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Issue 78 (2014)

Baziur G.  "To Serve God and Independent Poland": Henryk Glass and Polish Scouting in Naddniprianska Ukraine against Bolshevism /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 38. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the history of Polish Scouting in Naddniprianska Ukraine in the years 1912-1922. In his text the author describes the genesis of the Scout Movement in the European perspective, Polish scouting and its history in Naddniprianska Ukraine. In the main part of the article he shows scouting ideals clash with the brutality of the Soviet ideology in Ukraine after 1917. The author presents the figure of the Head of HP Henryk Glass and his consistently anti-communistic activity, which has led him to fight uncompromisingly against Great Russian Bolshevism and Communism as the totalitarian ideology, strange for Scouts ideas of brotherhood and humanistic values in European terms. To the Scouts' represented views and principles he remained faithful to the end of his life, fighting with communism in the interwar period in Poland during the Second World War and after its completion during the Cold War and Soviet hegemony in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Eu
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Vityuk I. K.  "Blessed Be Peacemakers": Conceptual Foundations of the Peacekeeping Policy of the Roman-Catholic Church in Decisions of the Second Vatican Council / I. K. Vityuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 913. ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article decisions of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), in which basic principles of the further peacekeeping policy of the Roman-Catholic church have been stated, are analyzed. As the Roman-Catholic church on the present state of its development remains the dominant confession of the most numerous world religion Christianity and has approximately 1.2 billion followers we cannot deny the influence of its conceptual outlook principles on the human consciousness. In the modern globalized world in which time to time military conflicts based on economic, national, religious backgrounds occur, the research of the peacemaking potential of various religious branches gets more and more importance. In the documents of the Second Vatican Council such human values are proclaimed as peace, inviolability of borders, human dignity, human life and others. Truth is considered to be the only source of peace in the world. The purposeful manipulation of true facts, the purpose of which is
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Koz'ma V. V. , marova . S.  Problems of Ukrainians' National Identity Maintenance / . S. Koz'ma V. V. , marova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 1419. ISSN 2076-6173.
The Ukrainian people often had to stand before the threat of wipeout. But our people managed to survive, build the state. But also today for people there are threats and problems. In the article the problems of the Ukrainians' national identity maintenance in the past and today are examined. The attempt is made to analyze basic elements that, in authors' opinion, helped to save the Ukrainian nation during the protracted historical period. New challenges, arising for Ukrainians nowadays, update the scientific discussion on the issues of the future Ukrainian state, the protection of territory and national interests and also the national identity maintenance in the terms of the globalized world. Main conceptions of the Ukrainians' ethnogeny in the native science are considered.
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Toftul M. G.  Ethics of Personal Relationships / M. G. Toftul // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 2023. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes the issue of specificity of personal relationships and their types, beginning from simple
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Sheremet L. A.  Social Contours of the Personal Effort Aimed on the Society's Corporality and Spirituality Development / L. A. Sheremet // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 2431. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article analyzes social contours of the personal effort involving the society's corporality and spirituality development, the study of the corporal experience of a man and a society. It is concluded that the human corporality since Plato and Aristotle has been regarded as the top expression of the social harmony. The cultural constructions, allow tracing analogies between the human body and any mental categories, have the relevance nowadays. It is disclosed that the idea concerning the integrality of the spirit and the body, the spirituality and corporality of origins in sports and physical culture opens the entrance to the new cultural and social horizons. It is necessary to take into account that this idea is not something metaphysical or extrasensuous. Something remains in the corporality as purely organic, thus the implementation of the spiritual into the biological and social life with the assistance of the physical culture and sports is only one side of the spirituality.
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Noshyn Ya . I.  Emmanuel Levinas Ethics as the "First Philosophy" / . I. Noshyn Ya // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 3240. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the ethical concept by Emmanuel Levinas. The nature of the perception of the Other by E. Levinas stipulates the special status of ethics that is being established by the French philosopher. In such way, ethics is introduced into the dialogical context and appears in E. Levinas as "the first philosophy." In the ethical-philosophical concept by Levinas the concept of the Other attains the paradigmatic significance. This gives all reasons to talk about the beginning of the creation by E. Levinas, a new philosophical paradigm the philosophy of the Other. It is concluded that the theme of the Other by E. Levinas is revealed in the twofold ways. He states that the Other is the basis of ethics, the axis, around which everything spins. At the same time the Other is the one, everybody comes to aiming to get the lesson, learn from it. The relationship towards the Other is "non-allergic", ethical, and if it is accepted voluntarily, it becomes also studying. However thi
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Dudar O. P.  Synaesthesia as a Socio-Cultural and Artistic-Aesthetic Phenomenon: the Artistic Vision / O. P. Dudar // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 4146. ISSN 2076-6173.
Synaesthesia is considered not as the specific individual phenomenon of artistic thinking that is actively enough used for the form search in the modern art, but as the sociocultural phenomenon. It is marked that the national and cultural context of this phenomenon existence hasn't attracted the modern scientists' attention and hasn't caused the considerable personal interest of researchers of previous years, in particular in Ukraine. On the basis of the analysis of the known synesthetes' creative activity (V. Kandinsky, A. Skcriabin, M. Ciurlionis etc.) their artistic achievements as the cultural contribution to the modern society's positive development are considered. And also their creative biography and inheritance are analyzed through the idea prism concerning them as "nontypical contemporaries" in the connection with their sensitivity ingenuity and extended reality perception.
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Isnyuk I. V.  The Ideal of omic in the Representations of the Contemporary Artistic Space of Ukraine / I. V. Isnyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 4752. ISSN 2076-6173.
On the basis of the importance of considering the ideal of comic in the Ukrainian spiritual tradition its role is reflected in the contemporary art culture of Ukraine and in the whole in its contemporary art space. The aesthetic principles of the author's manner of the comic, created by the comic duet "Rabbits" (V. Danilets,
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Moroz Yu. A.  Modern Theories of the Bible Translation as the Basis for the Philosophical and Religious Analysis of Bible Translation National Traditions / Yu. A. Moroz // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 5357. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the basic theoretical concepts of the biblical translation, their methodological framework and criticism in the context of the philosophical and religious analysis of Bible translation national traditions. The article shows advantages and disadvantages as well as the limits of the applicability of the dynamic equivalence theory, relevance theory and skopos-theory of Bible translations. Skopos-theory, according to the author, provides the solid foundation for the theoretical analysis of the entire spectrum of translations, that exist within the specific national and confessional tradition of the Bible translation, because it does not consider only some of them to be correct (as the theory of the functional equivalent), and enables the conscious choice between models, as well as evaluating each transfer to the corresponding not only linguistic, but also theological and scientific (philosophical, religious, cultural) criteria. The leading role of the skopos theory
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Prysakar O. V.  Formation of the New Testament Canon / O. V. Prysakar // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 5862. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article is devoted to the study of characteristics and criteria for the formation of the New Testament Canon. The formation of the Christian New Testament Canon is one of the not clarified pages f the Christian doctrine formation. It is marked that the Canon formation has been a very complicated process, lasting several centuries. The key issue that has the theoretical significance for religious studies and theology is the one concerning the criteria some books have been taken and others not? In order to get the answer we have examined internal certificate books and the external testimony of people who have known the books and lived on the basis of their teachings. The attention is paid to the informal testimony that also plays the important role in the New Testament Canon formation in the I-III centuries. Alternative variants of Canons, historical collisions of the New Testament Canon acceptance by Ecumenical Councils, are analyzed.
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Mullokandova O. M.  Muslim Religious Law Regarding Marriages with People of Other Faiths: Philosophical and Religious Studies Analysis / O. M. Mullokandova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 6367. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with specific features of the Islamic law, which must be taken into account in the study of religious interfaith marriages in the Abrahamic religions. Anthropological-legal, status-legal and custom (adat) peculiarities concerning the application of Shari'ah norms and regulations regarding the marriage between a Muslim and a representative of Judaism and Christianity, the children's education of mixed marriages and other aspects of the family life governed by Islamic law are analyzed. The problem of mixed marriages in Islam, as in all Abrahamic religions in general, should be examined in the context of rules and regulations of the religious right, as they form the discourse in which unfolds the existence of such marriages the possibility / impossibility of such marriages, their theological legitimation, conditions and forms of the children's religious education, the participation in religious activities, etc.
