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Issue 79 (2015)

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Vergeles K. A.  Methodological Aspects of Researching the Problem of Personality / K. A. Vergeles // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 913. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is devoted to understanding the philosophical and religious studies, concerning the problem of identity. The author analyzes the diversity of approaches to the problem of identity. The focus has been the problem of a man; it remains one of the most important for philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology and others. For centuries the problem has been the subject of many discussions and disputes. In general the problem of identity is traditionally analyzed in the unity of sociology and psychology. Personality forms the relationship to himself / herself, others and the world in general. This "triad" includes the moral and aesthetic potential. In the philosophy of the New Age a person acts as a "self" that has certain contradictions in the German classical philosophy. The transcendental is revealed by the presence in the empirical world. Some members of the religious philosophy of the second half of XIX XX centuries radically extended the problem of personality. Russian p
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Zamkova N. L.  The "Interlingua Relations" and "Language Policy" as a Part of the "National Revival of 90s" / N. L. Zamkova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 1418. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the problem of "interlingua relations" and "language policy" as a part of the National Revival of 90s". The article contains the information on the "interlingua relations" and "language policy", selected from the journals. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to single out the "interlingua relations" and "language policy". The material of the research presents aspects of the modern language policy in Ukraine in the light of the specification of interlingua relations scenario and considers the type of the public education, which belongs to Ukraine. The utopian projects in Ukraine as an attempt to create the reality in the situation of the total virtualization are considered. Typical signs of "Ukrainization" and the consequences of the Soviet "Russification" are described. Various forms of Ukrainian-Russian diglossia are revealed. As the result it is proved that within the framework of the mentioned la
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Koval T. V.  Images of Young and Old Women in the Mass Culture: Orgiastic Belonging, Numinous Experience or Sacral Function / T. V. Koval // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 1922. ISSN 2076-6173.
Social and cultural stereotypes of women's images, created in the mass culture due to the artistic innovations, are analyzed. Images-representatives of feminine orgiastic belonging, numinous experience and sacral function presence in the aspect of age changes are researched. Such stereotypical images of old women as ''witch'', ''widow'', ''mother-in-law'', ''wife's mother-in-law'' are fixed in the mass culture of the European and American societies and their analysis is done. It is established that social and cultural stereotypes, in particular ''spinster'', ''widow'', images ''cock-teaser'',
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Markovskyy B. V.  The Mythological Symbol Phenomenology and the Problem of Effective Philosophy Teaching / B. V. Markovskyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 2326. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents the idea of using the mythological symbolism to increase the efficiency in mastering of philosophy by students. The difficulty lies in the perception of abstract philosophical categories by students. It has been found that the explanation of philosophical concepts combined with the sensual and visual symbol demonstration promotes the deeper penetration into the essence of the certain idea, concept or a theory because symbols convey the content of the ideas which are meaningful and inexhaustible. It is proved that the use of symbols allows creating brighter and more colourful world's picture. A symbol as a kind of semiotic ''capacitor'' has the ability ''to accumulate'' the concept and that is why it is one of the most efficient means of implementation of spiritual cultural values. It is noted that the symbolic approach helps to transform a lecture in the subject-subject relation system in contrast to a classical subject-object system. It facilitates the
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Melnychuk M. S.  Art Religiousness and Sacredness in the System of Forming of Spiritual Aspects of the Man's Life in the Context of Philosophical-Culturological Analysis / M. S. Melnychuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 2730. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents the research of religious and sacral in the art as one of spiritual constants, in the context of forming of the spiritual beginning in a man. It is substantiated that the suggestive influence of the sacred musical art is indicated not by the dogma and religious rites but man's cognitive features in the process of the aesthetic setting in the world. A sacral musical art appears as an all-sufficient object, which has the specific nature, features and the sociocultural setting, the considerable force of the psychological influence on the believers' consciousness, which is the basis for the introduction to the scientific terminology of the new concept "religious catharsis". The use of the historical method in our research is caused by the necessity to define the stages of becoming of the Christian musical art and the reason of transformations in its development. According to the society's social and spiritual development the sacral musical art is transformed, be
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Farion O. O.  The Spiritual Basic Concepts in the Writings of Thinkers of Kiev School of Philosophy / O. O. Farion // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 3137. ISSN 2076-6173.
The important task of Ukrainian philosophy today is the creation, renewal, strengthening the Ukrainian people's spirituality in general and the individual in particular, the formation of the strong mind and will. The spirituality development should be implemented, based on national traditions and the heritage of domestic thinkers' philosophical study. The definition of spirituality is presented in the Ukrainian philosophical tradition as creating the own inner world by "faith'', "hope" and "love". Humanism, spiritual-practical understanding of reality are the main features of the research of the Kiev school of philosophy. The concept of faith, hope and love were the key concepts in the works by V. Shynkaruk and S. Krymskyy. The categories "faith'', "hope" and "love" were explained by V. Shynkaruk as philosophical-ideological categories, representing the spiritual expression of the human existence. The philosopher defines "faith" as an important sign of the universal in the man,
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Lokshyna O. I.  Foreign Scholars Views on the Conceptual Curriculum Characteristics / O. I. Lokshyna // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 3842. ISSN 2076-6173.
Curriculum as a pedagogical phenomenon is actively disseminated in the Ukrainian educational dimension. It makes topical to study the scenarios of its correlation with the national approaches to the design and modeling the content of education. The comparative method made it possible to synthesize the foreign scholars views on the conceptual characteristics of curriculum, in particular on its levels and types, including ideal or recommended (what is proposed by scholars as a solution to meet the need of learners and the society), official or written (what official organizations government or / and regional / local educational authorities develop for the learners to be taught by schools), perceived (is the official curriculum as it is read, understood and implemented by teachers), tested (the curriculum that is measured by tests), curriculum in a format of the student's individual educational experience (what students learnt as a result of their interaction with the official cur
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Muranova N. P.  The Senior Pupils' Pre-University Physical-Mathematical Training as an Important Factor of their Comprehensive Preparation to Studies at a Technical University / N. P. Muranova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 4349. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper generally describes the system of the senior pupils' pre-university training for their further studies using the physical-mathematical training, conducted by the Institute of Pre-University Training of the National Aviation University as an example. The activities of the department of fundamental and special disciplines for the organization of the subject, methodological, personnel, and information-technology support of the senior pupils' pre-university training for their studies at a university have been described. The general and organizational structures of the Institute of Pre-University Training of the National Aviation University have been justified.
