative electronic educational resources and emerging ICT in the educational institutions. The promising area of the learning environmental modernization in the pedagogical educational institution is using the cloud-oriented systems for educational purposes. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to single out tendencies of the domestic and foreign experience with cloud computing services, and define trends of the educational and research environment formation. The article highlights promising ways of the cloud-based learning environment creation in the pedagogical institution, concerning the basic models of electronic learning resources facilities and services supply. There are recommendations on promising ways to improve the quality, accessibility and
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Tychyna I. V.  The Historiographic Analysis of the Problem of Military Specialists' Training in Ukraine in the 20-40th Years of the XX Century / I. V. Tychyna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 124130. ISSN 2076-6173.
The historiographic sources of the problem of the military specialists' training in Ukraine in the 20-40th years of the XX century are analyzed and the appropriate analysis of the given sources is performed. The number of conclusions, the periodization of the existed researches, main features and tendencies of each chronological stage of historiography, based on the analysis of histiriographic sources is performed. The conclusion is grounded on the necessity of the subject matter further research in view of its insufficient examination in the scientific circles.
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Barbelko N. S.  The Criterion-Indicational Description of Levels of College Students' Intercultural Tolerance in the Process of Learning a Foreign Language / N. S. Barbelko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 131136. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article represents the levels of formation of intercultural tolerance, criteria and indicators. On the basis of the analysis of the scientific and educational literature it is found that the intercultural tolerance consists of certain interrelated components, such as: cognitive, motivationally-stimulating, emotionally-evaluative, communicatively-active, personally-reflective. Such criteria are selected as: cognitive, axiological, affective, behavioral, personal. The levels (high, medium, low) and indicators of the intercultural tolerance formation are established according to the criteria of its formation.
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Dubrova S. V.  The Specifics of the Pedagogical Diagnostics Application in the Professional Future Foreign Language Teachers Preparation / S. V. Dubrova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 137143. ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article we describe the process of using the pedagogical diagnostics in the professional future foreign language teachers preparation. We describe the order and specifics of application of the pedagogical diagnostics in the educational process. In the professional future foreign language teachers preparation the pedagogical diagnostics is used in that way: firstly, defining the object and forming the aim; secondly, defining the criteria and indices of the level of mastering of professional competences; thirdly, choosing and using the appropriate inspection methods; fourthly, using several types of inspection; fifthly, analyzing the inspection results and taking into consideration the further organization of the educational process; sixthly, bringing the inspection results to the students' knowledge. We have defined that the most common inspection methods are the oral, written and combined examination, the test and programmed control, the practical control. The systematical
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Levkovs'ka K. V.  Axiological Characteristics of Scientific and Theoretical Approaches to the Issue of Innovative Educational Establishments Work / K. V. Levkovs'ka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 144148. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article examines the axiological characteristics of major theoretical approaches to the problem of innovative schools. The axiological component system of personally oriented, active and anthropological approaches to the study of the principles of innovative schools value is found. The role of the innovative theory is presented here to clarify the specifics of innovative schools. The reformation of the modern national educational system needs more attention in the axiological sphere both as a separate individual and a social institution in general. The axiological approach has its place in the leading scientific and theoretical approaches to the problem of innovative schools. The marterials of our research comprise the publications of theorists of pedagogy, the founders of scientific approaches. The main methods of study are analysis, comparison, synthesis, generalization. The application of the innovative theory is grounded in the article to analyze aspects of the research; b
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Mykolaienko N. M.  Exhibitions and Fairs as Basic Forms of Realizing the Book Measures: to the Problem of Forming the Professional Culture of Future Editors of Children's Educational Editions / N. M. Mykolaienko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 149152. ISSN 2076-6173.
The attempt to investigate exhibitions and fairs as basic forms of realizing book measures is done in the article. The importance of mutual collaboration of reviewers (teachers, methodists, specialists of publishing products, authors), users (educational establishments, libraries, families, and others) and producers (publishing houses, publishing firms and others) is described for forming the future editors' professional culture of children's educational editions. The prospect of book measures in popularization of children's educational editions is outlined. It is found out that the amount of representative measures, which take place within the framework of book fairs and fairs not only increases annually but also diversifies, that is instrumental in forming the professional culture of future editors of children's educational editions. It is noticed that book measures allow to form the brand new level of the book presentation on the Ukrainian and foreign market; to propagandize t
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Potiuk I. E.  The Experimental Methodology Verification of Teaching English Vocabulary to Students Specializing in Tourism / I. E. Potiuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 153157. ISSN 2076-6173.