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Popovych Ya. M.  Pilgrimage in the Early Christian Period / Ya. M. Popovych // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 6873. ISSN 2076-6173.
The pilgrimage emergence in the early Christian period, based on the works by Hermias Sozomenus and Socrates Scholasticus is analyzed. Empress Helenas voyage, the construction churches in areas associated with the sacred history, the study of the Holy Bible, the desire to visit the martyrs' graves as key points in the Christian pilgrimage development are highlighted. The liturgical and "paraliturgical" forms of Christian pilgrimage are studied. It is concluded that Christian pilgrimage, despite the theological connection with Judaism, which practiced visiting of sacred places, specifically Jerusalem temple, appeared in the IV century. The crucial moment in the Christian pilgrimage establishment was the Empress Elena's pilgrimage to the Saint Land, the construction of temples in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron, made by the emperor Constantine. The theoretical bases of pilgrimage were studios on the Saint Letter. The Roman elite wanted to visit places of the saint history and marty
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Mshhik L. .  Some Aspects of the Social Care Teacher's Professional Preparation to the Child Abandonment Prevention / L. . Mshhik // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 7478. ISSN 2076-6173.
The system of social care teachers' training in Ukraine began to form in the early 90's of the last century. The reasons for this activity appearance are social issues that have arisen in the society as the result of the social, economic and geopolitical space collapse. The analysis of psychological, educational and social and pedagogical practice shows that the social care teachers' knowledge on the prevention of the child abandonment is often insufficient to address the certain orphan. These findings allow us to state the need for the technology development for social care teachers directed on this dangerous social phenomenon prevention that performs the actual aim of the interdisciplinary scientific and theoretical, organizational and methodological research. The purposes of the article are the analysis of scientific papers on the social care teachers' preparation for the profession and the determination of some aspects of training social care teachers for the child abandonmen
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Babenko L. V.  Socially Cultural Valued Orientations of the Ukrainian Fine Art Development at XIX and the Beginning of the XX Centuries / L. V. Babenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 7981. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the origin of new stylish tendencies characteristic for the Ukrainian fine art, which is the review on historical and social changes in the society. The display of cultural tendencies discovering and symbolizing the national world view, ethical, aesthetical, artistic, religious or social aspects of people's life during their existence is shown. The Ukrainian culture though grew and formed in different historical times on the basis of cultural and art processes. Fine art had the close connection with the folk tradition and intensively mastered icon-painting, folk picture, painting, screw-threads et al. The bourgeois democratic liberation movement, the process of the society's democratization and cultural life in the ղ century changed in views to the art public role. The second half of the ղ century witnesses processes of art democratization, walking away from the classicism and artists' appeal to the social subject, exact reality recreation. The beginning
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Bovsunivs'ka N. N.  Musical Education of the Czech and German Population in the Volyn Province (XVIIIղ Centuries.) / N. N. Bovsunivs'ka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 8287. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article highlights various aspects of the Czech and German musicians' work on the territory of the complex geopolitical region, namely the territory of Volyn province in the certain period. This review shows the influence of these ethnic groups' culture on the Volyn education and art. The multiple-vector character of work and the teachers' omnitude of the above mentioned ethnical groups are indicated. The accent is made on the importance of further studying and interpretation of the research results for the Ukrainians' relationships strengthening with the representatives of Czech and German ethnical groups in the modern conditions of Ukraine's entering into the European social medium. The conclusion is made that the historical mission of Czech and German musicians in the European musical culture was in the formation and development of theoretical bases of the professional performance and pedagogy on the level of the international relations. Volyn was always the complex geopo
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Glazunova I. K.  Methods of Education in the Instrumental Class for Future Music Teachers in the Conditions of the Modal-Rating Organizational Preparation / I. K. Glazunova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 8891. ISSN 2076-6173.
The results, represented in the article, were acquired during the experimental research and are connected with the methods of education for future music teachers in the instrumental class under modal-rating conditions. The definition of "Modal" was depicted as the basis of the modal-rating system and modal method as an example of the personal-oriented approach in the educational art process. The problems of using this organization and educational process in the instrumental class were clarified. Our studys results showed that the formal approach is prevailing in the modal-ratings educational usage during the future music teachers' preparation. The insufficient using of this system in the instrumental class doesnt provide the high level of instrumental knowledge and skills. The necessity of applying methods in pedagogical support (self-realization method, self-organization method, encouraging method, team analysis method, reflexive method) for improving the quality of instrumental
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Gorobets S. N.  The Prospective Professionals' reative ompetence Development during Studying the Discipline "Fundamentals of Computer Graphics" / S. N. Gorobets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 9296. ISSN 2076-6173.
According to scientific principles of the contemporary pedagogy a prospective professional should have the creative component. Therefore, prospective specialists' professional competence formation is the basic task, namely the necessity for the students' creative competences development. One of the promising directions of the creative abilities development in the prospective teachers of mathematics and computer sciences is the use of computer graphics. The article considers basic kinds of computer graphics, operating objects and spheres of their use. The basic factors, determining the computer graphics impact on the creative competences formation, are analyzed. The author's course "Computer Graphics", namely, the thematic contents of the subject and the objectives for the laboratory work are presented. The purpose of this course is to provide the prospective professionals with the theoretical knowledge in the principles of creating, processing and coding the raster and vector grap
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Gumankova O. S.  The Differentiated Instruction Realization at English Language Lessons in Preschool Educational Establishments / O. S. Gumankova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 97101. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of the differentiated instruction realization at English language lessons in preschool educational establishments. The differentiated instruction is viewed as prospective for the sake of the educational process in the preschool educational establishment optimization, as it gives the opportunity to organize the teaching process in the way directly relevant to the learners' needs and peculiarities. The author defines benefits of the differentiated instruction use in the primary classroom, describes the learners' psychological peculiarities which can be taken into the account in the process of the above mentioned instruction realization. The research attracts the attention to the differentiated instruction realization based on taking into account the learners' psychophysiological peculiarities, namely their representative systems. The notion "representative system" shows the preferences of the learners in receiving and interpreting the information.
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Denysenko S. N.  The Principle of Emotion as an Important Part of Designing Multimedia Electronic Educational Resources / S. N. Denysenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 102106. ISSN 2076-6173.
While creating electronic educational resources it is important to provide the effective learning environment for students, their personal development and the implementation of the effective pedagogical influence on the study subjects. Perhaps the most important factor is the principle of emotion in designing of the user interface of electronic educational resources. This problem is revealed in this article. The author substantiates the role of emotions in learning and concludes that emotions affect the students' motivation, memory, thinking, attention. The compliance with the principle of emotion is an important factor in the designing of multimedia electronic educational resources. The principle of emotion consists in creating the conditions for the positive emotions emergence. This is achieved by adhering to the following rules: users' capture and encouragement; address to the users' emotions; expressions of respect to users; sensory perception; simplicity and clarity; use of a
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Derevyanko O. V.  The Self-Cultivation Process in the Future Mining Engineers' Professional Training / O. V. Derevyanko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 107112. ISSN 2076-6173.
Nowadays, the problem of the educational quality continuous improvement, its content modernization and the creation of conditions for both the personal development and further professional self-cultivation is one of the prior tasks of the state policy in the field of the higher education development in the context of Ukraine's European integration. The professional self-cultivation is very important for future mining engineers, as far as their professional activity is connected with the acquiring and use of new achievements in the mining field. The actual theoretical study of the problem of future mining engineers self-cultivation in the process of the professional training is characterized in the article. The term "self-improving" in the philosophical and psychological-pedagogical literature is analyzed. The essence of the term " future mining engineers' professional self-improvement" as the conscious, purposeful process of the professional competency level improvement and the de
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Didkivska T. V. , Sverchevska I. A.  Equation Solving Using Geometric Algebra Methods in the Mathematics History / I. A. Didkivska T. V. , Sverchevska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 113117. ISSN 2076-6173.