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Pyrozhenko L. V.  School Educational Content Differentiation in the Late 70s of the XX Century / L. V. Pyrozhenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 5053. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes the experience of the general secondary education differentiation in the pedagogical science and educational practice in the late 70s of the XX century. The article shows approaches to organization electives, requirements for the selection and structuring of their content, choosing methods and forms of their functioning. It is concluded that despite the certain drawbacks and miscounts in the researched period due to the elective courses real prerequisites for more dynamic and productive development of pupils' interests and fancies, the differentiated approach to the creative skills formation were created. They promoted to the pupils' knowledge deepening in the certain subjects, improvement of practical skills and habits, development of their interests in the particular science. In general in the range of theoretical didactic researches approaches to designing of the variative curriculum were proposed and justified; the theory began to form that justified the cu
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Sigaeva L. E. , Mikhaylenko L. A.  Forms of Family-Physicians' Professionalism Development in the Post-Graduate Medical Education in Ukraine / L. A. Sigaeva L. E. , Mikhaylenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 5458. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper focuses on forms of family physicians' professionalism development in the postgraduate medical education in conditions of reforming the health care system in Ukraine. The main stages of family physicians' postgraduate training in higher educational institutions in Ukraine are highlighted. They include internship, magistracy, residency and secondary specialization courses for doctors. The preparation of highly qualified specialists, candidates and doctors is conducted through the postgraduate studying and doctoral candidacy or through the institution of scientific searchers. This paper analyzes the standards of higher medical education and health professionals' continuing professional development in the following areas: providing doctors' improved professional competence and improved competences because of continuing professional development; providing physicians' professional and personal development and free access to the relevant scientific information. The following
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Atamanchuk Yu. N.  Concepts of Higher Education Information: Domestic and Foreign Views / Yu. N. Atamanchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 5964. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article raised the issue of the informational management of the educational process, documented in the educational theory, because the modern world space is informational and the subjects awareness of the educational process is a necessity. The problems of the informational management in the current context of globalization and integration of social processes are considered. The analysis of domestic and foreign concepts of informatization of higher education is done. It reveals the process by which informational technologies make it possible to increase the effectiveness of all components of management activities. Informational society formation is based on the latest information, telecommunication and communicational technologies. This new technology led to the rapid spread of global informational networks, opening up entirely new possibilities for the international information exchange. IT is a mandatory element of the modern educational institution and a tool for competitive
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Vanyuk O. I.  The Correlation of the High Qualified Volleyball Female Players' Functional Preparation with the Functional State of the Central and Peripheral Geodynamics / O. I. Vanyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 6569. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article studies the correlational level of high qualified female volleyball players' functional preparation at the age of 18-22 years with the indexes of the central and peripheral geodynamics. It marked that individuals with higher level of the functional preparation show the high level of the functional state of circulation. The high level of correlational dependence of the functional preparation with the indexes of the central and peripheral geodynamics, especially with the quantity of endothelium of the certain reaction of the arteria brachialis is shown. The research results can be the basis for the usage of the non-doping substances in the increase of high qualified sportsmen's functional preparation.
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Voliarska O. S.  Features of the Professional Training Technology Development of Registered Unemployed and Listeners in Training Units of Enterprises, Organizations and Institutions / O. S. Voliarska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 7075. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper determines the features of the professional training technology development of registered unemployed and listeners in training units of enterprises, organizations and institutions. Components of the adult working population's organization and professional training are presented. Algorithms are generalized for creating technologies of the adults' professional training. The problem of the pedagogical technologies creation and implementation in the process of the registered unemployed and listeners' professional training in training units of enterprises, organizations and institutions lies in the facts that: in Ukraine there is no data bank of the availability of methodical developments on this problem; most of the material exists in the form of methodical instructions issued by this very small circulation, and only in those educational establishments where they were created. In registered unemployed and listeners' professional training in training units of enterprises, or
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Gorobets S. N.  The Use of Informational and Communicational Technologies in the Students' Independent Work during Studying the Discipline "Computer Design Fundamentals" / S. N. Gorobets // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 7680. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article contains the substantiation of the important role of the students' independent work during studying the discipline "Computer Design Fundamentals" as the necessary condition for the professional competence formation in the prospective professionals. It is cleared out that doing the individual creative tasks requires the high degree of the autonomy and cognitive activity on the part of the students. The thematic plan of the discipline "Computer Design Fundamentals", the practical contents and individual lessons aimed at developing the prospective teacher's creative competences are outlined. The results of the investigation have showed that 92 of respondents have the free access to the Internet and 100 of the students when writing the essays and doing individual assignments or coursework prefer the Internet rather than a traditional library. The overview of the most widely spread software and Internet resources, allowing the organizing the students' effective independ
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Gumankova O. S.  The Transformation of Pedagogical Views on the Problem of the Differentiated Approach Realization in the XX-XXI Centuries / O. S. Gumankova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 8186. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of the historical aspect of the differentiated approach development in the educational science. The author defines the main periods of the development of the ideas of the approach under investigation, stresses the fact that the first period was realized in the field of ancient philosophy, the second period was realized in the field of famous educators' pedagogical concepts. The main accent is done on the third period when the differentiated approach was assigned as a separate psycho-pedagogical problem. At the beginning of the XX century there were numerous attempts to adapt the teaching process to the learners' needs and peculiarities. The research highlights the ways of the differentiated instruction realization in different countries, describes the techniques of the differentiated teaching which were popular in the XX-XXI centuries, suggests learners' psychological peculiarities which were taken into account in the process of the differentiat