One of the most important ways to extend the students' autonomy and conscious attitude to the English vocabulary training is the development of language learning strategies (LLS). LLS irrespectively to different factors determine the progress in the English language lexical competence development under the condition of using the system of special exercises aimed at the LLS practice. The complex of exercises to master the tourism vocabulary foresees the proper step-by-step students involving in the studying process. The stages of the pedagogical experiment realization in relation to the methodology efficiency verification of forming the English language lexical competence with students of unlinguistic specialties using language learning strategies have been analyzed in the article. This paper presents the results of the experiment. The implementation of the LLS in the process of training the English vocabulary of specific purposes determines and provides the success in it, and as a r
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Sharnenkova T. A.  The Organization of Courses for Teachers' Further Training in Ukraine in the Second Half of the XIX the First Third of the XX Century / T. A. Sharnenkova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 158162. ISSN 2076-6173.
This paper analyzes features of training courses for the teachers' continuous professional education and Ukrainian national schools in Ukraine in the second half of the XIX the first third of the XX century. The attention is focused on the activities of national, regional and district teaching training courses and Ukrainian national school teachers in improving their skills, their fruitful cooperation with enthusiasts of the educational movement, the desire to educate themselves. It is proved that the formation of the teachers' continuous professional education started in the 60-tieth of the XIX century, when major reforms happened. The development of the industrial society in Ukraine demanded the reform in the education and the teaching staff's quality training. The necessity of introducing teaching courses was caused by the need for the renewal of knowledge. It is emphasized that the considerable attention was paid to the teachers' training and enhancing their political consc
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Novits'ka I. V.  The Model of Future Natural and Mathematic Teachers' Professional Skills Formation in the Process of Solving Pedagogical Tasks / I. V. Novits'ka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 163169. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes different formulations of the notion "model", highlights various approaches to the modelling as a process. The author's model of future natural and mathematic teachers' professional skills formation in the process of solving pedagogical tasks is created; structural components of the proposed model are described. Approaches and principles of future natural and mathematic teachers' professional skills formation in the process of solving pedagogical tasks are depicted. The content of the future natural and mathematic teachers' preparation is disclosed. Forms, methods, ways and organizational stages of future natural and mathematic teachers' professional skills formation in the process of solving pedagogical tasks are concerned. Criteria and formedness levels of future natural and mathematic teachers' professional skills formation in the process of solving pedagogical tasks are determined.
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Hillesheim J.  Fatal Edges. On Social Issues in the "Bourgeois Tragedy" by G. E. Lessing "Emilia Galotti" /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 170180. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article suggests the original representation of the Enllightnment socity in the play "Emilia Galotti" by a German classic G. E. Lessing. On the basis of modern sociological and historical researches the idealization of high morality of the Galotti family as the determinant feature of the petty bourgeoisie in the period of its establishment as the fully legitimate social layer is envisaged. Traditional views on the Enlightenment as the epoch of the rational and intelligence cult reign are reconsidered. The division on the political or social and private life spheres of bourgeois representatives establishes prequisites for the focus on the personal moral values as the means of self-identification and self-realization in the society of absolute monarchy.
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Kravtsova Yu. V.  Modelling in the Modern Linguistics / Yu. V. Kravtsova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 181189. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes the current state of the issue of modelling as a scientific research method, describes its potentialities and peculiarities of application in linguistics, as well as the specificity of language models. Modelling is a construction of models reconstituting certain properties of the modelled objects. It became one of the main methods of the language study (linguistic units, phenomena, processes) at the beginning of the XXI century. A language model is understood as a real or mental device created artificially, reproducing the certain phenomenon of the language in a simplified, schematic form. Linguistic modelling is used to identify and study the structures underlying in the any language phenomena that involves the formalization of the accumulated empirical knowledge about the language and its regularities and contributes to the clarification of the relevant linguistic concepts and relationships between them. This paper also considers the metaphorical modelling, wid
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Hyryn O. V.  Degrammatization as a Systematic Phenomenon in English / O. V. Hyryn // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 190193. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article covers the main types of degrammatization in the Present-day English. It argues that Present-day English observes degrammatization as a systemic phenomenon which covers both morphological and syntactic levels of the language. The reduction of the grammatical features in the language unit happens while one of the following processes: deaffixation, conversional and syntactic degrammatization, degrammatization of modal verbs and tense forms of the verb. These changes may be accompanied by adjoining processes: categorical, pragmatic and semantic reinterpretation, syntactic context narrowing, decrease in the usage frequency, phonologic position strengthening.
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Kabov A. V.  Linguopragmatics and Polyphony of the Spanish Subjunctive Mood in the Contemporary Press (on the Material of Newspapers El Pais, ABC, El Mundo) / A. V. Kabov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 194198. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with linguopragmatics and polyphony of the Spanish subjunctive mood in the contemporary press. The articles from the Spanish newspapers El Pais, ABC, El Mundo serve as the research material. The scientific methods of description, analysis, synthesis have been used in order to single out peculiarities of functioning of the Spanish subjunctive mood in the newspaper texts and its polyphonic features by means of the theory by
Text of the article: 33.pdf