Geometric algebra is considered as an integrative base of teaching algebra to future mathematics teachers. Among various approaches to using of mathematics history we chose the research of famous tasks solving which include the roots of algebraic equations calculation. We also give the recommendation to use geometric methods to make solving more demonstrative, interesting and clear. The geometric solutions of equations, suggested by outstanding mathematicians, are given. Pythagoras of Samos, Ionian Greek philosopher and mathematician (c. 570 c. 495 BC), gives the solving based on plotting (division of segment, plotting the right-angle triangle by cathetus and hypotenuse). Euclid, famous mathematician of Golden Age of Greece (fl. 300 BC) to solve a quadratic equation plots squares and rectangles, which the given square consists of, and compares their areas. Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (c. 780 c. 850), Uzbek mathematician, astronomer and doctor, plots squares, which the given square cons
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Kolesnyk N. E.  Methodical Aspects of Implementing the Competence-Based Approach in the Process of Handicraft Education at Elementary School / N. E. Kolesnyk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 118123. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article gives the methodical characteristics of the competence-based approach in the process of elementary school pupils' handicraft education; analyzes the essence of notions "competence-based approach",
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Konovalchuk . .  The Experimental Verification of the Effectiveness of the Innovative Technology Implementation in Secondary Schools / . . Konovalchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 124129. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article reviews main stages, objectives, content and results of the experimental work to determine the effectiveness of innovations implementation in secondary schools. The strategic aim of the pilot study has been the implementation and testing of the conceptual-semantic model of the innovative technology implementation. The innovative technology implementation is a system that includes data on the innovation, the clear idea about the original condition of the innovation educational system, and predictable changes that take place in it after implementing innovations, as well as a set of tools and techniques that ensure the optimal way to achieve these changes. On the basis of the current state of the problem analysis in the school practice the conclusion has been made on the focused work expedience to prepare teachers to implement innovations. The evaluation of consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, optimality, intensity, relevance, social and subjective importance of innovat
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Kosygina E. V.  The Adults' Education in the World and Ukraine as the Educational Innovation / E. V. Kosygina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 130134. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article justifies the innovativeness of the adults' education as the sociocultural phenomenon in Ukraine and in the world. The place of Ukraine in the world's area of the life-continuing education is represented; the leading functions of the adults' education are found out. The conclusion is made on the special place and role of the system of the post-graduate education in supplying educational services to adults from the group of the professional active population of Ukraine.
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Maksymenko O. O.  Peculiarities of Organization and Content of Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary Education in the Netherlands / O. O. Maksymenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 135140. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of organization and content of teaching foreign languages in the secondary education in the Netherlands. The scientific methods of description, comparison, analysis are used in order to specify the peculiarities of the issue. It highlights the structure of the secondary education in the country and the description of its main directions: pre-university education, senior general secondary education, pre-vocational secondary education, senior vocational secondary education. The research contains the information on the approaches used to place the foreign languages, the number of hours devoted to the subject in the different curricula of these directions. It is proved that the Netherlands has the flexible system of grouping the subjects into components that rations the number of foreign languages learnt and chosen by pupils in all directions of the secondary education; the difference in the foreign language teaching among the general and vocational dir
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Melnychenko R. K.  The Problem of Biology Teachers' Readiness to Work under the Conditions of Specialized Education Organization / R. K. Melnychenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 141147. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents the analysis of the regional specialized education structure on the example of Zhytomyr region. It is specified that there exists the tendency for the number of classes that specialize in the natural sciences and mathematics as well as specialized biological classes to grow at the secondary school. The research diagnoses the biology teachers readiness to introduce the specialized education for senior school pupils. The main problems of this trend in the education and their possible solutions are singled out. The investigation proves that the overwhelming majority of practicing teachers supports the idea of the specialized education, 67,4 of them express the desire to work with specialized classes, have the dominating inner motivation and want to achieve the self-realization. At the same time the majority of teachers considers educational aims to be leading and is less focused on helping school-leavers to choose a career which makes it necessary to strengthen t
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Pershukova O. O.  The Teachers' Education for the Work in the Context of the Plurilingual Education in the Countries of United Europe / O. O. Pershukova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 148156. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of the teachers education in the European countries, made on the works of outstanding European scientists in this field. The special attention is paid to the teachers' training for the work in the multilingual education technologies. The common European priorities in teachers education are characterized (high professional level and its renovation in the lifelong context; professional mobility; educational partnership; ability to create the safe and engaging learning environment; teaching ethnically inhomogeneous student staff; transversal competences forming; reflective practice using). The main developmental tendencies are defined (incorporation of establishments of pedagogical education into universities and introduction of Bachelor and Master qualifications; strengthening the theoretical knowledge and the professional training intensification; improving teaching practice, strengthening links between universities and schools, extension and ren
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Petrishen E. G.  Social-Historical and Pedagogical Reasons of the Collective's Theory and Practice Education Development in the 20-th of the XX Century in Ukraine / E. G. Petrishen // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 157161. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article investigates the question of social-historical and pedagogical reasons in the development of the collective's theory and practice education in the 20-th of the XX century in. The various political, economic and cultural processes that have recently been taking place in our country, can not affect the society, particularly the younger generation. Today the personality's social role increases; the importance is given to the learner-oriented teaching, which is designed to create the future citizens' awareness. However, it is very important to educate a child through the team in the educational process, as it is hard to imagine the normal life without the child's relationship with the society.The special attention is paid to the scientists who were the members of
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Samarina S. I.  The Essence of the Pupils' Legal Education in the Late XIX Early XX Century in Ukraine / S. I. Samarina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 162166. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is about peculiarities, nature and content of the pupils' legal education in the late XIX early XX century in Ukraine. N. Pirogovs ideas on the students' legal consciousness formation on the basis of the moral and civic education are analyzed. The conditions and methods of the impact on the students' legal behavior, widespread in the school practice of the mentioned period, are determined. Results of the scientific research allow concluding that the realization of declared legal and moral norms and aspirations of progressive figures of the researched period via the school order regulation didn't give the positive results and caused the deformation of the whole pupils' education system, their demoralization. The Ministry of Folk Education stated that the pupils' negligence, dowdiness, revealing in the appearance, neglect behavior with the school equipment, non-regular attendance of lessons, constant time lag, undue behavior, neglecting disciplinary rules, are conn
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Sytnyakivska S. M. , Khlyvnyuk M. G.  Features of Implementation the Bilingual Education in the Technical Educational Institutions of Ukraine / M. G. Sytnyakivska S. M. , Khlyvnyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 167172. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper analyzes the process of the bilingual education formation and development. The paper describes features of the students' bilingual training in "Radio Engineering", "System Engineering". Also the article reveals bilingual features of training in electronics and the need to introduce the bilingual education for students on educational qualification "Bachelor" and "Master" on relevant special courses. The necessity of implementing and organizing the study of special technical courses by the bilingual method is proved. One of the variant for its implementation in the educational process in high school can be the organization of studying special courses, related to the use of algorithmic programming languages by bilingual method. Its implementation will provide the student with the conscious attitude to the profession; enhance the ability to adapt a future expert in various technical, social, informational, scientific realities. Since the bilingual education involves the use of
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Soldatov D. V. , Soldatova S. V. , Suzanskyy I. V.  Implementation Problems of Integrated Education for Preschool Children with Disabilities / I. V. Soldatov D. V. , Soldatova S. V. , Suzanskyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 173179. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the current implementation problems of integrated (inclusive) education for preschool children with disabilities in modern Russia. There have been several objectives: to define the concept of
Text of the article: 33.pdf

