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From the Editorial Board

"Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Journal" was founded in 1998 because there was an urgent necessity to launch a scientific journal of such a type in the northern region of Ukraine. It was a specialized journal on pedagogical, philological, and later philosophical disciplines which was to promote innovative science development in Polissya region, to share the latest advances in these sciences between scholars and scientists in the Zhytomyr region and other regions of Ukraine.
The journal was intended to focus the attention of scholars on the most current trends and issues of science.

Modern science is developing very rapidly and scientists more than anyone else need to have opportunities to express their views and bring them to colleagues and experts analysis, because some information dissociation and inadequate funding of science lead to the fact that interesting, significant, scientific investigations get known only to a narrow range of specialists and receive no distribution. The journal in question has successfully overcome this shortcoming for over the past thirteen years.

"Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Journal" is the periodical, which allows to monitor the current scientific achievements in Polissya region and in Ukraine in general. The editorial board is chosen so that the journal can select the most valid research of Ukrainian scientists and scholars.

The facts that the journal is professional on philological, pedagogical and philosophical disciplines and the broad geography of its contributors testify to the high prestige of the periodical throughout Ukraine.

We hope that the journal will contribute to the development of Ukrainian science and be useful for both budding and experienced scientists and scholars.

"Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Journal" is included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine, which can published the results of the thesis for a Doctoral and Candidate Degree:
in Philosophy - Resolution of HAC 1328 of December, 21, 2015;
in Education - Resolution of HAC 1328 of December, 21, 2015;
of Philology - Resolution of HAC 1328 of December, 21, 2015.

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