Kuznyetsova I. V.  Allusion as a Title: Notional and Conceptual Approach / I. V. Kuznyetsova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 199203. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of allusion as a speech device in the modern belles-lettres works on the basis of the analysis of the allusions investigation as to their semantic, functional and textual features. The problem of headlining in the text creation is touched upon, and the importance of the headlining study in terms of the conceptual-cognitive paradigm is formulated, the basic thesis being that a headlining expresses the basic concept of the text. About 300 allusions used as the text heading are analyzed, together with their relative semantic frequency, and the data of this frequency is suggested. The study is accompanied with the decent number of examples. With the usage of cognitive operations notions the grouping of the texts headed by allusions is suggested, the main point being the degree of complexity in correlations between the basic concept of the text as embodied by the allusive heading and the body of the text proper. This analysis is undertaken concerning th
Text of the article: 34.pdf

Savelieva N. O.  Logical and Philosophical Foundations for the Study of Deontic Modality / N. O. Savelieva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 209214. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the logical and philosophical background of the study of the deontic modality nature as a category in linguistics. The philosophers' works, entries from philosophical encyclopedias and researches devoted to modality serve as the research material. To achieve the aim of the article the methods of induction, deduction, analysis and comparison have been used. The evolution of logicians and philosophers' views the deontic modality in the course of time is discussed, namely the first interpretations of deontic notions, their study through morality, ethics, the good and the bad, as well as the correlation between the individual will and socially determined conventions. The key issues in the logical and philosophical approaches to deontic modality are distinguished and their implications for linguistics are considered, including the basic deontic notions, the differentiation of descriptive and prescriptive norms, and the correlation between deontic and axiological
Text of the article: 36.pdf

Trubenko I. A.  Functional Peculiarities of Metonymy in the English Modernist Prose / I. A. Trubenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 215219. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article suggests the integral approach that combines conceptual, contextual and lingual-stylistic approaches to determining metonymys functional peculiarities in the English modernist prose. Metonymy as a part of the literary discourse has been attracting the attention of many foreign and native linguists for a long period. However a number of problems concerning the metonymys functioning in the text and discourse hasnt been solved yet. The latter is very important because certain differences in the metonymy functioning at these levels can be traced. The research defines such terms as "text" and "discourse" according to R. Scholes and differentiates textual and discourse functions of the literary metonymy in V. Woolf's and D. H. Lawrence's literary works. As a result, on the one hand, expressive, text-organizing, characteristical and metaphor-generating belong to textual functions. On the other hand, symbolic and thematizing belong to discourse functions of metonymy. The ch
Text of the article: 37.pdf