Gavrysh I. .  Features of Cultural Relations Formedness between Primary School Children in Charitable Activities on a Forming Stage of the Experiment (Need-Motivational and Practical-Behavioral Component) / I. . Gavrysh // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 180185. ISSN 2076-6173.
The processes of democratization and humanization in the Ukrainian society, integrative processes in the European and international community need to change the priorities of educational cultural relations of modern primary school children. This situation requires the clarification of the formedness level of need-motivational and practical-behavioral components of the phenomenon of cultural relations between primary school children in charitable activities. The analysis of the quantitative results of the assessment formedness level concerning the need-motivational component of cultural relations between primary school children in charitable activities showed the growth among those indicators of the EG at medium (CG 42.3 , EG 52.3 ) and high (CG 19.7 , EG 28.3 ) levels and the decline at low (CG 13.4 , EG 5.9 ) and sufficient (CG 24.6 , EG 13.3 ) levels. The repeated detection concerning the younger pupils' needs necessary for the effective educational cultural r
Text of the article: 34.pdf

Golovach E. P.  Modern Pedagogical Technologies: a Virtual Museum / E. P. Golovach // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 186191. ISSN 2076-6173.
During the world educational transformation the most relevant research topic is the use of modern pedagogical technologies, which occupies a central place in the pedagogical discourse in recent years. Therefore, the comparison and mutual use of traditional and innovative methods in teaching is an essential part of the modern life in general and the methodological and educational process. Today the issues relating to the organization of the educational process, methods, forms and meaning of education, highly skilled professionals training and quality of teaching educational disciplines of cultural meaning for the higher education are a priority line for the educational platform of Ukraine. The article explores the basics of efficiency of innovative educational technologies introduction into the learning process and the teacher's role in providing them to the university students. The use of the competence-oriented method is obtained. The relevance for the modern computer technologies
Text of the article: 35.pdf