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Didkivska T. V. , Sverchevska I. A.  Sumas of Powers in Historical Problems / I. A. Didkivska T. V. , Sverchevska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 8792. ISSN 2076-6173.
The paper focuses on history of mathematics as an integrative base of teaching algebra to future teachers of mathematics. Among different approaches to the use of history of mathematics we have chosen famous problems which contain calculation sums of powers of natural series. Every problem comes with the historical reference aimed to awake the students' interest to the problem, stimulate their intellectual activity and develop their creative skills. We recommend using geometric methods, which make problem solving more illustrative, interesting and understandable. Geometric calculations of sums of first powers in Babylonian tables are given. Pythagoras of Samos, an Ionian Greek philosopher and mathematician (c. 580 c. 500 BC), gives the finding of sum of odd numbers. The method of calculation of sums of the second powers was advised by Archimedes, an ancient Greek mathematician, physicist and engineer (c. 287 BC c. 212 BC). Calculation of sum of the third powers of natural number
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Zalibovs'ka-Il'nyts'ka Z. V.  Future Social Teachers' Mobility in Higher Educational Establishments: Factors of Activization / Z. V. Zalibovs'ka-Il'nyts'ka // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 9396. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article presents factors, activating future social teachers' mobility in higher educational establishments. Scientific approaches concerning the explanation of the notion ''mobility'' are considered. The attention is drawn on types of future social teacher's mobility (educational, informative, intellectual, professional, qualificational, labour, communicative, adaptative, time-serving, situative, social, territorial, academic, scientific) in higher educational establishments. The direct influence of factors, activating future social teachers' mobility on the positive emotional perception of future professional activity by students is described.
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rnuta V. .  Ways of Improving Graphic Preparation of Future Oil and Gas Engineers / V. . rnuta // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 97102. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the current state and problems of students graphic preparation in technical universities, including oil and gas profile. It is shown, that Ukraine needs the professionals international level in oil and gas industry nowadays. Professional engineers culture is impossible without the substantial graphic preparation. The main problems that hinder obtaining of graphic preparation quality of the first-year students in universities are analyzed. The are insufficient of applicants graphic preparation, significant reduction of the amount of hours for studying graphic disciplines, increasing hours of the unsupervised work, students total overload. Mechanisms of their elimination are suggested. The educational process in the discipline "Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics," which is the basis of the students graphic preparation is reviewed in details. The educational process is realized in various forms of the educational work: lectures, practi
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Korolenko V. L.  Approaches to the Determination of Moral Essence Formation in the Scientific Thought by Ukrainian and Russian Researchers / V. L. Korolenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 103106. ISSN 2076-6173.
On the basis of the theoretical analysis of the psychological-pedagogical literature the essence of the process of pupils moral upbringing is determined; the analysis of various approaches to the solution of this problem is done. Results of the performed analysis witness the necessity of pupils moral upbringing, composing the basis of growing personalitys general moral development. The performed research testifies that the interrelation of family and school influences on the process of increasing the level of growing generations moral education and moral bases, promoting to the all-round development and youths preparation to the modern life in the society.
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Marchenko O. G.  Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Formation of the Health Preserving of the Educational Environment in Higher Military Educational Institutions / O. G. Marchenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 107111. ISSN 2076-6173.
The urgency of the problem of the health preserving and strengthening of future military personnel has been proved. The problem in the theoretical and practical aspects has been studied. The necessity of forming, strengthening, reproducting of future military specialists' health and healthy lifestyles has been proved. The essence and parameters of the cadets and officers health, their healthy lifestyle motivation have been substantiated. The essence and parameters for the evaluation of health preserving of educational environment formation in military educational institutions (social, informational, substantive and active, space and object and somatic components) have been defined. The informational component of the educational environment regulates internal rules of the educational institution. Spatially substantive component of the educational environment includes sanitary living conditions, training. Each subject is the subjective part of the educational environment. In the form
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Mykhailova O. S.  Primary School Pupils Aesthetic Education by Means of Extracurricular Work / O. S. Mykhailova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 112115. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the problem of aesthetic education of primary school, which provides the development of a creatively active personality, who is able to perceive fully the beautiful, harmonious, and perfect in the environment. Therefore, modern school directs its efforts to ensure the pupils aesthetic education, creating pedagogical conditions that enhance the pupils aesthetic education. In the process of identitys formation from ancient times aesthetic education had the special significance. The ability to feel, perceive, understand, realize and create beautiful these are specific manifestations of the spiritual life, showing the inner wealth. Aesthetic man's relation to the world is formed and developed throughout the life. One of these ways is the use of the authors educational potential of pupils extra-curricular activities to demonstrate the universality of the world system, expanding horizons and world view. The extra-curricular work deepens the sociocultural know
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Moskalenko O. I.  Components of Readiness of Aviation Specialists for Professional Actions / O. I. Moskalenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 116119. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of four components of readiness of aviation specialists, such as: intellectual-motivational, professional-comprehensive, psychophysiological and reflexive-corrective. Methodology of flight studying is the result of the collective creative job performance, based on the experience of teachers, pilot-instructors and controller-instructors. Their experience of flights is discussed at methodical seminars and implemented into the educational programs, aviation techniques, and general methodical strategies. The training aviation course is the theoretical foundation body of knowledge and skills that form the aviation profile expert in the field of transport and transport infrastructure. The purpose of the discipline course is to teach students professional skills for a variety of professional situations and the successful performance at the job place. Taking into account the construction of the system of future aviation specialists' professional preparati
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Nykytyuk L. V.  Natural Educational Practice in Ukrainian Gymnasiums of the Late XIX Century / L. V. Nykytyuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 120122. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with questions of history and experience of natural education organization in Ukrainian schools in the second half of the XIX century. Natural education played the role of the additional means of the pupils development in general gymnasiums, was also the means of humanities mastering. The author found out dialectical and natural-historical approaches that prevailed in the school practice. Such forms of education as the dialectical presentation at the lesson, observation of natural processes by students were spread. Among teaching methods were spread scientific and historical narrative, explanation, reading of interesting stories, illustration of read or seen by charts, tables, demonstration of natural objects. The significance of natural education in the appointed period was defined by the necessity of convergence of gymnasium education and real life. The analysis of the historical-pedagogical literature showed that problems of natural education in educational inst