Vavrinchik R. Ya.  Explicit and Implicit Performative Speech Acts / R. Ya. Vavrinchik // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 220225. ISSN 2076-6173.
Since the linguistic dichotomy of explicitness and implicitness has found its reflection also in the performatives, it became relevant to clarify the nature of explicit and implicit performatives. While the traditional approach treats the both types as the variants of the same phenomenon, we argue that only the explicit performatives truly deserve the status of unique language means. Their uniqueness is ensured by their ability to nominate themselves which occurs in a number of ways, but prevailingly with the illocutionary verbs. Our observations are made on the material of contemporary protestant sermons produced in English. The combination of the pragmatic analysis and the contextual method has allowed us to arrive at a number of conclusions. Firstly, the disadvantageousness of the 'performative hypothesis' approach to the speech acts is shown. Treating all the speech acts even those lacking the corresponding illocutionary verb as the performative ones is fallacious. Second
Text of the article: 38.pdf

Truba G. M.  The Interaction of Voice and Aspectuality Categories on the Conceptual Level (the Level of Boundedness / Unboundedness) / G. M. Truba // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 226229. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problems of the specificity of the interaction of fundamental categories of voice and aspectuality on the conceptual level. The study is conducted on the materials of works of the modern Ukrainian literature. The differential signs of the voice category and aspectual categories of boundedness / unboundedness are defined and analyzed. As a result of the study the range of peculiarities of the interaction of these categories on the conceptual level are detected. Thus, the common segment of the interaction of boundedness / unboundedness and voice categories is the absolute, explicit, implicit and real boundary with common functions of homogeneity, beyond-of-time or hereditary nature of the voice, agentive and non-agentive nature. The potential and the relative boundary partly interacts according to the compulsory condition of the presence of homogeneity and voice functions. In the correlation of the boundedness / unboundedness interaction with voice the consid
Text of the article: 39.pdf

Stoliarchuk O. V.  Affixation as One of Productive Ways of Derivation of Youth Slang Words (on the Examples from English, German, Ukrainian and Russian) / O. V. Stoliarchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 230235. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article researches the phenomenon of youth slang on the examples from English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. The paper reviews the concept of youth slang in the modern linguistics. The research analyzes and compares methods of affixation of slang units in the languages under the study. The practical material for the articles was gathered using online slang dictionaries. Such methods as analysis, synthesis, description, comparison and continuous sampling technique have been used in the work. They have allowed to research the youth slang issue and affixation subtypes in order to determine the most productive one and discover common and specific features of derivation of slang words in the aforementioned languages. Various definitions of the youth sociolect given by different researchers are taken into account in order to determine the most corresponding term. Thus, youth slang cannot be named argo or jargon because of differences in nature. Besides, a detailed classification of s
Text of the article: 40.pdf

Antonov A. V.  Age as a Component of the Personage's Communicative Style (on the Material of the Modern American Drama) / A. V. Antonov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 236239. ISSN 2076-6173.
Age is viewed in the research as a speaker's status characteristics that influences on his / her communicative style in the interaction process. The article analyzes the impact of age parameter on the personages communicative style in the modern American drama. The research employs communicative, component and contextual analyses aiming at singling out specific linguistic means used by the speakers that reflect their belonging to a certain age-group. The specific features of personages communication depending on their age group are taken into account. Linguistic means and mechanisms that realize personages strategies are highlighted. The age groups that employ different communicative strategies are singled out. Peculiarities of the personages speech are analyzed. At the same time, the influence of age combined with other communicant's social-status characteristics is highlighted. As a result, the age parameter is defined as one of the most important structural components of the
Text of the article: 41.pdf