Lytnyova I. F.  Testing as a Way of Monitoring the Philological Students' Educational Achievements in the Writing Competence / I. F. Lytnyova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 192196. ISSN 2076-6173.
The solution of the problem of preparing the highly qualified philological teachers is represented in the article. Our society needs highly qualified teachers with the high level of the professional and general culture. The article deals with the question of monitoring in the process of the future philologists professional and pedagogical training. This question is raised because of the practical necessity of the Ukrainian system educational monitoring improvement, its significance in the process of projecting the single conceptual policy, the strategy and the practice of developing the native pedagogical education on the integrational stage of the Ukrainian state into the European community. The materials of the article are dedicated to the problem of the educational monitoring formation, methods and provisions. Also, the problem of quality monitoring of future specialists training and its development in the national and foreign pedagogical theory and practice are analyzed; the ba
Text of the article: 36.pdf

Fonaryuk O. V.  The Technology of Training Future Maths Teachers to the Constructive and Project Activity in the Secondary School / O. V. Fonaryuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 197202. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article provides the characteristics of the meaning and content of the future Maths teachers' training technology to the constructive and project activity. h basic meaning characteristics of the mentioned training are defined and the components of the technology actual, content-activity, estimation-effective and their interconnection and interrelation are grounded. Content-activity component is considered as the complex of contents, forms, methods and stages of the preparation to the constructive-project activity. Having analyzed the projected technology, we conclude the necessity of the inrerelation of all the technology components and components of its content unit. The elaborated in the course of the research the special course of the study
Text of the article: 37.pdf

Andrukhiv I. V.  The Experimental Testing of the Foreign Socio-Cultural Learning Environment for Secondary School Pupils of the 5th 9th Grades / I. V. Andrukhiv // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 203207. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article demonstrates the need for the foreign socio-cultural learning environment formation for secondary school pupils of the 5th 9th grades, which aims to improve their foreign socio-cultural competence. In particular, the need has been justified for socio-cultural knowledge and skills formation on the certain amount of the educational material that makes the content of the foreign socio-cultural programme as one of the basic environmental components. The experimental study way has been presented on the introduction of the foreign socio-cultural learning environment model for secondary school pupils of the 5th 9th grades and testing its effectiveness. In particular the identification of the gaps at certain stages of the pilot study has been carried out; ideas are outlined to avoid them. The paper describes the analysis of the results and formulates the conclusions.
Text of the article: 38.pdf