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Ogurtsova O. L.  The Content for Business English Teaching to Future Economists in the New Digital Age / O. L. Ogurtsova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 123128. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research focuses on the necessity to improve the methodology of Business English teaching to future economists. In particular, the purpose of the research is to define the content to be taught to future economists in the new digital age as well as the role of informational communicational technologies in this process. The most important normative documents in the field of higher education of Ukraine, the latest papers concerning Business English methodology teaching, selected from well-known journals in the field, the latest advances in the computer language learning, web-based educational applications serve as the research material. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to define a list of themes and communicative situations as the basis for Business English teaching to students of the second year in economics in higher educational establishments of Ukraine. The presented analysis has proved that during Business English
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Siranchuk N. N.  The Junior Pupils' Lexical Competence in the Modern Primary Education / N. N. Siranchuk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 129133. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article determines and explains the context of the notion "junior pupil's lexical competence", also opens the context of junior pupils' motivational, cognitive, practical, reflective and behavioral lexical activities. The notion ''junior pupil's lexical competence'' is wider than notions ''lexical knowledge'', ''skills'', ''habits'', as it concentrates the personal orientation (motivation, valuable orientations and etc.), the skill to overcome stereotypes, foresee speech situations, flexible thinking; character independence, goal orientation, will qualities. Junior pupil's lexical competence is considered as one of the integrating pupil's personal qualities, giving the possibility consciously and creatively to determine and develop personal life, individuality, reach the successful, optimal life-sustaining activity.
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Sytnyakivska S. M.  The Research of the Attitude of Socio-Psychological Faculty Students of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University to Teaching Special Subjects Bilingually / S. M. Sytnyakivska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 134138. ISSN 2076-6173.
In the article it is said that one of the essential and important problems of the modern higher education is updating its content towards bilingualism and preparing young people for life in the multifaceted, multicultural, globalized modern society. However, bilingual education becomes of particular importance in preparing future professionals of the socio-educational sphere. The purpose of this paper is to study the attitude of socio-psychological faculty students of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University to teaching special (socio-pedagogical) subjects by the bilingual method. To identify the attitude, the awareness of 2-6 courses students of the socio-psychological faculty to teaching special subjects bilingually, the pilot survey "Do you want to learn special socio-pedagogical subjects by bilingual way?" was conducted. The questionnaire consisted of eight questions to determine the level of the students' awareness about bilingual education, their attitude towards this type of lea
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Tararak N. G.  The Reformation of Art Students Valuable Orientations in the Higher Educational System (the End of XXth Century) / N. G. Tararak // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 139142. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article analyzes the scientific and pedagogical literature, devoted to the issue of the reformation of students' valuable and professional orientations in the higher art educational establishments in Ukraine after independence proclamation in the end of the XX century. This work highlights changes in the socio-political life, affecting the situation where the old values and professional orientations no longer met new requirements, but the new ones were not yet formed against the background of the socio-economic situation. In the modern Ukraine dramatic changes have occurred in the labor market, demanding urgently professionally mobile, competitive specialists. In the new global situation, the imbalance between materiality and spirituality has become the central issue for finding ways to humanize the educational process, promote the culture of tolerance and intercultural communicational relationships. In general, the research reveals the essence of the creative process in the art
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Sheverun N. V.  Forms, Methods, Pedagogical Technologies of Students' Foreign Languages Training at Technical Universities: the Polish Experience / N. V. Sheverun // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 143149. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with students foreign languages training at Polish technical universities. The article contains the information on peculiarities of students foreign languages training at Polish technical universities based on considering different forms, methods and pedagogical technologies of education. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to single out types and the character of students foreign languages training at Polish technical universities. The research results have showed that students foreign languages training at Polish technical universities envisages the use of basic
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Tkachenko V. V.  The Analysis of the Current State of Future Sociologists' Professional Competence Development by Means of the Personally-Oriented Learning / V. V. Tkachenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 150157. ISSN 2076-6173.
The author analyzes the current state of future sociologists' professional competence development by means of technologies of the personally-oriented learning. In the context of the humanistic concept the humanizing education is considered as the most important pedagogical principle that reflects current social trends in the educational system construction and operation. It is noted that in the framework of the psycho-didactic concept of the learner centered education the main attention is focused on the personal oriented educational technology. It is found out, that the nature of the axiological approach is to determine the orientation of the humanistic education as a social and holistic set of attitudes, beliefs, ideals, where a person is a superior value. The essence of the didactic model of the personally-oriented education is that identity as a pedagogical category reflects the specific education and human development, and in this sense it acts as a specific target. Relationshi
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Chepiakova I. Yu.  Methods of Ancient Greek Prefix Verbs Teaching, Semantics of which is Motivated / not Motivated by Semes of Prefix and Root / I. Yu. Chepiakova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 158162. ISSN 2076-6173.
Classical department students study the topic "Ancient Greek Prefix Verbs" for the first time on the first year of their school and continue to study it during the whole period of the course. Prefix verbs are studied by students at all levels of the Ancient Greek language: grammar, syntax and the word formation. In this article we discuss the features of the prefix verbs as Ancient Greek derivative verbs, which have been formed as the result of word-formative certain and important processes. The main aim of the article is to develop methods and the organization of teaching of Ancient Greek prefix verbs, semantics of which are motivated by semes of prefix and root or not motivated by them. The actuality of this development is next: the nature of the prefix verb affix impacts on the generating base and the semantics of a motivated verb, as the result of derivation, has never been studied on the material of the Ancient Greek language. However this process affects the understanding and r
Text of the article: 33.pdf