Berezina Yu. O.  The Realization of Closed Consonants in the Old High German Epic Poetry "Lay of Hildebrand" ("Hildebrandslied") / Yu. O. Berezina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 240244. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the realization of closed consonants in the Old High German epic poetry. The material of the research is the Old High German text "Lay of Hildebrand", which is a heroic lay. It is one of the earliest literary works in German and it is the only surviving example in German of a genre, which must have been important in the oral literature of the Germanic tribes. The scientific methods of analysis and description have been used in the research. In the research of the written monumentit is ascertained that there are some signs of different dialects, namely High and Low German. It is also detected, that the end of the word is a reflection of its beginning. Everything considered testifies that a part of the Old High German word at the end of the word has an articulatory weakening compared with its voiced beginning. The analysis of words with an occlusive at the beginning and at the end of the word in "Lay of Hildebrand" showed that there were mainly one-syllable word
Text of the article: 42.pdf

Bigdan M. V.  Generative Theories and Methods in the Diachronic Studies of the English Quasi-Impersonal Sentence / M. V. Bigdan // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 245251. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with modern generative theories and analyzes their efficiency in the diachronic studies of quasi-impersonal sentences in the English language of the VII-XVII centuries. The research is aimed at analyzing those generative studies that allow conducting the complex diachronic investigation, as well as to develop the method of the sentence analysis in the Old, Middle and Early Modern English Periods. It studies a range of approaches to defining impersonal sentences, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. It also outlines generative concepts, comparing procedural instruments of the Minimalist Program and Government and Binding Theory in terms of the impersonal sentence. It proves that the findings of the Government and Binding Theory while investigating the impersonal phenomenon are more forcible and valid. Hence, the article analyzes the implementation of trace-methods in the diachronic study of English quasi-impersonal sentences, as well as "small pro" and bi
Text of the article: 43.pdf

Velychko N. M.  Forms of Address in the Family (Based on the German Language Material) / N. M. Velychko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 252257. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the forms of address that are used in the family. Address is closely connected with the linguistic etiquette. It is very important to address people correctly. A lot of researches are devoted to the comparison of the address category in German and other languages. Not so many researches deal with the realization of address terms in different social spheres, for example in the family, so far such studies are actual. In this article forms of address are analyzed and their peculiarities are determined. Forms of address that are used in the family as the smallest social unit are examined because they reflect the societys condition and the distribution of social roles in it. Address shows relationships in a family between its members. Old and modern forms of address that are expressed by nouns and pronouns are described being based on the example of German. Forms of address that are used by contemporary young people in their communication with family members are
Text of the article: 44.pdf

Kasiyan G. V.  The Speech Etiquette as a Way of Realizing the Communicative Strategies in the Social-Politic Discourse / G. V. Kasiyan // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 258263. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the examination of the positive and negative politeness strategies realization in the process of the communication. The special attention is paid to analyzing the use of polite etiquette formulas in the socio-political type of discourse. Also the article deals with hidden speakers' intentions in order to diminish the communicative pressure on the interlocutor. Moreover, the article clarifies that the usage of etiquette speech acts in the course of communication by interlocutors is characterized by the strategic importance and intentionality, as the addresser tries to form in the addressee's consciousness the certain world picture and influence on the perception of the certain information to achieve the result.
Text of the article: 45.pdf

Kobzeva O. O.  The Metacommunicative Strategy in the Judge's Speech in the American Court Discourse / O. O. Kobzeva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 264268. ISSN 2076-6173.
The investigation subject is one of the trial main participants a judge. The study of different types of the verbalized cognitive-communicative activity gives much attention to the interaction in the sphere of law including courtroom procedures, which are the object of this research. The study is based on the transcripts of American court procedures taken from the Internet. From these transcripts, by the method of the entire choice, all minimal discourse units utterances produced by the trial main participants were collected. The article focuses on one of the speech strategies within the local direction strategy realized by the judge during the trial in the American court, namely, metacommunicative strategy aimed at regulating the verbal contact. The tactics of this strategy are establishing, maintaining and closing the contact. Each of these tactics is realized with the help of corresponding utterances inchoative, processive, finitive ones. The means of the tactics realization
Text of the article: 46.pdf