Kyuchyuk D.  The Teacher's Preparation in the Republic of Turkey: Historical and Pedagogical Aspect /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 208213. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article on the basis of the historical and system approaches analyzes the complex of problems related to the higher pedagogical education of the Republic of Turkey; discloses the genesis of the pedagogical education of Turkey; justifies the necessity of searching the ways of the teacher's preparation improvement in Turkey in the conditions of Eurointegration processes. On the basis of the analysis of scientific researches by Ukrainian and foreign scientists the historical stages of development of higher pedagogical education in Turkey are determined and their description, contents and structure of the teachers' preparation, forms and methods of studies in universities are given. It is clarified that the first stage of the higher pedagogical education development in Turkey is characterized by the creation of the first university in the Ottaman Empire. The conditions of the second stage which began with the Turkish Republic proclamation and the system of the higher education nati
Text of the article: 39.pdf

Myrna I. O.  The Analysis of the Comprehensive School Class Leaders'Social Competence Formation / I. O. Myrna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 214218. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents the overview of the contemporary educational research about the nature of the concept of "social competence" and its role in the class teachers' career in the secondary schools. The technology of the class teachers' social competence development is outlined. The role of structural elements of the social competence model development are analyzed; the pedagogical conditions, which will be effective for the application of this model are grounded. It is determined that the class leaders' social competence development has the important meaning in the children's socialization. It is concluded that the social competence can achieve the high level due to the development of its separate components, taking into the account the range of pedagogical conditions, based on the system of its separate components, with the assistance of certain forms and methods of learning. These elements of the class leaders' social competence model development are directed on the developme
Text of the article: 40.pdf

Mosiiuk O. O.  The Structure of the Future Mathematics Teacher's Readiness to the Innovative and Research Activity / O. O. Mosiiuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 219224. ISSN 2076-6173.
The author considers the problem of studying the structure of the future mathematics teacher's readiness to the innovative and research activity. Different approaches to the definition of "readiness" in the psychological and pedagogical sciences are analyzed. The special attention is given to the analysis of the definition of "readiness to the innovative activity". The definition of the concept of "future mathematics teacher's readiness to the innovative and research activity" is given. Also the structure of the readiness in the article is substantiated. The author presents the schematic representation of the interdependence of components of the future mathematics teacher's readiness to the innovative and research activity. The scientist describes each of the components of the readiness: motivational, personality-willed, operational and contents, and reflective. The special attention is paid to the operational and content component. So, the following elements of this component are
Text of the article: 41.pdf

Mostipaka T. P.  Future Biology Teacher's Preparation to Use Health Saving Technologies / T. P. Mostipaka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 225229. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes different approaches to define the notions "professional competence", "health protection", "health saving technologies", "healthy way of life". The contents of the professional competence is determined, the role of higher educational establishments in the student's preparation to the health saving work and the role of the teacher's example in forming of health saving functions is clarified. The range of contradictions is analyzed appearing while the preparation of a teacher of natural sciences to use health saving technologies. Main positions concerning the future biology teachers' qualified preparation to use health saving technologies are educed. The experience of using health-saving technologies while preparing future teachers of natural sciences is given. It is concluded that the improvement in preparing future teachers of natural sciences to use health saving technologies is provided with the realization of such positions: the maintenance of the unity pri
Text of the article: 42.pdf

Petrovich O. B.  Pedagogical Conditions of the Future Teachers-Philologists Readiness Formation to the Extracurricular Work Organization with Gifted Students / O. B. Petrovich // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 230236. ISSN 2076-6173.
The process of the future teachers-philologists professional training to organize the extracurricular work with literary gifted students requires the creation of certain pedagogical conditions in the higher educational establishment which facilitate the preparation to the designing and modeling of extracurricular activities with the gifted youth, contribute in mastering the theoretical knowledge and testing their skills in practice, stimulate to the creative work that is related to the society's need for extraordinary creative personalities. The analyzed literature and the results of the pre-experimental stage of the pedagogical experiment made it possible to determine the pedagogical conditions of the effective teachers-philologists professional training to these activities. They are: the students-philologists readiness formation to organize the extracurricular work with gifted students according to the block of their professional and practical training on the theoretical ground
Text of the article: 43.pdf

Yukhno O. I.  The Activity of Polytechnic Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine in the Second Half of the XX Century: Factors and Stages / O. I. Yukhno // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 237242. ISSN 2076-6173.
Reforming the higher education is impossible without the best traditions preservation of the national system of the engineers' training. In this context studying the experience of the specialists' training in polytechnic higher educational institutions of Ukraine in the second half of the XX century seems expedient. For the achievement of this purpose such methods are used: historical and genetic, comparative and comparative, systematization, classification and generalization. In the article the factors which have defined the vector of activity of polytechnic higher educational institutions in the second half of the XX century are considered: economic (the economic recovery after the war), political and legal (the legislation improvement), cultural and educational (the growth engineering specialties prestige), scientific and technical (the integration of science with the production), academic (the organizational structure optimization), historical (the influence of historical event
Text of the article: 44.pdf

Demianchuk O. S.  The System of Factors of the Gymnasium Education Development in Bukovina (the I the First Half of the Century) / O. S. Demianchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 243248. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the system of factors which influenced on the gymnasium education development in Bukovina during the XIX the first half of the XX century. As a result it is stated that the gymnasium was a significant component in the educational system and helped generations to exchange the experience. The scientific methods of analysis, description and comparison have been used in order to single out the factors, which influenced on the gymnasium education in Bukovina. The article contains the information of the works by foreign and native scientists (O. Dobrzhans'kyy, D. Kvitkovs'kyy, O. Pavlyuk, O. Penishkevych, M. Cornis-Pope and others). These works consider the gymnasium education development in Bukovina. The development of Bukovina gymnasiums was connected with the administration of different governments (Austrian and Romanian). The influence of various factors on the formation and development of Bukovina gymnasiums during the stated period is influenced. The artic
Text of the article: 45.pdf