Bulgakov R. Yu.  Establishment and Development of Multicultural Approach in the Foreign Pedagogical Education of Canada: Analysis of Methodological Principles / R. Yu. Bulgakov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 163167. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article covers the issues of the multicultural approach establishment and development in Canada. Its forms of evolution are specified via the analysis of methodological multiculturalism foundations as a Canadian public policy. Also, Canadian scholars opinions concerning the understanding of the phenomenon of "multicultural education", as well as the effectiveness of its implementation in the process of the foreign language teachers education, are specified. Main trends in the multicultural approach theory and practice and the role of this approach in the competent and tolerant foreign language teachers training, who is able to understand the problems of the multicultural community and take into account their impact on the educational environment, are made more specific. The main goal of the multicultural education as a form of the foreign language teachers professionalism realization is defined as a molding of a personality who is free from negative ethnic stereotypes, who ha
Text of the article: 34.pdf

Vasilyeva S. A.  Diachronic Method as a Way of Justifying the Periodization of Preschool Educational Institutions of Various Types in the Educational System of Ukraine (the Second Half of the Twentieth Century the Beginning of the XXI Century) / S. A. Vasilyeva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 168174. ISSN 2076-6173.
Questions regarding the modern improvement and the expansion of the network of preschool educational institutions of different types and forms of ownership are actual for the educational system in Ukraine, in particular the pre-school education. Giving current requirements for the operation of pre-school education, we can say about the importance of studying the problem of pre-school educational institutions of different types. Historical and pedagogical researches are directed on the choice of adequate methods in carrying out the purpose the justification periodization of the development of pre-school educational institutions of different types. The study proves that the periodization of preschool educational institutions of various types in the educational system of Ukraine as a scientific problem has not been the subject of the special study of the historical and pedagogical researches. To determine the periodization of preschool educational institutions of various types in the
Text of the article: 35.pdf