Kovalenko K. .  Metaphor as a Dominant Trait of the Text of French Folk Riddles / K. . Kovalenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 269272. ISSN 2076-6173.
The problem of the metaphor essence and meaning has been studied for long time already. However, until now for many language speakers the metaphor is only a poetic means of the content expression. Nevertheless, metaphor serves not only as the language means, but also influences on the human thinking and activity, the system of views and life experience. That is the reason why the metaphor deserves for attention from the point of the modern linguistic science view. Taking into account the specified problems, this article is devoted to considering some special features of the metaphor. The literary source for the study in this work is the French peoples riddles. Based upon the degree or the similarity type between the denotation and the signification of the riddle, some types of the French peoples riddles were separated. As a result of the study the system of the widest metaphors, typical for the French riddle, was found. On the basis of the analysis of the considerable quantity of t
Text of the article: 47.pdf

Kutsenko M. M.  Pseudonymization by Mykola Khvylovy in the Aspect of the Structural Psychoanalysis / M. M. Kutsenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 273281. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of pseudonymization by Mykola Khvylovy (Fitiliov), which remains outside the special research. It contains the information about several writer's aliases, changing in the search for the final version, and the psychoanalytic interpretation of this process. The scientific method used is the structural psychoanalysis. The explanation of the problem is given with the appeal to the Lacanian conceptual category
Text of the article: 48.pdf

Shcherbak O. V.  Women in "Gustynsky Chronicle" / O. V. Shcherbak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 282290. ISSN 2076-6173.
Gustynsky chronicle, created in the second half of the XVII century, is one of the most valuable monuments of the Ukrainian baroque chronicle. Gustynsky chronicle differs from the ancient historiographical works and through it a reader can learn about all the milestones of the world history, from the great flood and up to the middle of the XVI century. Female figures in this chronicle have found a prominent place along with men. According to the model of the "Tale of Bygone Years" Gustynsky chronicle begins his story from ancient times (the Flood and Noah's Ark) to the end of the XVI century the foundation of the Zaporozhian Sich. Thus, many of the events, described in the so-called Chronicle of Rus', are reflected in the Gustynsky record. The article analyzes Ukrainian and foreign female historical personalities, witnessing the chroniclers' attempt to show the great panorama of the Ukrainian life on the background of European ancient realia. Among spread types of women, depicte
Text of the article: 49.pdf

Yanush Ch. M.  The Semantic Reconstruction of Words Heimat and Vaterland as Key Components of the Linguocultural Concept "Homeland" in the German Language / Ch. M. Yanush // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 291296. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the reconstruction of semantic words Heimat and Vaterland as key lexical elements that verbalize the concept Homeland in the German language. The research is conducted in the diachronic perspective. On the basis of the German etymological dictionary the list of primary values of lexemes is set and there is the general dynamics of the set values. On the basis of the obtained results two key lexical elements are compared and the accordance between them is set. The etymological study of key words Heimat i Vaterland helps to determine not only their specific features, but also the characteristics of the Germans' cultural and historical development. The key words Heimat i Vaterland are close in the meaning. But they are not absolute synonyms. The presence of the ideological component in the meaning of these words indicates that they are an important part of the social life and express the national identity.
Text of the article: 50.pdf

Stepanets' K. V.  The Third-Aided Dialogue (I. Bagrianyi, B. Brecht and J. Hasek) / K. V. Stepanets' // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 297304. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the related discourse for dramatists and epic, with the help of which common for all three authors means, methods, techniques of writing intensify the conditionality, create the universality of perception and expressionistically strain the plan of description, deepen the context. The addressing means to the past are analyzed.
Text of the article: 51.pdf

 . ,  .  Գ / . ,  .  // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 305309. ISSN 2076-6173.
Text of the article: 52.pdf

 . .  : "- " / . .  // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 310313. ISSN 2076-6173.
Text of the article: 53.pdf

 . .  . . " " / . .  // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  77. P. 314. ISSN 2076-6173.
Text of the article: 54.pdf
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