Sukhomlinov O. M.  Aesthetical-Philosophical Pseudobiographism in "Zenobia Palmura" by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz / O. M. Sukhomlinov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 249253. ISSN 2076-6173.
The subject of the analyzed article is the feature of the creative manner by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz. The author's experimental "poetic prose" is not only the illustration of the creative pursuit, but above all the evidence of the internal transformation and the artist's ideological bases formation. The explicit artistic game with his own biography becomes the kind of means of psychoanalysis and at the same time the author's literary innovation. It is concluded that the victory of Byzantine East over the West, and also attempts of their reconciliation in "Zenobia Palmura" highlight the meaning of Ukraine as the land of the collision of cultural traditions of the West and the East, on the crossroads of which the author has been searching and creating his original aesthetic identity.
Text of the article: 46.pdf

Borysenko N. D.  Compliment in the Personages Discourse of British Drama / N. D. Borysenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 254257. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the compliment realization in the personages discourse of British Drama. The drama is researched as a complex mechanism which is built and functions according to its own laws. The contemporary approaches to the dramatic text analysis including both traditional and cognitive-discourse aspects are taken into account. The perspectives of linguistic analysis of drama based on the personages and authors discourse are singled out. The attribution of the compliment to expressive speech acts which express the speaker's positive emotions or etiquette speech acts which establish and maintain the contact is discussed. Compliment which is also viewed as an evaluative genre of speech in the latest linguistic research, its aim, pragmatic value and contents are described. The politeness theory is employed to analyze the complement in the personages remarks as a component of the positive politeness strategy. The specific character of the compliment realization in the pers
Text of the article: 47.pdf

Gerasymenko L. S.  Peculiarities of Directive Speech Acts in the English Standard Radiotelephony Phraseology / L. S. Gerasymenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 258261. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with peculiarities of directive speech acts in the English standard radiotelephony phraseology. The article investigates the linguistic material, selected from the ICAO documents, referring to radiotelephony and live communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. The article emphasizes the importance of the standard radiotelephony phraseology linguistic research. It is highlighted that the transmitted information and instructions via the radio communication are vital to ensure the safe and fast operation of aircraft. In the article the directive speech act is defined as the purposeful speech act, the minimum unit of speech behavior that is actualized in the certain pragmatic situation. Our particular attention is focused on the dominant communicative functions in the pilot and air traffic controllers dialogue. According to the role they play in carrying out the tasks of piloting and air traffic control, the communicative functions are divided into four c
Text of the article: 48.pdf

Gerasymchuk S. V.  Allegory as a Way of Optimizing the Cross-Cultural Communication in Works by Ivan Vyshenskyy / S. V. Gerasymchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 262265. ISSN 2076-6173.
Art forms of the allegorical image play the important role in optimizing the cross-cultural communication in works by Ivan Vyshenskyy. Using the hermeneutic method of interpreting allegorical images of "Knyga" allows the understanding of deeper intensions which the author used, choosing them to express certain ideas. In the article the effective influence of the sacred allegories which were authoritative for believers of all times, including contemporaries of the polemicist literature, on their consciousness that made the author constantly use them in his texts for promoting his own ideas, is shown. The dialogue "Middle Ages Renaissance" is the cultural diffusion, dialogue-interaction which is found primarily in the organic penetration of fundamental for the sacred literature images into the art discourse of the Renaissance epoch. At the same time in all authors works there is the cultural conflict, dialogue-polemic between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. The article proves that emoti
Text of the article: 49.pdf

Mosiyenko O. V.  The Discursive-Nominative Strategy of Presenting Crimes in the Newspaper Discourse / O. V. Mosiyenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 266271. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to the discursive-nominative strategy of presenting crimes in the newspaper discourse. Strategies, being the means of organizing the newspaper discourse, invoke our knowledge about the world which is constructed in the newspaper articles. The paper presents the research into the nature of arranging nominative-referring units denoting crimes in news. A crime is viewed as an act that occurs when someone breaks the law by an overt act, omission or neglect that can result in the punishment. Newspaper articles describe the way a person can use their mental and physical abilities to harm other people or damage different types of property. Nominative-referring units used in headlines, leads and other parts of the text (Background, Main Event and Summary) denote criminals, law enforcement officers, detectives and victims. The way people are involved into a crime is revealed through image schemas activated by certain verbs. Image schemas are representations of specific,
Text of the article: 50.pdf

Tokar E. B.  The Civil Aviation Radiotelephony as a Type of the Professional Language / E. B. Tokar // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 272276. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of characteristic features of professional languages in comparison to general ones. It is underlined that professional languages are closely connected to the definite science, have a set of specific lexical units, have both oral and written forms, are based on the general language system etc. Professional communication is aimed at achieving specific goals, the realization of which is the basis of the participants cooperation. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to single out radiotelephony communication peculiarities. Radiotelephony is represented in the form of a dialogue, based on cliches and closely connected with the situation in which it takes place. It is concluded that radiotelephony as a type of the professional language includes radiotelephony phraseology, general English and English for specific purposes, used within general English.
Text of the article: 51.pdf

herepovska T. V.  The Comparative Research of the Artistic Continuum (on the Basis of Anne Tyler ("Ladder of Years") and Iren Rozdobydkos ("If") Novels) / T. V. herepovska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 277283. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the comparative analysis of Anne Tyler and Iren Rozdobudkos novels. The material of the study is "Ladder of Years" and "If" respectively. The research focuses on the authors individual styles, namely the determination of the peculiarities of the artistic time and space actualization in the analyzed novels. The mentioned philosophical categories are inseparable and global and are of special interest in the domain of linguostylistic studies of belles-lettres texts. The research has been conducted on the lexical-semantic, stylistic and structural-compositional levels. The distinguished lexico-stylistic devices that actualize the artistic continuum have been analyzed with the help of contextual interpreting and functional stylistic methods. On the compositional level Anne Tyler and Iren Rozdobudkos individual styles have been researched concerning the linguistic means showing the artistic time direction. The role of the titles with temporal semantics in the ar
Text of the article: 52.pdf