Gul A.  The Analysis of Establishing the Higher Educational System in Turkey: the Historical Perspective /   // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 175178. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article discusses basic problems of higher education in Turkey over the past centuries. We analyze the historical experience of formation and development of Turkish higher educational system from its foundation to the present time. The famous Islamic educational institution, the medrese (college) started to develop in the X century and was the main cultural and scientific center in the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Sultanate was centered in the present-day Turkey, extending its influence into the south-eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. DarulFunun (House of Sciences) was an university type, unique institution of higher education in the middle of the XIX century. The objective was to train future employees who would serve Turkey. The internal organization was modeled after French universities. Later the fall of Ottoman Empire and the foundation of the republic became two important factors in the establishment of the new educational system in all its stages in such a way as to di
Text of the article: 36.pdf

Zembytska M. V.  Conceptual Approaches to Novice Teachers' Mentoring in the USA / M. V. Zembytska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 179185. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research reveals peculiarities of novice teachers' mentoring programs in the United States and characterizes major approaches to teachers' mentoring in the USA. It has been found out that the existence of different approaches to designing and implementing novice teachers' mentoring programs in the United States results from the heterogeneity of pre-service teachers' training, licensing and certification, as well as the broad autonomy of school districts. Progressive ideas of the American experience of implementing new teachers' mentoring programs which take into account contextual factors, real needs of their participants and the school itself have been suggested. The rationale for implementing reflective, motivational and andragogical approaches into the national teachers' mentoring practice has been given. The analysis of previous studies related to the U.S. model of novice teachers' support reveals the nonhierarchical and voluntary nature of mentoring. It is viewed as a
Text of the article: 37.pdf

Yerastova-Mykhalus I. B.  The Pedagogical Problem of the Cross-Cultural Tolerance Formation of the Future Masters of Economics / I. B. Yerastova-Mykhalus // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 186189. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the pedagogical problem of the cross-cultural tolerance formation of future masters of economics, which is considered to be one of the most prerogative tasks of the educational system. The modern state of the pedagogical research of the cross-cultural tolerance formation, main tendencies and approaches to this problem are considered. Optimal ways of the cross-cultural tolerance formation are suggested. The main scientific methods used are analysis, synthesis, description and comparison. The obtained results give the opportunity to state that the integrated approach to the process of the cross-cultural tolerance formation, presupposing main areas of the pedagogical process (organization, management, subjects of pedagogical process interaction), is needed. Hence the effective formation of such a quality can be possible if provided that pedagogical system of the cross-cultural tolerance formation is planned on the basis of the interdisciplinary approach in the con
Text of the article: 38.pdf

Kogut O. V.  Literary and Artistic Processes in Ukraine in 1920 1930th / O. V. Kogut // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 190196. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of social and political, as well as literary and artistic transformations in the Ukrainian SSR during 1920-1930th. It is proved that the totalirization of all spheres of life, which replaced the relatively liberal era of the ''New Economic Policy'' with ''Ukrainization'', prompted the ruling of the Bolshevsts' regime to the rapid formation of its own totalitarian ideological conception. The centralized USSR state with purely decorative ''rights'' of union republics created the scheme sole ruling party sole ideology sole allowed method for literary and artistic sphere ''socialist realism''.
Text of the article: 39.pdf

Kravtsova Yu. V.  Actual Problems of the Linguistic-Conceptological Research / Yu. V. Kravtsova // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 197202. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with actual problems of linguistic conceptology formed in the East Slavonic linguistics in the beginning of the XXIst century. The object of linguistic conceptology is a concept as a unit of thinking and storing the information about the reality, reflecting the national and cultural specificity of an ethnic group. The main principles and different methods of modeling the concept are developed, a categorial and conceptual apparatus is formed, the considerable empirical material is accumulated. However, due to the concept complexity and multidimensionality as the mental construct, it still does not have the uniform definition, and the issues of its properties, structure, language representation and the methods of analysis remain debatable and require further comprehension. The most important problems of linguistic conceptology are concept representation, concept structuration, classification of concepts, technique of analysis and description of concepts, structuration
Text of the article: 40.pdf

Sukhomlynov O. M.  ''Frontier'' Ontology of Mentalities and Visions / O. M. Sukhomlynov // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 203207. ISSN 2076-6173.
Cultural models are characterized by the high level of relativity, cultural and linguistic interference that is caused by the common history, as well as the experience of living together in common areas. Under these conditions there is the formation of the common border of the ethno-cultural model where the antinomy "center periphery" category is softened by marginal areas. Frontier ethnical cultural models, which should be envisaged in the synchronic and diachronic space of the fictional macrotext through the prism of axiological and imalogical traditions, are determined by the bearer of the literary and cultural traditions. Polyphony and dialogue in the fictional literature is the reflection of the social-cultural model of the certain region, and presented fictional images in the texts become codes-symbols of the ethno-cultural society and frontier subculture.
Text of the article: 41.pdf

Vyshnivskyi R. Y.  Views on the Expediency of Using Anglicisms (Based on Modern Ukrainian Periodicals) / R. Y. Vyshnivskyi // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 208213. ISSN 2076-6173.
Rapid changes in the socio-economic life of society, Internet appearance, development of international business, academic, commercial, cultural relations, informational technologies etc. have led to the changes in the sphere of communication. As the result a large number of foreign words, especially of the English origin, are widely used by Ukrainian speakers. Modern media reflect different spheres of life as well as changes in a language. Any language phenomenon is reflected on the pages of newspapers and magazines, television, in the Internet. Print media are in most cases the first source where lexical innovations are fixed. It is a newspaper text where a loan word has the real opportunity to pass the socialization stage. In this context the issue of using foreign borrowings in the print media is of great significance. In the article we have considered linguistic and extralinguistic reasons for the use of English borrowings in modern Ukrainian periodicals. The scientific methods o
Text of the article: 42.pdf

Holubovska I. V.  "We are the Real Christians..." (Natalena Koroleva is against the Society's Demoralization) / I. V. Holubovska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 214218. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article is dedicated to the analysis of the story "Christian" by Natalena Koroleva from the point of view of implementation of the authors opinion on the true essence of Christianity and the role of clergy in the believers' life. Natalena Koroleva makes her readers think over the sense of the human existence and calls them to return to eternal human values. The study of the short story "Christian" is based on the analysis of the important ethic and religious items realization. The ways and means of the personages characterization and the creation of the special artistic world are also revealed. The title of the collection "The Other World" is not accidental; the different world is the manifestation of being present in the world beyond and at the same time in the people's life with peculiar customs, traditions and beliefs. The results of the analysis of this work show that Natalena Koroleva deepens the main idea and the story's emotional aspect by the efficient use of variou
Text of the article: 43.pdf

Dmytruk V. A. , Medvediv A. R. , Dmytruk A. A.  Martian Lexis in the Novel by H. G. Wells ''The War of the Worlds'' / A. A. Dmytruk V. A. , Medvediv A. R. , Dmytruk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 219224. ISSN 2076-6173.
In this paper the comparison attempt by means of lexical-semantic and lexical-stylistic analysis of terminological units used in the sci-fi novel ''War of the Worlds'' by English writer H. G. Wells and their Ukrainian translation made by Dmytro Palamarchuk is performed. Stylistic aspects of terminological units functioning in the novel are determined and peculiarities of the terminological specialization process of words of general use are established in texts of literary style. Having compared English and Ukrainian terminology of the novel by H. G. Wells ''The War of the Worlds'', we have made the following conclusions. 1. In the novel there is no special Martian terminology. Martian terms are mainly general scientific and common words that due to their lexical-semantic rethinking have acquired the terminological specific. 2. The second way of terminology rethinking is the metaphorical and metonymical naming allowing performing the adequate translation of the large number of
Text of the article: 44.pdf

Dyuzheva K. V.  Lina Kostenko in the Social Communications: Internet-Digest Editions in 2013-2014 / K. V. Dyuzheva // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 225229. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article considers the issue of the modern readers interests in the Lina Kostenko poetry and biography. The research deals with such modern problems like the approach to the perception of the poetess image and works. The material of the research emphasizes that Lina Kostenko's work is now widely known but there are no any critical analyses for the material on the Internet in recent years. The results have showed that the factors forming the Internet users' public consciousness of Lina Kostenko's image are primarily objectivity of information and personal interpretation, erudition and depth of presentation (both poetic and biographical). The article reveals the essence characteristics of modern media space features, displaying the famous poetess's art and biography. The analytical synthesis of the reflection and projection has developed its modern social perception. The attention is paid to soial-communicational processes, associated with the formation of the Internet users
Text of the article: 45.pdf

Lozynskyy P. I.  Using a Computer Program Skype at the Foreign Language Class / P. I. Lozynskyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 230235. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the importance of the interactive learning as a communicative direction in learning a foreign language, which is designed to remove the fear of communication. It is demonstrated the fact that the Internet use introduces aspects of information and the introduction of interactive technologies in the educational process. That is why today one of the most important needs in the educational system is the integration of the informational technology into the learning process through the interactive learning. The material of the research defines the Skype program as a synchronous communication tool which allows the simultaneous communication through chat and voice communications. Using Skype in the classroom enriches teaching and learning in many ways. It's a tool to encourage the interactive teaching method, regardless of the activity which is present in the audience, particular group activities, between groups and individuals, or between individuals. Talk online is
Text of the article: 46.pdf

Sushkevych O. V.  Some Aspects of Investigating Axiologyms in the Context of Communication / O. V. Sushkevych // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 236239. ISSN 2076-6173.
The research deals with the investigation of axiologyms in the context of communication. The article investigates linguistic and extra linguistic peculiarities of these items. The scientific methods of analysis, description and comparison were chosen to distinguish essential aspects of axiologyms contextual verbalization. Social, cultural and historical, national contexts are regarded in respect of defining the situational meaning of axiologyms. They are also viewed as cultural items thus giving more possibilities to realize their full contextual surrounding. The paper describes the dynamics of the value component of the meaning of these notions. The emotional and intellectual verbal evaluation proved to be the basic factor of formulating the speakers' subjective attitude. Thus axyologyms are defined as personally-oriented, essential in communication.
Text of the article: 47.pdf