Dolzhich E. A.  Verbal and Nonverbal Elements in Creating the Scientific Text (on the Material of Spanish Language) / E. A. Dolzhich // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 284286. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the interaction of verbal and nonverbal elements as the text creation mechanism in the scientific discourse; it is analyzed on the material of Spanish language. The special attention is paid to the nonverbal elements, such as schemes, diagrams, graphics, technical pictures, drawings and photos. Together with verbal means they create policoding of the scientific text. The scientist analyzes how an author creates different text systems, using the same cognitive, communication, and speech strategies. It is concluded that verbal and non-verbal elements of the scientific text in the Spanish language create the meaning, which influence on the rerecepient, his / her cognitive and communicative activity. The influence of graphical means depends upon the sphere of scientific researches.
Text of the article: 53.pdf

Bilianina V. I.  Types of the Dialogue Structures in the Language of the Chinese Literary Texts of the XXI Century / V. I. Bilianina // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 287292. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with types of the dialogue structures in the Chinese literary texts of the XXI century and their correspondence with the dialogue structures of the XVIII century. The article contains the information on different types of dialogue structures, selected from the classic Chinese literature of the XVIII XXI century. The author uses the literary material of the above named centuries in order to show the standardization way and the formation way not only of the dialogue structures, but also of the literary language itself. The article also reveals different (studies of the European scientists and their colleges from Ukraine and Russia) approaches to the problem of dialogue structures, their types, classification and so on. On the basis of these works the unified scheme of the types of the dialogue unity and dialogue structures is made. Using this scheme all of the comparative researches are made. The scientific methods of synthesis, transformation analysis, inner recon
Text of the article: 54.pdf

Lutsyk V. I.  Doris Lessings Short Fiction: Major Influences at the Early Stage of the Literary Career / V. I. Lutsyk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 293298. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article concerns approaches to the artistic reality construction in Doris Lessings short stories at the early stage of her literary career. At the end of the 1940s the English author was faced with the choice of creative strategies to be applied in her works. The mentioned dilemma brought about the new definition of the author's style as featured in later short stories. They cover multiple issues of the British post-colonial heritage. At the same time, the realistic approach appears to be essential during D. Lessings entire creative career. It should be noted that D. Lessings literary output is insufficiently researched in the Ukrainian literary criticism. This statement is applied to the thematic content of her works and to the process of establishing the distinct author's style. Hence is the relevance of the proposed research. The purpose of the article is to reveal the major features and principles guiding D. Lessings choice of narrative strategies at the early stage of
Text of the article: 55.pdf

Suvorova L. K.  The Artistic Expression of the Death Concept in the Lyric Poetry by Taras Shevchenko / L. K. Suvorova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 299304. ISSN 2076-6173.
Semantics of characters that are the artistic realization of the death concept in the poems by Taras Shevchenko turns out in the article. As the artistic concept functions in the text as a structure, then the determinative system of values of the death concept requires bringing in the individually-authorial component, tradition, cultures as the field of knowledge about the world and languages. From this an author gives the resources for the text code and a reader decodes the communicative code. The mythological and poetic basis of the artistic texts by T. Shevchenko is traced on the basis of works by O. Zabuzhko, G. Grabovych, I. Dziuba, T. Meizerska, . Franko. Ethnographic researches by Metropolitan Ilarion, Kh. Kerlot, E. Taylor and A. Temchenko were used during the interpretation of the poems. The death concept in poems by Taras Shevchenko is presented as the system of the associative constrained characters. They are a murder, a suicide, a victim, a grave, a coffin, a cross, the
Text of the article: 56.pdf

Shcherbak O. V.  Female Figures and their Historical Role in the Galicia-Volyn Chronicle / O. V. Shcherbak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 305310. ISSN 2076-6173.
Of the three chronicles, which constitute a kind of historiographical trilogy of Kiev Rus, "Galicia-Volyn Chronicle has the most suitable conventional definition of "female ", similar to the Gospel of Luke. If the "Tale of Bygone Years" contains about a dozen more or less meaningful images of women, describing many centuries, "Kyiv Chronicle" reports the considerable number of female names in the history of the principality. "Galicia-Volyn chronicle" describes the events of the XIII century and is concentrated mostly just around the story of Galician-Volyn Rus. If the "Tale of Bygone Years" depicts roots of Russian wives or Byzantine princesses, "Kyiv Chronicle" focuses only on the local princesses or princes' cousins; "Galicia-Volyn chronicle" refers to the historical figures of the West (Poland, Hungary and Germany) who sometimes do not have the direct relationship to the history of the Kingdom of Rus. In addition, "Galicia-Volyn chronicle" writes about women who were not only pri
Text of the article: 57.pdf

 . .  / . .  // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 311312. ISSN 2076-6173.
Text of the article: 58.pdf

 . .  ³ / . .  // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2014.  78. P. 313315. ISSN 2076-6173.
Text of the article: 59.pdf
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