Tymchenko S. V.  English Radiotelephony Phraseology in the Mode "a Pilot is a Controller" as a Variety of the Intraprofessional Communication / S. V. Tymchenko // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 240243. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the radiotelephony phraseology which is considered to be a professional sublanguage in the English aviation radiotelephony discourse. The specific character of radiotelephony phraseology in the communication mode "a pilot is a controller" is highlighted in the article. Radiotelephony phraseology is specified as a variety of the intraprofessional communication within the definite social-professional community of air traffic controllers. The paper also defines the leading role of radiotelephony phraseology in the air traffic controllers communicative speech activity. Its proved that for the professional activity successful realization its necessary to carry out the effective communication in the mode "a pilot is a controller" for air traffic controllers.
Text of the article: 48.pdf

Fainman I. B.  Phonetic and Lexical Peculiarities of the English Civil Aviation Radiotelephony Discourse / I. B. Fainman // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 244247. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the analysis of characteristic features of English radiotelephony discourse on phonetic and lexical levels. It is underlined that in the discussed type of communication English serves as the lingua franca and the linguistic means used in the discourse corresponding to the main principles of aviation communication: concision, clarity, non-ambiguity. The scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, description and comparison have been used in order to deal with the main ICAO documents and more than 500 standard phrases for radiotelephony communication to single out main phonetic and lexical peculiarities. Phonology of aviation communication between a pilot and an ATC is characterized by the simplified pronunciation of some words, the slow rate of speech and clear and logical pausation. The linguistic level is presented by the special aviation terminology, principles ''One word one meaning/ One meaning one word'', abbreviations and discourse formulas with th
Text of the article: 49.pdf

herepovska T. V.  The Symbol of Photo and Linguistic Means of its Realization (on the Basis of Anne Tylers Novels) / T. V. herepovska // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 248252. ISSN 2076-6173.
The article deals with the complex analysis of Anne Tylers novels. The material of the study is the authors 15 works. The research is focusing on the writers individual style, namely the peculiarities of the ''photo'' symbol functioning in the text. The contextual interpreting and functional stylistic methods were applied in the analysis. The mentioned symbol was detected in all the novels. Its role in the artistic time category realization was confirmed. The research was conducted on the lexical-semantic, stylistic and structural-compositional levels. On the lexical-semantic level, the nouns and adjectives that help to realize photographic symbols were distinguished, namely: the nouns with the semes ''memory'', ''future'', and ''time''; pejorative adjectives with the meanings ''old'', ''lacking in colour'', ''dim'' and adjectives with the semes ''static'' and ''unchangeable''. The lexeme ''photo'' is a thematic one as there are complicated
Text of the article: 50.pdf

Zhupnyk A. O.  Neologism Formation Principles in the Sports Discourse / A. O. Zhupnyk // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 253258. ISSN 2076-6173.
This article deals with analyzing neologism formation principles in the sports discourse of the modern Spanish magazines: ''El Pais'', ''El Mundo'', ''Ace'' and ''Marca''. The analysis is based on the ideas of well known Spanish linguists and researchers of neologisms, such as Susana Guerrero, Lazaro Carreter, Jesus Canon and others. This article presents the way sports neologisms are formed in Spanish and also gives the main reason of their appearance. The actuality of the article is in the new approach to neologisms formation and the possibility of their formation on the basis of the collected material, dictionary of sports neologisms. The research shows that the most productive method is words of foreign origin, where Anglicisms take the leading position. The analysis of modern Spanish magazines shows that the very small number of words appears due to the need, they are rather motivated by the desire to prestige and expressive statement.
Text of the article: 51.pdf

Semeniuk (Kyryliuk) O. V.  The Using of Intertextual, Lexicographical and Comparative Principles in the Process of Authors Word Formations by Pavlo Tychyna / O. V. Semeniuk (Kyryliuk) // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 259263. ISSN 2076-6173.
The process of the registers formation of author's lexical new-formations is a complex multilevel process that provides the versatile analysis of individually-author's nominative units because the drafters should take into account historical and cultural context, psycholinguistic features of the author's creative personality and social conditions. The material of the research is 1097 units of individual authors nominations fixed in the poetic texts by P. Tychyna. The scientific method used the statistic, empirical research, distribution, contextual, descriptive analysis. In the result of the lexicographical expertise of Pavlo Tychynas authorial lexical new-formations of importance was to determine the neological / usual status of analyzed words which was carried out on 46 lexicographical sources. The intertextual expertise of P. Tychyna's authorial lexical new-formations is used in the process of finding similar features with creative works of other poets. The analysis of P. T
Text of the article: 52.pdf

Breslavskyy V. O.  Assessment of Service Quality in Mobile Networks / V. O. Breslavskyy // VISNYK Zhytomyrskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Imeni Ivana Franka. 2015.  79. P. 264271. ISSN 2076-6173.
The quality of services is a factor that affects the level of competitiveness among operators. The system of indicators of service quality based on global standards and experience of international organizations should be developed, however, it should be based on the legal framework of the current legislation. The article presents normative legal documents and international standards that are used to create flexible and high-quality systems to verify the service quality. The materials are considered in the context of the world quality standard ISO 9001: 2000, which defines the parameters of product requirements and contains the basic and additional materials on these requirements. The international standard of service quality contains basic requirements, but there is no process to support the quality standard for mobile communication services. The improvement of the management system quality is an uninterruptable process with the clear internal and external communication between consu
Text of the article: 53.pdf
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